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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Awaiting Spring

Winter will soon be over. [I hope very soon because I can’t wait for spring.]

Well, living in Maine for almost 3 years now and being able to survive all 4 seasons for that span of time, I somehow love the feeling of looking forward to the changing seasons.

Like a little girl waiting in great anticipation for spring to see again the wild flowers in bloom… or the cocoon to undergo metamorphosis and turn into beautiful butterfly… or the return of the birds from hibernation and lunching on my feeders… I too wait for spring with so much hope in my heart.

I long to once again walk barefooted and let the grass tickle my toes. I long to see again the trees – budding… and new life - sprouting. I long to feel again the warm breeze on my cheeks and open my windows to welcome the crisp scent of pine trees to spice up my living room.

Changing Seasons - transforming life in multiple ways… giving hope in multiple levels… and sustaining faith in countless possibilities.


Friday, February 26, 2010

The Salitype Society

In our blogging group, Blogging for Fun, we are doing an A-Z meme. This week, we are working on the letter S. 

Salitype Society.

Hi, everyone!

Most of you have been coming to our site and reading posts that appear to be written by faceless authors. Well, today, we have decided to reveal the writers behind The Salitype Society's blog, salitypesociety.com

We at The Salitype Society are bloggers who began communicating on a social networking site called Friendster. Not many bloggers belonged to that site, so a number of us who love to write were drawn to each others' blogs. Needless to say, we have forged a special bond. Blogging does that to us all.

After a year of blogging, we realized we want to come together to support a cause. "Why not share some of our blogging time and talent, and help send an underprivileged child to school?," we asked ourselves. Thus, a huge bulk of our earnings from this site - minus maintenance expenses - will go toward supporting a charity known as Tapulanga Foundation. In this regard, we would like to invite you, our dear blogging buddies, to get involved.

"Education renders people easy to govern, but difficult to enslave."

Many of our readers have formed a bond with Salitype, so we came up with this post to introduce ourselves to you.

Betchai- Hello from San Diego, California! I am a Geometry/Algebra /Chemistry teacher and a certified nature's wanderer. I love to spend my free time enjoying the great outdoors. When having a relaxing time indoors, I blog! I blog because I want to write about the simple joys I found in nature! Also, blogging allows me to see and experience the world through others' experiences. Plus there is productivity in blogging, which I call blogging happine$$ :)
~ Betchai ~

Greetings from California! My name is Chay, accountant during the day, nursing student nights and weekends. Jeff, one of our regular contributors is my devoted husband, best friend, therapist and adviser. We have two children - Psalm, a brave young man serving the US Airforce, and Christine, a hard-working nursing student (she has been featured in a couple of blogs here).

I believe dreams can come true by never giving up on them and not allowing anyone to remove the focus. My glass is always half full and rising even when times are tough. Throughout my life, many people have contributed their life experience stories that helped me to get to where I'm at. Many times, this has been my recipe for success. This blog is an opportunity to give back, with an alternate perspective, a new view, a mission.
~ Jeff and Chay ~

Hi everyone! This is Cherry greeting you from The Garden City, Singapore! I am known as Cher in the blogosphere and Che to my family and friends. I am a non-practicing dentist, an amateur photographer, a part-time blogger, a sanctioned nature lover, and a wanderlust by heart (I don't have the time and means to scratch my itchy feet just yet).

I came from the far flung province of Isabela, Philippines. Being the youngest in a big family of seven, I remained childish and young at heart through the years but I valiantly conquered life’s twist and turns. I am now happily married to a big-hearted man and blessed with one precious child.
~ Cher ~

Hi from United Kingdom! I am Eng. I am a nurse by profession, a wife and a mother by vocation, a friend and a blogger by choice. I love to read, write, take snaps here and there and on those few inspired moments I also rhyme. I enjoy life, respect it, learned from it. I am who I am as the result of ever changing tides of time, of people around me, of circumstances of life itself. I am the product of my choices. I am a strong believer that in life, what you sow is what you shall reap. In giving alms, let not your left hand know what the right hand is doing.

~ Eng ~

Hallöchen! Greetings from DE! I am Maricar, grew up in Cavite, Philippines, and am now residing for more than four years here in Wolfenbüttel, Niedersachsen Germany. A full time wife, married to Michael, a chemist, traveler, loves to cook, loving and loves my children like his own. I am a mother, my children are Romar, my eldest son, graduating in Computer Science; Roxanne, my second and only daughter, studying Radiologic Technology; and my youngest son Robin, junior high school student, loves sports and singing.

