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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Q and A --some of the best in beauty pageant!

After watching the 1969 Miss Universe beauty pageant in you tube, i decided to surf the net to look for the best answers - in the question and answer portion -in any beauty contest. Well, it may not be the answers that won all of them the crown but they do get to be known as some of the best answers in the beauty pageant.

Here's what came out of that search...

Margie Moran

Margie Moran was asked during the 1973 Miss Universe contest.

Q...What's the difference of being Miss Universe and being a Filipina?"
A...Miss Universe is like having a birthstone, you may lose it. Being a Filipina is like having a birthmark, it's forever.

She went home a proud Filipina with the coveted crown on her head.

Charlene Gonzales

Charlene Gonzales was asked during Miss Universe 1994 contest.

Q ... How many islands are there in the Philippines?
A ....High tide or low tide?

Ha!ha!ha! Clever lady!

Stefania Fernandez

Stefania Fernandez,Miss Venezuela, at the recent Miss Universe contest.

Q...In many part of the world, obstacle still exists that impede woman achieving their goals in some corporations.What can woman do to overcome this?
A...I believe that nowadays we woman has overcome many obstacle.And i do believe that we have reached the same level as man have. We must realized that there are no longer barriers amongst us.

A winner without a doubt.

Ruffa Gutierrez

Ruffa Gutirrez at the 1993 Miss World contest.

Q...How would you tell a girl suffering from low self-esteem to feel better about herself?
A...I will tell her to believe in herself because its not only physical beauty that is important but also inner beauty.Like what the little prince said.."What is essential is invisible to the naked eye." And i believe that character and personality is more important than physical beauty.

True, well said!

Ma. Isabel Lopez

Ma. Isabel Lopez at Binibining Pilipinas beauty pageant was asked by one of the judges.

Judge...Here's your question, are you still a virgin?
A... If i say i am, can i bring home the crown tonight?
Judge...Good answer.
A... What about you ma'am are you still a virgin?
Judge... I have 5 children by 5 different fathers and what do you call that, immaculate conception!?

Witty exchange! i was totally amused.

Oxana Fedorova

Oxana Fedorova, Miss Russia at 2002 Miss universe.

Q...What makes you blush?
A...When i say the wrong things.

The briefest of question demands the briefest of an answer. ..concise indeed!

Mpule Kwelagobe

Mpule Kwelagobe,Miss Botswana, at 1999 Miss Universe.

Q...Should Miss Universe be allowed to keep her crown if she becomes pregnant?
A...Personally, i think in anyway it should not affect her duties.She should be allowed to celebrate her femininity.

Bravo to that! Beauty and brain..a deadly combination.

Natalie Glebova

Natalie Glevoba, Miss Canada, at Miss Universe 2005.

Q...What is the biggest challenge in your life?
A...The biggest challenge in my life- is always trying to stay positive. I always consider myself the kind of person who always looks at the glass half full instead of half empty. And although sometimes its hard to look at life this way, i always maintain a positive outlook in life.Kop khun ka...(means thank you in Thai).

The answer won the heart of the judges and the millions of people watching her that night.

Gloria Diaz

Gloria Diaz at 1969 Miss Universe contest.

Q...If the man from the moon landed in your hometown, what would you do to entertain him.
A...I guess since he has been in the moon so long, he would enjoy anything that ordinary man would.

Needless to say, she bagged the crown and the title as the first Filipina who won the Miss Universe pageant.

images taken from public domain


  1. I try to imagine myself trying to answer all these questions, I am a fool at the end.

    A very good post that keep my patience until the very end.

  2. Thanks for this post ! I enjoyed it a lot !

  3. rainfield61...
    thanks, i try top imagine myself the same thing...answering these question on the spot in front of millions of people( live and watching on their telly) knowing i will scrutinized and judged is i can imagine a nerve wrecking experience!!

    i have high regards for these women who maintain their composure albeit the trememdous pressure they were in.

    thanks girlash! i watched gloria diaz' finesse and grace and to think she was only 18 then...wow!

  4. I call it WIT when it is unrehearsed and a spur of the moment thingy, like what these ladies have! Kudos to those beauties with so much wit in them!

  5. The one of Charlene Gonzales is unforgettable -a classic- I've watched her that night (in the tube only)- there was a roar of applause in our household when she said without rancor: "high tide or low tide" hahaha! smart!

  6. classic wits from women of beauty and brain.

    oh, i love ms margie moran answer, i remember my late nanay always telling me how witty and smart she is.

    and gloria diaz, i think that is the best answer to the question, there is so much to do here in earth anyway :)

    and all their answers just show their admirable wit.

  7. no imagining for me =P

    i salute these ladies being able to stand above the crowd and represent our country

  8. i watched Charlene too, clever answer huh! these women are beauty and brains...
    thanks for sharing Eng. i enjoyed it too. i love watching Ms universe! :)

  9. seems like a lot of Flipinos - beauty is in the genes?

  10. tes...
    indeed, innate wit! and charlene is on top of my list..unforgettable!

    i seconded that comment, classic wits from women of beauty and brain!

    yes, a salute to these beauties and brain women!

    oh girl, i enjoyed it! unfortunately its been ages since i watch a miss universe pageant! the last one i watched on telly was charlene's time!

    ha!ha!ha!.. we would like to think it that way...beauty after all is in the eye of the beholder! thanks!

  11. these beautiful ladies are truly remarkable.

    i had the privilege to meet gloria diaz and sit beside her every sunday at the church when i was still a nurse by profession. my boss always sat in the front pews with her.

    the first filipina miss universe is an epitome of elegance and grace. a curious look made me scrutinize her beauty but there was nothing outstanding really. having been surrounded by mestizas as my employers, gloria diaz looked plain and simple by comparison. while my employers had aquiline noses, brown hair, with skin as white as snow and lips as red as rubies; gloria diaz is every inch a filipina. but her beauty is outstanding in how she carries herself with regal bearing. she has a manner of speaking and walking that seems like watching an angel glide. and her hearty laughter is so ordinary her human nature comes out naturally. she is indeed witty and godly. and you will never hear a word of sarcasm from her even to a girl like me who often do more than stare due to curiosity. she is very humble though raised with silver platter and in a house of gold.

    in all honesty at a young age, my cousin and i used to watch the pageant for the boo boos. and we laughed our hearts out because we can never be in those pageants with our ugly faces and midget frames. so we just dared look at the flaws of the gifted women who look like barbie dolls. in fact i never even played barbie.

    but fate has a way of teaching humility because i always ended up representing school pageants. they just have no other choice but to try the exotic ones i guess.

    since then the nerve wracking questions became a nightmare and i never even dared laugh at any pageantry again. the joke is again on me.

    i found myself enjoying being the mc when i just have the task of asking than answering questions because am not the one graded for performance. when an mc is sloppy, people think its the nerves and they forget about it. but when a beauty candidate fails the standards set by the crowd, its a point against their beauty and brains.

    truly these beautiful ladies deserve the crown. and gloria diaz no wonder brought home the first pride of the nation. she is a beauty inside out. i can attest to that.

  12. Lovely selection of beauty queens and their answers. I read it all the way to the end. :) Thanks much :)




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