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Sunday, November 1, 2009

on my way to work- TSS Kodak Moments

Hello everyone! This is a long overdue post assignment he he he. Well anyway i am a healer by profession and this is how i get to the hospital. Ride with me will you?
I don't drive, afraid to...besides i do not own a car he he he...on days when i am lucky that the hubby is around, he'd drive me to work but most of the time a tricycle is Kulasa's bestfriend.

I could opt to walk if i had the time and energy. It only takes around three to four minutes to get there on wheels...In case of emergency when the hospital gets short of staff the ambulance would come and fetch me.

This is our parish church. When I was new at work, i always dropped by here to pray. I would ask the driver to wait for me for a minute or two while i said silent prayers inside. Each time i would ask the Lord to bless my hands that i may not hurt anyone with wrong decisions...that the Lord grant me His healing grace that i may serve Him well. These days i wonder why i no longer stop and enter. Perhaps because i have already developed a sense of confidence in my skills. I do make it a point though to pray while passing by...

This is the sky just past my bestfriend Blue's house.

And then there's me, sometimes if the driver is not careful enough my head gets bumped on the roof and boy does it hurt he he he...a mirror is already a source of so much happiness for me...some tricycles don't have any and i would be left wondering whether i had dirt on my face...

We take a left turn and then there goes our hospital sign board.

There....it is nine am, i have signed in for twenty four hour work. Lots of patients are already waiting at the lobby.

Again i say, work is not work if one does it with a happy heart.

Happy weekend everyone!



  1. Doc Zen, nice to have you back, girlfriend!

    miss riding a tricycle. ysabelle loves to ride on one, too! i will remember Bactotan District Hospital.Who knows i might visit you one of these days.

    love you lots, kulasa!


  2. hi Zen, thanks for sharing. i too miss the tricycle ride, we do have some trisikads here in downtown but too expensive to ride since it is mostly for tourists :(

  3. That is some ride!
    Good for you that work is not work!

  4. Hello doc ! I love this post, reminded me of tricycles, jeepneys and buses. I miss them all, they are so comfortable and fun to ride.

    Your smile alone can heal a hurting patient ! I love to see you again after a long time !

  5. Hi there Zen :).

    Wow the tricycle seems low for you... be ouchie to hit the head a few times. :P

    Early morning and the place is crowded wow.

  6. it's a wonderful ride with you, Zen! i used to ride tricycle too, this post made me miss my hometown.

  7. Hello, I enjoyed the tricycle ride with you...I also take the tricycle if I'm on a rush. I can get to my destination at once and like you I enjoyed tricycles with mirrors hehehe.


  8. Doc Zen a.k.a Kulasa ;)

    Belated Happy Birthday girlash! :) i miss also riding tricycle, and you have a beautiful chapel Zen, really happy to know you are back.

    *hugs* :)

  9. that's very long work hours...btw i miss riding tric!

    I am enjoying my work at home freelance life, i can focus more with many things but work just doesn't seem to end =)

  10. I like your attitude about work! I like your attitude about prayer!

  11. Did I get it right? 24-hour work? Ugh,I don't have that power to remain sane working that long.True,you really must have a happy heart for any job,especially your kind of job.Kudos for being dedicated to service.God bless!

  12. Hello Salitype friends, so nice to be back home with all of you. Thank you so much again for all your prayers. Wherever dad is now, i know he is at peace with the Lord. We do not own this life, everything is borrowed from the Almighty. So let's do good...and spread God's love through Salitype!

    Whitemist, yah...work is not work if one does it with a happy heart...

    Ladyviral, it could get more crowded at times so i make it a point never to be late...

    AL, tricycle mirrors are fun right? he he he...

    Ayie, i'm looking forward to working at home but that will still be years from now...yah, sometimes work doesn't seem to end wherever one is...

    SandyCarlson, indeed work and prayer go hand in hand...

    Femmepower-yah, it is 24 hour work, every 3 days...not that bad, i still get time to sleep and get in touch with the world...

    thank you so much everyone for taking the humble ride with me...God bless your good hearts...

  13. have a great weekend! just rest your worries and distress...




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