Through blogging, I met my friends here in The Salitype Society. Meeting these wonderful people in this blogosphere is, for me, a treasure I will always keep in my heart.

"Traveling is the best school in LIFE"... Michael's quote. I have learned a lot from traveling. Experienced, saw and met people. There are still places to see and stories to tell.
~ Maricar ~

Howdy! I'm MJ Browning from wild, wonderful West Virginia, the Almost Heaven state! It's been my home for the past 9 years. Prior to moving here, I grew up in Cavite, Philippines. I worked as copy editor at the Beckley Newspaper for more than 8 years. I recently resigned to be a full-time stay-at-home mom for our baby daughter, Teyla Chanterelle. She was born in June last year. I'm happily married to Roger Dale (a.k.a. Rog), a welder/steelworker with 15 years experience. Two years ago, we said our "I dos" in a hot air balloon 3,000 feet above sea level in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I believe in taking risks, having fun and doing crazy things sometimes because we only live once. My hobbies include reading, playing the piano, hiking and shooting guns whenever I get the chance (target shooting, that is).
~ MJ ~

Hello! I am Tes. I have been a kindergarten teacher for the past 17 years. I am the second child in a family of four. I am married to my childhood buddy and best friend, Doods, who introduced me to the wonderful world of photography. I have discovered blogging some three years past and have loved it ever since. One of the greatest blessings in blogging is connecting with people. Blogging has blessed my life with dear friends who continue to enrich my life.
~ Doods and Tes ~

Hello! I'm Zen, a doctor. I love simplicity, blue skies, sunset, and a friend for life. I write to express not to impress - with all humility. I love the simple joys of life, as basic as getting air into my lungs and food into my stomach; rest my brain which really goes into hard work when I'm on duty so to keep it from breaking down.

I can't sing, can't even whistle a tune. I love watching my little boys grow, but it really is a challenge to listen to their questions. I always end up saying, "I surrender!" to my 7-year-old who poses queries from A-Z in one sitting - the thrills and joys of motherhood! I love it, really love it, every second of it!

 ~ Zen ~

I'm Ruthi from down-east Maine ... the newest babe [wink*] and only a week-old member of The Salitype Society. I am an educator... now an out-of-school teacher. I was a High School teacher for 11 long years in the Philippines but chose to give up my vocation to marry the "love of my life." I love to write... paint... design [clothes, jewelries, and websites]... take photos and, most of all, I love to blog. That explains why I used to have 9 blogs at one time. Blogging, for me, helps keep my sanity intact.

~ Ruthi ~

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Everybody has cancer cells in their body. Some can keep it in check, others grow unusually fast, producing a malignant tumor. Cancer does not happen overnight, it is an ordinary cell whose growth has been triggered by a lot of factors. These factors can be traced from genes, the food we eat, the lifestyle we live, and many others. In most cases, the cause is unknown, but through research, certain patterns can be traced to a common cause.

Mesothelioma disease is a form of cancer that can easily be traced from asbestos exposure. If you, or anybody you know is suffering from mesothelioma, you may seek legal help. It is not too late to file for a claim. There are a lot of very good mesothelioma lawyers out there. You can even find one online. These mesothelioma attorneys are trained to pursue all potential source of  compensation and have an enormous information and documentation about asbestos containing products that they can use for your case.

If you are not sure how you have been exposed to asbestos or how long you have come in contact with asbestos containing materials, there are people who can help you trace the history of your exposure and to what extent. There are thousands of products that contain asbestos, like roof materials, pipes, boilers, cigarette filters, insulation, hair dryers, basement and many others products found at work and at home. These are just a few of the many information you will need to know about mesothelioma and asbestos exposure. Do not hesitate to seek that counsel that you so deserve.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ruby Tuesday....Red Balloon


I apologized to my daughter for obscuring half her face. She wasn't happy about it but she understood the reason why i had to do it.

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Monday, February 22, 2010

Caramel cake?


A friend shared me this recipe but unfortunately she doesn't know what the cake is called. Her mom used to prepare this in almost all occasions. I guess, if mom made it we don't bother much what its called, its good and that what matters. So, for the time being until someone can actually tell me what its called, let's agree to call it - as Betchai suggested - ....Caramel Cake.

