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Friday, November 20, 2009

Anything H @ Fun Friday

It's time for Fun Friday in our group, Blogging For Fun. We are doing an A to Z challenge. This week, we are working on the letter H. Some of the Salitype Gals have decided to share some H items.

Surrounded by lush rhododendrons, West Virginia's state flower, MJ poses in her favorite "sunshine hat" during a recent spring hike at Grandview State Park. "Rog and I were out hiking one day," MJ says. "He turned to me and said, 'Your hat reminds me of sunshine. It's so cheerful!' " From that day on, they called it the "sunshine hat." "Anytime I feel blue, I put my sunshine hat on and look in the mirror," MJ says. "Seeing the happy flower designs somehow lifts my spirits. It's like magic!"

H is for Hot Heels! When MJ suggested we post something fun for H, I knew right away what I have in my collection of photos I can share with you guys. I am short and married to my husband who is 6'4" tall. Guess what??? ... these shoes can do the trick - it can make me 4 inches taller ! Chay

For letter H @ Fun Friday, MJ made several suggestions -hot heels, hats, hairstyles, etc. All of which are fun and exciting, so we all agreed to do any one of those. I decided to do HATS. I have a collection of hats because too much of the sun's glare causes me to have headache, especially during long hikes on a hot day. I keep a hat handy every time Doods and I travel. *Tes*

H for HELP...help me convince my seven year old son to get down the HIGH tree because HE is driving me HYSTERICAL...

Gosh he loves climbing that guava tree every afternoon... *Zen*


  1. Lovely hat! Oh i like the flower too!

    Those heels! ARE HIGH! Another H! hahaha! Gosh I would break myself in those heels...

    More hats! Looks like a variety hats for the day! :P.

    Now now little boy... come down before fireman uncle come and grab you off. :P. Tried meowing at it?

  2. oh girls, you rock!

    i love the sunshine hats,mj. and tes' collection of hats is gorgeous...love it, love it, love it, girl!

    chay,those heels! ahh, they really are High Heels...i wonder how it feels to wear one...!

    zen...your liitle boy is funny, reminds me of those days when climbing a guava or any tree is really fun...

    go for it girlashes, you all rock! yipee!!!

  3. Great "H" words!!! Don't care for those HIGH heels --but I love the hats!!!

  4. Hey MJ and Tesya !! you guys look so pretty in your colorful hats. Tes, my favorite is your yellow hat in yellow outfit !

    Leave the boy alone LOL - I was like him growing up, I enjoy the view up there on the tree.

    Eng ... the 4 inch heels, once you get used to it, you will have a hard time wearing flat shoes. Yeah they make those shoes a lot comfortable now, they elevate the front part of it so it feels like you are wearing flats.

  5. Please tell the boy that I want some guavas too, my favorite of all...just don't let him go down yet, ok? He sure rocks!

  6. Do I see Gauvas in that tree? No wonder he climbs it!

  7. What a lovely array of letter H words. High heels, grr I have not wore them in so many years, I would probably break my neck trying LOL.

  8. This is a fun post..and I want some of those guava too!

  9. Love the "happy" hat. It is cheery! Nice pics too.

  10. i just love the 1st picture, the colors are so nicely contra.

  11. those heels are gorgeous and sexy. i don't think i can wear that high though.

  12. zen, hahahha, your H is my favorite of all these H pixs!! i laughed out loud when i saw the pix of your son, perched high up in that guava tree like a cute little monkey:) this picture made me nostalgic, too .. made me remember days of long ago when i myself drove my mom hysterical coz i LOVED climbing fruit trees, too!! .. aratiles trees, mango, duhat, makopa .. i would climb them all and eat fruits til my hands were sticky from the juices and my t-shirt all stained. i was such a tomboy growing up:) i do understand your concern, now that i am a mom. in a few years, it will probably be my turn to freak out when teyla learns to climb the apple tree in the front yard:( hugs to your cute son, zen!! tell him to hang on to the branches real well:)

    girlash tes, my, my, what an awesome collection of hats you have there!! i'm like chay, i dig your yellow hat, with matching yellow blouse and earrings pa!! WOW!! you are definitely the fashionista, tes:) i so love your style.. not just your hats, but your overall style! you rock!

    chay gurl, i need to take lessons from you- lessons in how to wear and walk in such high heels:) those are such a beautiful pair! they must cost a fortune. where did you buy them? that's cool you have the skill to balance in those things. i'm pretty sure i would twist my ankle or fall and break my neck if i wore those, unless you gave me lessons, hehe:) i truly admire you, chay!

    thank you, tes, for putting together these H photos:) it's always nice to learn more about each other here on salitype, and this fun friday series helps us do that. may each of us have a great sunday!!

  13. power ranger pal! i love your smile more than the Hat and the flowers!

    Chay! i can never wear those shoes ha ha ha....it could lead me to my death bed he he he...i so admire women who can walk in those glamorous heels...i remember you can even run wearing them right?

    Tesya gurlfriend! those hats are hot! Doods and you look so good together...

    My son Roel says hi to everyone!...i still can not make him promise not to climb that high again, ahhhhh as long as he is happy and out of real danger mommy is fine too he he he

  14. I will be the opposite, I don't fancy posing with flowers too much unless I see something i can't resist! hehe




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