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Monday, September 7, 2009

Staying Stress Free

Earlier this year, I suffered from palpitation –that made me catch my breath. I even had to take a respite from drinking coffee. I had to see a doctor who later asked me to go on leave. It was nothing serious, but during those days when I was suffering from the palpitations, my mind kept going to the inevitability of death. What if it comes when I am NOT ready? One thing came to mind, what of my loved ones? What of my precious child, my baby, my princess -Izza? How will she cope without me? I had to take a deep breath and dispel such thoughts from my mind. I know I have the power to shrug thoughts like these off my mind, but the reality of death is something I cannot bargain or haggle with –it will come whether I like it or not!

After the needed rest, and some prescribed meds, the doctors declared that I am fine and well enough to report back to work. That incident toughened my resolution to be ready should death come knocking at the door. I have made up my mind to be equipped –in every sense of the word.

It has always been my priority to spend quality time with my family. That incident made me double my effort -not just to spend time with them, but to do things with them and for them. Stephen Covey in his book “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” calls it “emotional investment.” Saving up wonderful memories and days that are full of laughter, so when the time comes, my loved ones will have something to withdraw, something to make them smile even during the “overcasts” of life. And on the more practical side of things, I realized the need to equip them financially. I made sure I am insured. In this day and time, we are NOT powerless to give our loved ones security, it can be done. Diligence and proper information should work hand in hand. To make an educated choice about these things, it is vital that one is properly informed.

I am now healthy and doing my utmost best to be stress free. I will endeavor to stay this way. Worrying can cause stress and stress can cause me to be ill. One of the ways I can stay stress free is to live secure - I will work on this every chance I get.

Izza and I enjoying a lazy day at the park


  1. I'm glad you are doing well now! Have more laughs with the cutie princess to keep stress away..

  2. It is always when we face what is inevitable, that we realize the most important things in our lives!
    I am glad it is finished and you learned your important stuff!

  3. Hi Eng, am glad you are doing well now and had stayed on top of your health, yes, a stress- free life is very important, one that can give us very good night's sleep a the end of each day and have simple laughters to live by the day.

  4. The topic in our church yesterday was "Live like you're dying". Like you, I have come to realization that I have to do things now with my loved ones and not always postpone it for tomorrow.

    I think about your "Ysa and Mommy day". I think that is really a good bonding time with your precious daughter !

    Stay healthy Eng !

  5. You two look good with sun in your faces! What a healthy, loving picture you make!

    So glad you're doing fine already, girl! Keep it up!

    I do need to brush up on my insurance too -you're right- it's one way to stay stress free!

  6. Hi girlash! Good to know you're doin' alright now. i too experienced palpitations sometimes esp. when i drink anything with caffeine. :(

    Mond and I just purchased a health insurance recently. it's indeed bringing us less stress. :)

    btw, that's my favourite photo of you and Ysa. i'm glad you posted it here. :)

  7. ysa is so blessed to have u as her mom sis. long live kamasutra queen! eheh! pwede ba dito un? kung anik anik na naman nisasabi ko baka maaward aray!

  8. Eng dear i'm happy that you are ok now, with Ysa beside you i'm sure everyday is stress free day for you.

    quality time with my children is not possible for me now, but i promise myself when i come home everyday will be quality and happy day with them :)

  9. Guess what? I had this, too! Before.

    It was fear.

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  11. Thanks for visiting my blog.

    It's really important to know how to deal with stress in a healthy manner. Stress free living may not be possible but you can always adopt a stress free lifestyle.

  12. Glad to hear you're fine now. Be more cautious next time and take utmost care. Try to take it easy ok =)

  13. I hope you'll continue to be well.Don't worry too much.What you put inside your mind is so powerful that it manifests.I can't blame you for thinking about your family should you be gone.I've been in that situation too and I fully understand it.Wish you well.

  14. My how stress can do strang things to our bodies. I am glad that you are better and enjoying lazy days at the park with your daughter!! Sometimes it is hard to turn off the clocks in our heads and say, "today all day long is yours my child." I did that on Monday. It was fun and man was it worth it.

    God's rich blessings to you this day!




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