It's quick, it's easy, it's lovely. Not adviceable for those who count their calorie intake.


2 whipping cream
1 tin caramel carnation milk
Aero mint chocolate bar/ or a flavor of your choice, grated
Aero chocolate bar, grated

Beat the whipping cream in a mixing bowl until stiff. Add the caramel milk and fold. Add the mint chocolate and mix. Pour the mixture in a baking or cake tin and sprinkled with grated chocolate on top. Refrigerate overnight to settle and served cold.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Icicles @ Monochrome Weekly

crisp, crunchy, crystals...

For more magnificent monochromes, check out Monochrome Weekly hosted by Aileni.
Thank you Aileni

Friday, February 19, 2010

Reflections and Recreation @ Fun Friday

It's time for Fun Friday in our group, Blogging For Fun. We are doing an A to Z challenge. This week, we are working on the letter R. 
Reflection and Recreation

Rog shot this photo of me standing on the little pier at Little Beaver Lake in Fall 2008. I remember marveling at the spectacular reflection of the autumn trees in the still water and totally loving the warmth of the sun on my bare arms. It was such a beautiful day - blue skies and all. On chilly wintry days, I look at this picture and take solace in the knowledge that the cold and snow will disappear eventually and I will get to go to the lake again.
~ MJ ~

these photos are taken at the Wind Mill Museum in Gifhorn on 2005, these wind mills are all original and brought there from Germany, Greece, Spain, Ukraine and other European countries, the owner of this wind mill museum bought all these and built the museum for tourists attraction in this region.
~ Car ~

I never realized how addicting photography can be until i got hooked...completely and utterly hook into it. Apple seems to be one subject i'll never get tires of. They're always available and hey! they don't just taste gorgeous....they look one, too!
~ Eng ~

Lights reflected on a fountain @ The Belagio (Las Vegas)

~ Tes ~

East Coast Park is a popular place for families and friends to relax and enjoy themselves. The park has barbecue pits, entertainment facilities, chalets, food and beverage, and amenities for sports activities. A cycling and inline skating track runs along the perimeter of the park, which measures at least 20 km long.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Shopping made easy

Do you have time to go shopping these days? I wish I do, but with work, nursing school and family, I barely have enough time to spend with my family. Because my schedule has changed, my husband all of a sudden loves to go grocery shopping. Believe me when I say it is not for the love of shopping, but it is his opportunity to sneak in a gallon of his favorite ice cream or a 6-pack of his favorite beer to our grocery list. LOL

A friend of mine with two little girls introduced me to online shopping. With two children in tow shopping was more parenting than shopping. Sometimes, the kids would become expert kids---get the point??? While in the middle of trying on an outfit we learn to multitask during a once relaxing adventure. Moms of the world can you relate to this experience? Just writing about it opens up memories of tension, love, and just wanting to not do it again-EVER. I can understand her frustration. Then, she found Shopwiki.com. Let me explain in a few words what this meant to her and to me-A NEW LIFE! I hate it when I am on the fence about a subject. One day she called me and told me about Shopwiki.com. Not only have I found good deals on clothes, shoes and home decorations, but I have the option to buy directly from the major manufacturers. I can compare prices and find the best deal. It is like shopping in a big mall where you can find the same item under different brand names for less money. Check out their store directory, product directory, gift suggestions and buying guides. Those added features are helpful in finding the things you are looking for. They have just introduced their spring 2010 style guide and WOW-there are a lot of choices. Today on my lunch break at work I toured the purse department, I checked out matching shoes, and their spring outfits. Since my husband will read this so I must add this line “It was only window shopping dear”. I then went into the bathing suit department-I think after winter feasting I should save this department tour for a much later date. Lunch was delightful for me today.

Not only can I shop without parking hassles, time constraints, and without adorable distractions, this opportunity is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. I can even shop late at night in my pajama. Try finding a mall that offers these amenities. Since time is very important to me, my shopping time is cut in half with this website. I now have time to cook, study, spend time with the family and enjoy movies and popcorn with my husband .

Shopwiki is expanding overseas and I can’t wait to share this news with my friend
Eng who lives in the UK , and my friend Car, who lives in Germany and my cousin Joy who lives in Australia . But most importantly, I am sharing it with you today. If only they sell ice cream on-line then maybe my husband would like it as much as I do. Where is the suggestion box when you need it?

by Chay

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Golden Ripples

Sunset at Arthur Storey Park, Houston Texas

For more watery shots, check out Watery Wednesday by clicking the button bellow.

