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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

on garage sale and ebay....

I have to admit, i am a big fan of carbooth/garage sale and ebay. Not only they are inexpensive but you'll be amazed of treasures you can find on those places. Not bad though, if it works for me maybe it will work for you. Its just a matter of knowing what you want and where to find it without costing you the earth.

these are my first collection of masks, my love for african stuff started. hubby found these on carbooth/garage sale for £3.00 each, a give away!

it added character to a rather bland corner. it draws your attention to it.

the hubby is keen on collecting "the stuff" as well, it gently rubs on him.prices varies from £1.50 - £3.00 on garage sale.

it provides that blank wall something to look at

all of these stuff are from carbooth sale. you may not like the style but they do blend perfectly well with my african motif.i wont mentioned the price, you got the idea by now how much these stuff cost.

i got a couple more masks and african arts i kept somewhere. i cannot hang another one without going over the top.

each drum were bought weeks apart. you don't see a lot of interesting musical instrument in carbooth/garage sale every week. it cost the hubby £3.00 for the big one and £2.00 for the little ones. the rain maker we got for free.

oh! this is one find i am proud of, thanks to hubby! it is quite unique, the vase and fell in love with it. don't ask me the price, the hubby said its almost a give away!

this is another treasure from garage sale. i told the hubby i am not going home without it. after a bit of haggling, i took it home sweet home with me. the hubby paid £5.00 for this.

these two makes a good corner decor. they do give a forlorn corner a breath of colors and life. for £3.00, it isn't bad, not bad at all.

this is the very first item i bought on ebay few years ago. told the hubby i like it as christmas gift. i did get my wish.

i have no idea at all when it comes to african arts. i bought these two on ebay because one can easily relate to it being african arts, no explanation needed. another reason is the vibrancy of colors will make my hallway a little dramatic...

a couple of african arts from ebay grace my boudoir

it may not be from expensive brand stores or antique shops and may not be to everyone's taste but hey it doesn't look that bad. knowing i saved a lot of money and still managed to have my african theme flowing in every nooks and crannies of my humble abode makes me very happy indeed!


  1. wow! this post left me in awe! you have a fantastic african art collection, Eng! they're Eng-credible! they look good in your cozy nest. how i wish i have a home as lovely as yours! :)

  2. Those masks are awesome, and what a great price. I love garage sales too, matter of fact I am having one this fall. I love to buy on Ebay, so many great options there.

  3. I admire the way you decorate every corner and rooms of your home. I like your "African theme" and never realized you got those stuff from garage sales and ebay - great buy and awesome prices !

    Your home looks so cozy ! I love it !

  4. Very nice collection ha! I'm into garage sale and ebay too, and I enjoy it alot...My husband keeps telling me, i'm a very smart and wise shopper!

    Debbie :)

  5. Oh wow Engtot, you're such a wise shopper! Those items are a steal -they look so good! Garage sale is fun! "One person's trash is somebody else's treasure!"

    Your decors blend well together! Kudos, girl

  6. Wow,I love your collections especially the vase! I didn't know African art would be this cool.Awesome finds indeed at rock-bottom prices. Your skill in interior decorating also matters because no matter how nice your pieces are but if you don't know how to display them, it wouldn't look as good. You have good taste in arranging your stuff.

    Like you,I'm a big fan of garage sales too.

  7. wow Eng, I really admire your creativity and talent in interior design, everything perfectly blend with each other, and enhanced really your living space. now, you are inspiring me to look at ebay and garage sales, goodness, i have been here in US more than 6 years and i still got to see what a garage sale is like.

    but if i can find your treasures in them and arrange them like you do, Eng, I would go to each one of them!!

  8. thanks girl! i dont know a thing about interior decorating BUT i know my color...BROWN. i said to my self i want all shades of brown...ha!ha1ha!

    thanks for dropping by!good for you for being a smart shopper.what with the recession,every penny counts!

  9. ahek i made a big booboo...start again

    thanks girl! i dont know a thing about interior decorating BUT i know my color...BROWN. i said to my self i want all shades of brown...ha!ha1ha!

    goodluck on your coming garage sale. thanks for dropping by!

    cher, chat, tes, bethchai...
    thanks girlashes!one man's lost is another man's este woman's gain...ha!ha1ha!

    it took me years to collect all those stuff and still collecting ahay!

  10. Eng, i love how you arrange your african art collection, you should teach me and tell me what to do Eng with hubby's african collections from Africa, some are we displayed in our living room and bedroom but there are still more in the basement :(

    i admire you Eng for being so creative in making your home so nice, kudos to you girlash!

  11. car girlash! thanks.

    oh! girl, its a trial and error on decorating. what makes it easier for me i guees is that i do have a theme in mind when i started and i know i will go on all shades of brown.

    believe me girl! if only i can afford a spear and shield...i will buy it..ha!ha!ha!

  12. Hahaha Eng - wait until Car put it on Ebay ! (just kidding)

    I am staying away from garage sales - those stuff I bought from neighbor's garage sales are now sitting in my garage ! I am an impulsive buyer.

  13. These are fantastic finds. The masks are very unique and I love the drums. You can always find some treasure at garage sales. thanks for sharing your treasures.

  14. wow, your collection is awesome. I got inspired by it. Very wise shopper, the vase is beautiful.

  15. poetic shutterbug...
    thanks,one reason i love summer here is because of garage sale...

    thanks for dropping by. i am looking forward for more african stuff waiting to be found..thank you!

  16. oh what beautiful collection u have! i'm amazed how you fit each piece into ur house..u have a talent in interior decorating sistah! im impressed really! sna may ganyan din akong talent hehe :)

  17. blessedmom...
    thanks!decorating is something i play by the look...ha!ha!ha! if it doesn't look good in that corner, i'll put it in this corner....that's interior designing for me sistah!

  18. nice collection! thumbs up! i like how you put things together and everything's very coordinated!

    happy weekend!

  19. ayie...
    thanks,have a lovely weekend, too!




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