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Friday, October 30, 2009


It's time for Fun Friday in our group, Blogging For Fun. We are doing an A to Z challenge. This week, we are working on the letter E.

E is for Elephant.

Doods and I visited the Zoo and witnessed as this cute calf delighted the onlookers with his talent -painting. I learned from one of the comments left on this post that he is not the one who passed away.

Thank you for the clarification, Mr Hill.

"This elephant is Tucker - he's 4 years old and is still very much alive at the Houston Zoo. The Houston Zoo did lose a calf in November of last year, Mac. In the photos on your blog you are seeing Tucker doing a painting for a video piece that was shown during the Latin Grammys telecast from Toyota Center last year."

Brian Hill

Director of Public Affairs

Houston Zoo

The calf, holding the brush with his trunk.

The trainer assisting the elephant by putting paint on the brush.

The people were documenting everything that the calf was doing.

The calf, concentrating on his work.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

In time....

This poem first appeared in my old blog, Simply Me. It was formerly titled, In the dying light of sun. Only when i re-post it here that i thought of changing the title. Why the change? Well, i want to be reminded, time and again, of what i gained out of the experience instead of what i lost.

in the dying light of the sun
against the streak of crimson sky
i watched as my love walked away
without even a backward glance

the pain! oh, the pain!
like a raw and expose sore that wouldn't heal
the tears i cried since that moment on
is a rapid river that drown my heart and all

the night somehow has lost its charm
as the moon and the stars beckons to enchant
the cascading emptiness that rush to my soul
as i thought of love i lost, then no more

even words failed to tempt
hollowed thoughts, devoid of means
it's been years since i picked a pen
as i couldn't bring myself to write once again

time and again i kept asking myself
if love is not enough, what there remains?
like a bolt of lightning i came to comprehend
a heart broken by love, in time, only love can mend


Monday, October 26, 2009

Kürbissuppe ala Michael

Kürbissuppe means squash or pumpkin soup

Michael, my husband is a good cook. He always comes out with ideas and experiments when it comes to cooking. This recipe is one of his "experiments" called " Kürbissuppe ala Michael" . It's healthy and the ingredients are easy to find. Hope you'll like it guys and try it! It's really a lecker! Masarap!


celery- cut in small pieces
parsley - cut in small pieces
leek ( we call porree) - cut in normal size
pumpkins - cut into small pieces
grind meat - about 250g
carrots- cut into small pieces
onion and garlic -
cream - about 150g ( you can also use coconut cream)
oregano powder
thyme or Thymian

Mix the egg in the grind meat and put some pepper and salt, make small meat balls. Saute the garlic and onion and then put the meat balls and fry. After some minutes put all the vegetables except for the parsley, put the parsley in the end.Cook the pumpkin separately just add some water and use a mixer to make it creamier then add the cream ( or coconut cream). Mix the pumpkin in the grind meat and let boiled then it's done.

Serve with noodles or rice.

"Guten Apettit!"

by maricar

Saturday, October 24, 2009

D is for Draftsmanship

It is weekend, time for blogging for fun once again. We have letter D this week, Draftsmanship - a creation of an artistic image. No, i can't draw. When GOD has showered mortals with this artistic talent, i might have been snoring away. Didn't even have an iota to show off, tsk! For the purpose of this challenge, i present to you ways of presenting an image in a different medium of art.

I have a picture of quay taken some weeks ago. The sky is getting dark, a gentle warning of a coming rain. I love this picture, i find it very serene and laid back way of spending an afternoon.




sheet metal


oil paint

pencil drawing


Friday, October 23, 2009

The Day It Rained...

I used to say, "Rain...Rain...Go Away...

...Come again another Day...

...Little Beth Wants to Play..."

but then I must say I've always loved the rain...

The rain would always bring...cups of hot coco's...warm blankies...story telling special nights...ever ready batteries for flash lights...and of course warm huggies and kisses...

but now that I've grown a little older...