Ruby Tuesday...An Apple


This is the Salitype Society's first entry in Ruby Tuesday. I happen to chanced upon Mary's blog and i remembered i had this red apple in my archive.

It may be late but nonetheless....Happy Valentine's Day to you all!

Visit Ruby Tuesday for more.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Is method of giving birth your choice?

I opted to have a normal delivery( vaginal delivery) when I had my first and only child. In fact, I even made a birth plan months in advance on what I want to be done and not. I would advice any expectant mother to have one.

Few of those are:
  • I want an epidural the earliest possible time- it is an anesthetic block which desensitized the lower part of your body. The anesthetic agent blocked the nerve root in the epidural space near your spinal cord.
  • My husband to be present during birth, normal or otherwise
  • My newborn child to be given Vitamin k- to prevent Vitamin k deficiency bleeding in newborn. However, there was a researched/study done about vitamin k and its possible linked to an increased in Leukemia(blood cancer). Do an exhaustive research before you decide on it.
  • I want an episiotomy - surgical cut in the perineum . I want my baby to be born as quickly as possible. This procedure was normally performed in the past but not anymore. It can take time to heal and a there's a possibility of urinary incontinence.

After nearly 45 hours of relentless labor pains , I demanded for an epidural. I was about 5-6 cm dilated then, still in the first stage of labor - cervical effacement( the cervix being stretched thin) and dilatation (to open), I don't think i have energy left for second stage- birth, not to mention the 3rd stage -expulsion of the placenta. I personally believed at that stage the labor isn't progressing at all...

There are situations wherein a c-section is necessary:
  • The placenta lies so low in the uterus that it covers the exit to the birth canal , better known as placenta previa.
  • The umbilical cord falls forwards which may cut off oxygen and blood supply to the baby ( cord prolapse).
  • Fetal distress
  • If the mother is affected by high blood pressure
  • If the baby is on breech presentation - can still be delivered vaginally but with difficulty.
  • cephalo-pelvic disproportion
Since, i was hooked to a cardiotocogram-to monitor the baby's heartbeat in co-relation with labor contraction-i can see for myself what was going on. The heartbeat was shooting off to the roof and decelerate to such slow beats. I called the midwife and told her it may be a sign of fetal distress. I want a c-section or they will have someone on the verge of panic in their hands. Can you blamed me, my labor pain started at 2:oo am of monday and I delivered my baby 7:59 am Wednesday - through Ceasarian Section.

Well, after 54 hours from onset of true labor contraction until the c-section, I finally see my long awaited princess. She is worth all that and more....

***** she will be 7 years old on july 2. time flies so fast *****

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Simply the best

simply the best

I don't know about you but to me this is the best of the best. No, this is not a paid post. I am just sharing with you the taste that is Haagen Dazs.....Mascarpone, Passion fruit and Truffle Flavor. Ahhhhh! It is pricey but its worth it. Never mind its 1 degree outside, i'll be having it again and soon. This is a limited edition only, better get myself ready to brave the cold.

Simple pleasure but great taste.


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Quiet @ Fun Friday

It's time for Fun Friday in our group, Blogging For Fun. We are doing an A to Z challenge. This week, we are working on the letter Q.


I lost a father and two younger brothers to heart disease and cancer. I hold them in fond remembrance, in memories both beautiful and painful.

In my thoughts, you're not too far away. In my heart, you're always with me. ---Unknown
~ Eng ~

"Lullabies have been sung...
A kiss, a hug, a prayer is done...
The kids are off to dreamy land
I stifle a cough, a sneeze and raise my hand
To catch a glimpse of that heaven
that silences my weary mind."
~ Zen ~

Font's Point, Anza Borrego Desert State Park
First time I sat on top of this desert cliff, I can't help the tears flowing down my face, I was overwhelmed not only by the surreal artistry in front of me that only our Creator can make, but also by the extreme peacefulness of the place that opens to us every pages of Earth's natural history.
The deep peacefulness and solitude in the desert allows me to see the promise of a beautiful life that passed through all the harshest tests of time. Though I do not think I can live far from the ocean and the forested mountains, but then, I also can not live far from the desert. The desert will always have that special place in my heart, a place of solitude and quiet, a place of inspiration, a place I will always love. 
~ Betchai ~


this church was taken somewhere on our trip to Denmark, it's a church in the middle of nowhere... a proof that God is ubiquitous... when i want silence, i go to church and pray and then i will feel everything will be alright..."

