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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Eye candy

God is an artist.

I only have to peer out the window nowadays to catch a glimpse of his latest exhibit - the breathtaking colors of fall!

The various hues that take over the usual green landscape at this time of the year, in this part of the hemisphere, never cease to amaze me. I am filled with wonder when I realize God could have picked just one shade (perhaps gold or plain red?); yet, in His generosity (coupled with an artistic flair?), He pulls out His palette and doles out a potpourri of colors each time autumn comes our way.

What a delight to see these towering sentries - the fiery red maples, the blazing yellow oaks, the bright golden hickories, the cool, unchanging evergreens - decked in their robes of fall. I bundled Teyla up one day last week, stepped outside and, together, we took in God's beautiful handiwork under a blue October sky.

"See the colorful trees, baby?" I said to her gently. "God made them all ... because He loves us." Teyla stared at me for a moment, then looked around, eyes wide and full of awe. "Woo," she babbled softly. "Woo, woo, woo." I don't know for sure what "woo" means, but I hope and pray my little girl grows up to know the God I know - the greatest artist in the world.

- by MJ Browning


  1. They are so pretty ! I am in awe looking at those colors.

    Every Fall, I think about you. I still remember the Fall photos from last year. I never get to see those around here - well there are places to look at, just didn't have much time to drive around.

    Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. Yes God indeed is an artist:) the best! Those pictures are so pretty!

    Thanks for dropping a comment:) Here followed this site:) I like it here, added you too hope its ok:) see yah!

  3. Fall is by far my favorite time of year. The artistry brush strokes of God leave me breathless when out walking.

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos! You've captured the essence well!

  4. Breathtaking and beautiful! Tnak the Lord!

  5. hi MJ! i left a comment in FB encouraging you to write here more often, and now here you are! your fall photos are awe-inspiring, can't stop FALLing in love with them! and yes, GOD is the greatest artist of all times!

  6. Beautiful pictures. I agree with you that GOD made all of these and IS the artist behind all the beautiful things around, everything coordinated very well.


  7. Ah, the correct definition of eye candy!
    As soon as I get some time, I want to do some fall scenes (water color wise), but do not yet have the energy up to do so.

  8. MJ, thank you so much for bringing colors again to Salitype, we do miss you and your wonderful talent of writing and photography, many thanks again MJ for this beautiful pictures. i wish someday to be able to visit your side of the world at fall but right now, still can not since there is no fall break :(

    I do love to see the change in hues of the leaves right now, though we do not have a lot here unless we go to the nearby mountains, but then, there are some groves here and there that are gracing the streets and park, I will bring my camera to school maybe since our trees at school have started also to display their wonderful colors...

    hope you have a wonderful weekend MJ, Teyla is growing really to be such a very beautiful girl, wish I could give her a hug too.

    again, thanks for the eye candy MJ.

  9. How lovely! Woo means "wow", I think. God has truly given us the splendor of nature. The colors are shouting for its glory. Unfortunately for us, we have to drive some 300 miles to see the foliage, and my daughter is on a 2 month long vacation sa Pinas, so we postponed the trip until next fall, and mind you its a long wait.

  10. The colour of fall is amazing, as what you have displayed.

    Everyday is a beautiful day.

  11. Pretty and awesome colors. Autumn is really beautiful. Great shots. Have a happy week ahead to all Salitypers...

  12. oh they are so pretty!!! love autumn! it's my favorite time of the year..it's exactly because of what u just showed us..can't help but stare at them everytime i drive by those pretty trees! beautiful shots! :D

    take care and keep on sharing ur amazing talent with us :)

  13. thank you, everyone, for all your inspiring comments!! hubby, teyla and i are getting ready to drive out to the lake to enjoy more of these awesome fall colors while they last. i'll catch you all when we return. hopefully, i'll get to take more fall photos. you all have a lovely sunday!

    PS- special thanks to cher, tes, beth .. everyone who checks on me every now and then and encourages me to stop by here and post:) whenever teyla gives me a little break, i promise i will. love you all!! take care now.

  14. MJ, I am so happy to see those MJ-trademark of photography! Nature in all its splendor! Its beautiful, MJ! You always capture the best in every season.

    I agree with EBie, I think what Teyla means by woo is wow! She is so cute -teehee!

    Glad to know you found time for a quick post. Everybody seems to be busy lately. Enjoy your nature trip, girlfriend! *hugs*

  15. Lovely autumn colors, and I agree with your conclusions.

  16. I agree. He has given us the most precious gifts by creating art through these glorious seasons. And, you have in turn shared your beautiful photos with us. Simply lovely.

  17. Those colors are wonderful. So vibrant and warm.

  18. Beautiful photos and beautiful words!!! Thank you for this post!

  19. Gorgeous autumn colors, the first photo almost looks like a painting.

  20. Lovely Autumn pictures MJ, that's why i love this season of the year, thanks again MJ for sharing, indeed God is an artist.

  21. with a view like this I'd be staring out my window all day.

    thanks for sharing the beautiful view you currently have. Enjoy it while it lasts.

  22. i won't get tired having a glnace outside if that's my view =)

  23. ssssooooooo gorgeous!!!!! :))))))




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