The rain would bring moments of blank stares...and annoying Kleenex at my bedside...

Now that I've grown a little older...

Flashes of light and the swift gushing winds would terrify me...

Somehow I lost my vivid memories about the wonderful rain...

Somehow I lost the magic of those evening specials...

Somehow along the way I lost something wonderful about the rain...

But maybe when I'll grow a little older...

Maybe I'll find a simple way to watch the rain again...with hot cups of coco's...warm blankies...and the magical story telling specials...

...Just now with the sun brightly shining outside my window I'm smiling at myself and I'm about to say to you that...SOMEHOW I MISS THE DAY IT RAINED...( I think I've just grown a little older...)


Blissfully warm on winter

It's winter season once again, the days are getting shorter and the cold winter nights longer. What better way to spend an evening feeling cozy and warm - while reading a good book, watching the telly or simply spending quiet moments with your love ones - than having your home well insulated to keep that precious warmth in and ward off the chilly wind out.

Insulation Batts
More and more countries are going green. One way of achieving a cleaner and greener planet is looking after the environment by reducing carbon footprints. Australia is one country going in that direction by offering a stimulus package - providing financial assistance to insulate your home for up to $1600. One way to achieve the much sought after warm is Insulation Batts. Professionaly designed and fitted to provide you the luxury of warmth in bitter cold winter nights. It is also highly effective in containing those unwanted noise of the outside world outside.The demands for this kind of Thermal and acoustic batts insulation material is exceedingly high. Go and start insulating your home before you run out of choices. Insulation rebate from the government is one great incentive to be doing it so.

Be warm, green and money wise this winter season. Think what you can buy or do with the money you will save in the long run. Not only you are doing the planet good but you are doing yourself a favor!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Stonehenge, one of the Seven Wonders of Medieval World, is a vision to behold. For one to appreciate its beauty, you must know a little knowledge of its history - which dated back as far 2000BC- before you come and see the place for yourself. It is not merely a pile of boulder place on top of the other. It is a powerful reminder of once great people of Stone and Bronze Age, a ground where a civilization, a culture has thrive. It is the birthplace of worship and ingenuity and a place of one of the world's most enduring architectural engineering was achieved.

Why was the Stonehenge built? A question still remained unanswered to this date. It was speculated a burial ground, a place to worship the moon and the sun, a sanctuary of a kind. Whatever the purpose of building such a magnificent architecture must be very vital to the survival of that culture.

Monday, October 19, 2009


Few years ago, i was asked to give a lecture about cataract and phacoemulsification- a procedure with the use of ultrasonic devise breaks and aspirates the cataract - in modern day eye surgery. A new service is being opened in the hospital which deals primarily on cataract surgery and i was appointed team leader. Part of my job is to conduct a refresher course on the anatomy and physiology of the eye and train the nursing staff to assist/ scrub in surgery.

image: wikipedia

Cataract is a result of opacification or cloudiness of the crystalline lens which affects one's vision. To say it is a condition that affects only the elderly is not entirely true. However, most cataracts are related to aging - like everything else in our body - our lenses undergoes a wear and tear process as we grow old.

Symptoms are blurry vision, glare, poor night vision and double vision. Since cataract develops gradually, treatment varies from wearing eye glasses or using a magnifying glass , improved lighting and surgery.

There are different types of cataracts which can be a result of different health /eye condition. Some of which are:

Secondary cataract - is a secondary result of another eye problem or condition such as glaucoma. It could be a result of another health issue such as diabetis. There's a prevailing view that steroid used can induce cataract.

Acquired cataract / radiation cataract - can result after overtime exposure to any types of radiation for a period of time.

Congenital cataract - unfortunately, some babies are born with cataract but this condition is quiet rare.

Traumatic cataract - a result of trauma to the eye itself which can manifest years later. This kind of cataract affects people below 40 years of age.