" the sun set and me in the desert of White Desert, National Park, Bahariyya, Egypt: in the desert... you will feel so alone... there's nobody else, it's only you and the desert.... and i love it...
~ Car ~

That's me enjoying a quiet time in the beach.
~ Cher ~


I love watching the geese at Little Beaver Lake as they gracefully glide across the tranquil waters. The way they effortlessly skim across the lake reminds me of a figure skater flitting hither and thither upon an ice-covered pond. I took this picture a few years ago at a time when I needed to just get away and find a quiet place to think. I remember leaning against a gnarly oak by the water's edge, watching the geese and feeling peace gradually flood my soul. 
~ MJ ~

Late afternoon, on a quiet Sunday, we passed by this quaint little town in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The shops were closed and there were hardly any cars on the road. There was an eerie silence save that of the rustling leaves and the crisp sound it makes as it dances with the wind.
~ Tes ~

Monday, February 8, 2010

Shrimp Noodles

There's nothing more satisfying when its -3 degrees outside than a steaming bowl of noodles. You can serve it morning, noon or night.


Tagliatelle pasta
1 medium size egg
chicken stock/cubes- 3-4 cups
spring onion- garnishing

Boil the pasta and drain. Keep aside.

Saute garlic and onion until golden brown. Add prawns and let it simmer half a minute. Add the stock and bring to boil. Seasoned with salt and pepper and add the beaten egg.Put the fresh tagliatelle pasta and turn off the heat. Garnish with spring onion and serve steaming hot.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Monochrome Weekly Theme


The hubby promised to buy me a decent camera, a Nikon D5000, as a birthday present. He must have noticed how addicted i become taking snaps of anything. Well, the money was spend to a better use- dental crowns and bridges. So, me and my ever reliable Casio EX-Z1000 Digital Camera still has a long way to go...a long, long way to go.

I am not sure if this is a butterfly. It's way too small to be such, it is even smaller than a fly. Whether it is or it is not, i surely enjoyed myself running after it...lol!

Visit Monochrome Weekly Theme hosted by Ailene

P.S....I did a bit of research about this particular moth after Dragonstar mentioned the Cinnabar Moth. It turns out it is indeed a moth, Syngamia Florella Moth.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Philippines @ Fun Friday

It's time for Fun Friday in our group, Blogging For Fun. We are doing an A to Z challenge. This week, we are working on the letter P. Philippines
We proudly present our motherland, the Philippines!

Jeepney (miniature version) common mode of public transportation in the Philippines.

Last supper made of wood, commonly found in Filipino homes, particularly in the dining room.

Bag made of abaca material from the Philippines

Philippine snacks: pulvoron, dried mangoes and Lengua de Gato (cookies)

T-shirt design

Traditional Filipino clothes


Here is something about our hometowns in the Philippines......

The Island of Negros, Philippines

Philippines is a tiny country with 7107 islands and with over 7000 mountains. The pictures above were all from Negros Occidental, my hometown. My favorite outdoor activity when I was younger was going to the river, climbing up the trees, and jump into the river from the branch of the tree which was our diving board! And my favorite Philippine dish? What else, but sea foods!
Grilled Mussels, yum! ( abounds in Negros)
- Betchai-

Pinakbet, a variety of local vegetables -meaning shrunk or shriveled- hails from the Northern region of the Philippines.

Paksiw/ Fish in Vinegar Sauce, is of Malayo-Polynesean origin which has evolved over the centuries upon being introduced to the country to adapt to indigenous ingredients and the local palate.
Baguio City was established by the Americans in 1909. It is sited about 1,500 meters above sea level, high in the Cordillera mountain range giving the city an almost temperate climate.
Tagaytay, home to Taal Volcano and Taal Lake . The lake being the habitat to a venomous black and white sea snakes. This specie is one of only few of its type that breeds in fresh water.It is also home to world's only fresh water sardines,Sardinella Tawilis. The lake is located within a complex volcanic caldera, oneof the great volcano-tectonic depressions of the world.

Mask, made by locals in honor of tribal culture still exist in some regions of the Philippines.

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