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Friday, October 2, 2009

Thoughts & After Thoughts - Part 1

By Jeff Johnson
Mental Health Therapist

I am in a second career in life. I prayed to GOD for a job to help others that no one else wanted--I now work with individuals who have a severe and chronic mental illness and a substance abuse issue recent past or present. I truly feel anyone can get their life back. NO EXCEPTIONS---YOU ARE WORTH IT.

Making the most of our life maybe is just finding someone who will take time to make the most of my life.

EVERYONE IS WORTH IT! Say it everyday to everyone you meet because when we believe it they will believe it too. Many times just believing in themselves is all they need to heal. Maybe, this is all we need?

Looking at life each day and saying, I AM WORTH IT and believing it deep within your heart is much better than saying each day, How much am I worth. One of them has endless value.


"When I went home after leaving that abusive “hell hole” for the streets my parents told me how disappointed they were in me, they yelled at me and cussed at me on how I could do such a thing, and they told me how disgusted they were. I said, “To Hell with this shit I get treated better on the streets and get paid for it and your treating me this way and not even paying me.” I left again for the streets. All I wanted was for them to say we missed you. Just like my friends on the street did when I returned.”

COD—Physical Abuse Survivor—Sexual Abuse Survivor--Prostitute—Porn Star—Vocational School Grad—Peer Advocate—Employee


“What turned me around is knowing that you believed in me more than I believed in myself—One day I thought I have to catch up.”

Client—COD—Domestic Abuse Survivor—Rape Survivor--Prostitute—College Student—Employee


“I left an abusive home to live on the abusive streets—or so I thought. I was loved, paid for my love in return, treated better by strangers than my own parents, and hit less often.”

COD—Prostitute—Porn Star—Vocational School Grad—Employee


“Yeah, I had a hope of better things to come—more money for each service I offered, better quality drugs, and those damn voices and visions leaving when I am sober. Today, I know I AM WORTH IT—I never thought I would say that and mean it. Now when I say it I cry for a different reason—at first I did not think it was true—Now I can not believe that I believe it is true—if that makes any sense.”

COD—Incest survivor—Prostitute—College student—speaker—employee


“I AM WORTH IT—yeah—every dollar an hour. But in my heart I thought I was worth nothing. When I started believing I was worth it, hope became a real thing, trust had identity, and I started doing things for myself because I WAS WORTH IT TO ME.”

COD—Sexual Abuse Survivor—Incest Survivor—College Student—Peer Advocate—Employee

( You are worth it. If you need someone to talk to in a more private setting, you can email me at wrapcc@yahoo.com)


  1. Living in an abusive environment is very draining, no matter what kind of abuses! This is an inspiring post to start building a strong mind!

  2. Believing in ourselves and have confidence is important.. we cannot let people push us down, even if that happens, we are required to get back up and show them you're not an easy target!

  3. Deep down, we are all the same. We want to be loved and feel worthwhile. Sad that some people abuse others and place conditions on their love. Nobody chooses to be mentally ill or an addict. Everyone is worth it!

  4. Yeah, everybody's worth it. Those are beautiful flowers Chay. Thanks for the beautiful reminder to give worth to all individuals.

  5. EVERYONE IS WORTH IT!! These are powerful words.

  6. everyone is worth something. always believe in yourself, have the willpower and you'll succeed in life.

  7. very inspiring. beautiful flowers, too.

  8. It is not easy to bounce back when you have fallen and society keeps kicking you down. Having somebody stretch out a hand to help them out is really a huge thing for these abused, neglected, unloved people.

    Chay, hats off to Jeff's noble efforts. I pray that he may be used powerfully to continue to help change people's lives.

    I am deeply touched and inspired by these sharing.

  9. you have an award to receive from my side! come soon and grab it!
    your blog is superb

  10. at the end of the day, all of us needed that small pat at the shoulder, a hug, a kind words showing and telling us, we have done pretty well..

    it is such an inspiring post, chay! i wish there are more jeffs in the world.

  11. God is using Jeff as an instrument to these people who need special kind of attention. I have met them, and have read their notes. Surely, Jeff has been doing an awesome part in their healing process.

    Am so proud of him and I wish he can reach out to many clients who need help in this area.

  12. Self-confidence can cure a lot of ills.

  13. Great post, and everyone one is worth it, and everyone needs a second chance and acceptance to the society.

  14. Having a strong support system of family and friends is so incredibly important. I feel so sad for those who have never known such support or love. As was said by others, everyone is worth it.

  15. having worked for a long time with the chronically mentally ill, I have found that they give gratitude and loyalty easily. To some they are a tough nut, to me they were great to be around. Glad you went that route!

  16. the flowers look so alive in the photos! very beautifully captured! impressive! this an inspiring post as well...:)

  17. Everybody is "crazy"! We are all crazy! but only few are crazy enough to show it.

    We are all worth it!

  18. I too have a passion for psych...I've loved to learn more about the human mind...I thirst for touching the lives of these beautiful people...Let's try to reach out and tell them that they are indeed beautiful people...

  19. we need to have a break sometimes =)

  20. It is really very important to have a nurturing family who has fear in God. Though how much we may mean well in life, sometimes life can go off rail for whatever reason. It is up to us how to revalue ourselves so we can say, We are worth it!

    I feel very sorry for those that did not get much love right from their own family.

    When I was young, and my father worked as a military personnel; his job as a law enforcer was to pursue the lawless.

    When he did, he would bring them home and feed them before taking them to the camp for investigation and custody.

    Imagine how naive we were in the family what he brought home to be fed. And my mother would feed them without question.

    The lawless? Believe it or not, they tailed my father without handcuffs.

    Why was that? Because my father valued them as Humans worth his every respect.

    (I added this in my Compendium of my blog comments).




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