A surgery to correct this condition is known as "Cataract Extraction with Intra-Ocular Lens Implantation". This is done to remove the lens and replace it with synthetic ones. Owing to continuous evolution of surgical techniques and equipment in surgery, the modern procedure is now called Phacoemulsification . The cataract is emulsified with an ultrasonic device through a microscopic incision instead of the conventional method of making a big incision to remove the opaque lens and closed the wound with few stitches. The lenses being implanted is another breakthrough- a foldable lens to be inserted into an almost needle size incision.

The advantage of this modern technique is that the patient can go home after an hour and resume activities of daily living in a day or two- though one needs to observed moderation for at least a week. Owing to a very small incision - between 2.25 to 2.75mm- the chances of infection is greatly reduced, there's limited manipulation of the eye and no eye irritation due to stitches.

note: some people finds this video disturbing. watch at your own risk.

this article does not intend to diagnose. it is to share useful information of author's experiences as an operating room nurse/perioperative nurse

South Africa, a journey of a lifetime...

South Africa is a beautiful country. Not only its wild life will leave one awe-struck, its people, the rich history and diverse culture is fascinating. The place gives one a distinct feel of old and new, a coalesce of past and that of present.

International Convention Centre Durban International Convention Centre Durban

There's a lot to see and little time to see it all - the safari's, the nature reserve and the city. Durban, South Africa is one city you might want to visit. The International Convention Centre Durban is one sight you shouldn't miss. It is well know as a state of the art centre not only locally but globally. It is where the world meets, where ideals and ideas are made. With its movable walls, makes it possible to host a different functions in a certain given time. Thinking of that perfect hideways, a place top rest the weary body for comfortable nights of sleep. Do not despair, located beside the International Convention Centre, is the Hilton Durban , which offers you the best of the city lifestyle at an affordable price! Or maybe you prefer to take advantage of the wonderful climate the city is well known for, try hotels on Durban's Indian Ocean beaches. Enjoy the waves and the warm water!

Research from this link: is available 24/7, no sweat, no glitch- just a journey of a lifetime!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

The road less traveled by....

A couple of weeks ago, i happened to dropped by Brenda Photo Challenge Blog. She has a new challenge this Saturday about highways or biways - a road, path, hiking trail, river,highway - which will lead you to somewhere. I think it is fun and so, i joined The Salitype Society. It is perfect timing as weekends here at Salitype are fun with photos. Here are some foothpaths or trails i happened to thread last week while the hubby and i went for a long walk.

And yes, these paths on the countryside definitely leads me somewhere. There, right on top of a mountain with the English Channel as a backdrop!

a deserted two way road

a lone traveler down a lone path

an open field path

a fenced path

a foot path in the woods

a path by the cliff

a coast path. no, i wasn't contemplating of jumping, simply admiring the view!


Friday, October 16, 2009

C is for Cottonball

It is Blogging for Fun Challenge again ! Today's challenge is letter C. My chance to showcase my dog - his name is Cottonball !

It was January 2008, I was online and chanced upon pictures of puppies for sale. I am not a fan of dogs or anything that has hair or feathers. I never had a dog growing up. The moment I saw his pictures, I fell in love with him. We drove 45 miles and picked him up. It was love at first sight - my first real puppy love !

These are his first few pictures after we brought him home. I gave him a quick bath ready for his photo shooting.

He gives me that look when he doesn't understand me.

He knows how to swim and he loves it.

He watches television and jumps to his feet when he sees animals on the screen.

He chewed our dining chair and look at his face looking guilty about what he did.

He has online friend too.

Yes, I tucked him in bed every night.

It's me and him every chance I get.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

The day someone made me smile

I used to hummmmmm a sad song

I forgot the lyrics

and too bad I forgot all about that sad melody as well

and then one day someone made me smile

It was one of those many amazing days that made me live my life again

Thank you for the music...

Thank you for the song...

Thank you for the lyrics...

and best of all THANK YOU FOR COMING ALONG....


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