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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Learning from Whornie

When we moved to the house upon a hill, hubby got the family another member. The kids decided to call him "Whornie"...aaammm please do not read that with a silent "w" hehehe...

Everyday i am learning a lot from the guy. I must admit i was hesitant to get drawn to him at first because the last family dog- "Thomas" died around three months ago, days before my dad did and so when i first saw Whornie i told hubby "Oh, no, please don't make me fall in love with him...not yet, not just yet....but as it turned out..who could say no to such a jolly fellow?

Everyday, he seems to be teaching me lessons in life and the fact that he only speaks "arf! arf! arf!" is not a hindrance. One only has to have a caring heart to understand all of God's creation.

"You, can not always go where you want to go...learn to be happy where you are. Well in my case, that includes the kids' school. I can not go with them to school, ohhhh but who cares, no one will ask me for a diploma!"

"Life's road is never perfect, watch out for holes on the ground, you might just get stuck! When you accidentally do, aaah, pull that leg out and continue the journey but first, check where you are...you wouldn't love to get lost arf! arf! arf!"

"Take time to appreciate God's creation...that's what your eyes and lips were made for."

"You can not always be the leader, learn to wait for the slow ones. After all, walking is never fun when you do it alone."

"It is always nice to make new friends...but it won't do you harm to smell them first before you give your hundred percent trust....i think this one is fine arf arf arf..."

"Oooohhhh life is a series of bridges...and this one is one of those hardest to cross. I think i might fall... gee...it is not cowardice to retreat when you think the journey is too dangerous...you might just be, saving your life."

"Little pretty flowers! They make me wide eyed! Arf- I thank God for flowers!"

...and I thank God for every blade of grass, each leaf on the trees...each cloud in the sky...each dog that barks...i could go on and on...


Oh, i must add, i thank God for

and all of YOU who are spending your precious time with us...


  1. You have a brave dog. My little poodle dare not cross any bridges.

    Silly little thing.

  2. Sharing life with a dog is such a great joy. Beautiful photos!

  3. Wonderful photographs of a beautiful dog. I like your captions, too. They go well with your pictures. I especially like the one about take time to enjoy God's creation. By the way, I laughed out loud when you wrote not to read whornie with a silent "w" :-)

  4. Ah, puppies just melt your heart even when you don't want them to they do.

  5. hi zen!

    welcome back to the blogland! i missed reading your compositions and this one just made my day. am glad to have dropped by inspite of being crazily busy. sometimes i just can't resist to de-stress in the blogosphere and FB. see you around, sis! know that you are always loved for just being you. ;)

    to the rest of the salitype ladies, i miss & love you all! GODBLESS TSS always. :)

    big hugs from sg,

  6. I love the name ! how did you come up with the name ? hehehehe maybe that's another blog article.

    I am still digesting every words in your caption, gives me the chance to stop, think and be grateful and thankful for the things around me.

    I can attest to this one - couple days ago, I had to let go of a friendship that was not helpful with my personal growth -- "It is always nice to make new friends...but it won't do you harm to smell them first before you give your hundred percent trust....i think this one is fine arf arf arf..." --

    Miss you Zen and this article just
    hit the right spot !

  7. I had to mention - I love the picture of the word 'Salitype' formed using sampalok !

    Soooo artistic !

  8. Sorry I haven't been by in a while! He's an adorable little puppy! I know you'll have fun with him. He looks like he's full of energy!!

    Happy Thursday,

  9. beautiful and very inspiring post, Zen. am so glad you are able to write this post, I love everything that you said, and yes, I laughed hard when you said that please dont pronounce it with a silent "w". :)

  10. Zen, whornie shouted for joy when he was too close with those little blue flowers, saying, "Arf...zen...arf....blue....blue...blue" hehehe

  11. Indeed, we can learn a lot from animals like your sweet happy puppy. Great post!

  12. this title really catches my eyes. i must read (not that I don't read Salitype blog) but this one, I can't wait to get to the middle part :-)

    He is such a handsome puppy. Arf...arf..arf

    And that sampalok picture makes me salivate.

  13. What a great quality time with a new family member. I saw you with a laptop there. You mean you can blog from that field? :D

  14. Oh wow, adventuresome puppy you've got there, Kulasa! Beautiful photos and inspiring thoughts! The word "Salitype" made out of tamarind is very creative! Sorry about the loss of your other dog... It's obvious that Whormie here will bring joy to your days ahead! *hugs*

  15. ahhh! girlash...that's how i read it first, with silent "W"....ha!ha!ha!

    such wonderful post about life, friendship and yes about Whornie. i pronounced it right this time...lol!

    and how so true...our eyes and lips were made to appreciate GOD's wonderful creation....

    such a happy dog, your little whornie is and very clever, too.

    love you lots, kulasa! and yes, the hubby ask how can you blog in your house upon the hill?


  16. Zen you are funny girlash :) i love all your photos Zen, your dog remind me of Nimrod my dog, and the wordings too, perfect girlash! ;)




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