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Friday, November 27, 2009

Irresistible @ Fun Friday

It's time for Fun Friday in our group, Blogging For Fun. We are doing an A to Z challenge. This week, we are working on the letter I. Some of the Salitype Gals have decided to share some of the things they find irresistible.

" I am not keen on sweets and chocolate. My taste buds is more attuned to salty and sour flavours. I have to confess though - these chocolate converted me. It is irresistibly sinful. It melts in your mouth and gives you the high...ahhhh! Sinful, sinful indeed! I have to resist the temptation. It gives you a minute of pleasure and a lifetime to pay for it. I have to resist, i have to resist...after one more bite!"


I watch my weight closely making sure I am in my height/weight range, but please please don't show me desserts - they are just simply irresistible to me! Here is what I been doing, when I go to a party or any gatherings, I always eat really really light to make room for desserts. Any kind of pies, cakes, sweets are just simply irresistible to me. These pies (pumpkin, egg pie, pecan pie) I made for Thanksgiving !


Irresistable Island

Sentosa Island has a special place for everyone.. the young and the restless like my lil' girl and most of the children, the hopeless romantic like me and my hubby and most couples, and those looking for a good retreat and great fun like young adults. My family is a frequent visitor of Sentosa especially now that my hubby's latest project is located right at the heart of the island. It is definitely an irresistable island! We never can get enough of it that's why we keep coming back for more...


MJ says, "Here are a few things I find totally irresistible: A yummy banana split from Macado's Restaurant in Beckley, WV. I know, I know, it's loaded with calories and is not very healthy, but, man, it is SO GOOD!! ... Dancing! I just love to dance:) Anytime I hear some happy, fast-paced music, I start swaying back and forth and before you know it, I'm dancing my heart out. That's me and a former co-worker dancing at a friend's birthday party. ... and who can resist a passionate kiss at a secret spot overlooking a beautiful river? Not me!!:) That's me and Rog sharing a tender moment at one of the overlooks at Grandview State Park here in West Virginia, overlooking the New River. I still smile when I remember that day, that moment. It was all simply irresistible:)



  1. Ahhh I am not suppose to look at that! No I won't...okay just give me one! Just one! Hahaha. Hi Tes!

  2. oh i like the first picture! it is like saying, chocolate are tempting but yet far out not to reach haha.

    the second picture of course say... savory is yummy :P

  3. It starts to melt in my mouth and flows through the buds, layers of taste are being exposed, and finally, to crush the nut,

    how to resist?

  4. Lindor chocolates - yes they are trouble!
    Desserts, I'll take 2.
    Weight ` don't worry right now, If I can swallow, I will at least try.
    You have just pushed my Thanksgiving over the edge! :)

  5. I would have to agree that everything shared in today's post portray the notion of irresistible quite well.

  6. Guess what? I had some Lindor chocolates last night :). It was Eid AL Adha yesterday and everybody celebrated the occassion with sweets.

    OH my..loads of calories!

    Ladies,I am salivating right now, need to find some sweets before I brush my teeth.

  7. some thing are simply irresistible!

    happy weekend!

  8. Esmeralda Odette, i wont stop you from taking another bite, just send me some will you he he he...

    Chay, i want some eggpie please!

    Cher, hay, someday i will visit Sentosa with you he he he...

    MJ,power ranger pal love love love that photo of you with Rog! and the banana split looks so yummy indeed!

    Failed to join the fun this week, got limited internet access from the farm hu hu hu hu...

  9. Oh my, all my guilty pleasures in one post. Thank you :D

  10. What a fun post! For sure, those pies look irresistible to me. :)

  11. i'm afraid of piling on the calories but who can resist the rich seduction of chocolates? :)

  12. mmmm! yummy the chocolates same here Eng i love lindt :)

    Chay your desserts look sooo tempting too ;)

    Kyla is so cute Cher and Santosa Island is really irresistable ;) someday girlash, someday *winks*

    MJ, Awww! you and Rog are so sweet in that pic.

  13. ooops! guys i forgot, i will post an entry here for fun friday next week, pass muna ko for this week ;) may istorbo pa kasi e hehe ;) *winks*

  14. Banana split!

    I love the last picture... so sweet.

  15. Eng.. your description of that chocolate is killing me - so tempting ! hahahaha

    Cher... I can see why that island is simply irresistible, so gorgeous and I love that pose of Kyla - so cute !

    MJ... that banana split looks so delicious. You look so cute dancing there with your friend ! I love looking at couples who display affection - I love it !!! and you and Rog looks so cute together - simply irresistible to look at !

  16. Ok girls these were great photos.

    Lindt is my all time favourite chocolate - I can't resist it.

    The pies look good, the island looks amazing, I can see myself spending some time relaxing on a beach like that.

    That Banana Split is mad, I've never seen anything like it.

    and dancing with friends are all great irresistible to have on your list.

  17. Oh Tes, very irresistible! The chocolate is so tempting, I am trying to resist but .... maybe just one....or two.

    Great post, lots of fun.

  18. Ooopppsss...i have the lindt for today too...so yummy, melts in the mouth! so i came looking for your lindt 'coz you didn't share it with me last week, i bought a pack for my sweet tooth! hahahah...




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