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Monday, September 7, 2009

On Dreams, Goals & Commitment

by Chay

Today includes time in class, cleaning my house, study, and yes my stethoscope around my neck LOL. My husband has learned to get away everytime he sees me coming with my stethoscope on – he has been my regular client to practice taking vital signs which is like every 15 minutes. Becoming a nurse is a full time job. But I must say I miss the frequency of visits to my home away from home site “The Salitype Society”. Study, books, tests, quizzes, and papers keep this second career building part-time nursing student/woman busy. Not to mention we have had guest in our home every week for 4 weeks.

I want to share about commitment and goals. For many years I had a goal to become a nurse, but my priorities in life reduced my allowable commitment level preventing me from reaching my goal. However, my commitment to the goal remained steadfast. This happens many times in life. We have the best intentions to accomplish a specified goal but the priority item takes precedence—as it should. But keeping the commitment to the goal is just as important. I thought about this when I read my husband’s motivational sayings. He writes motivational sayings and I should say most of them are quite good. He has one that addresses this subject. “A goal without commitment to accomplish is called fantasy. But having a commitment to a goal is called a dream, and the world has been built on dreams.” (By Jeff Johnson, July 2009).

Today I am living my dream because I never lost the initial commitment to my goal. It is hard work. My 39 (FYI: I have been 39 for so many years) year old brain doesn’t work as sharp as it did 20 years ago, but my desire is just as strong as it was 20 years ago. Today, my struggles are for my world to be built by this dream coming true---one class at a time.


  1. "dreams keep us alive for when we ceased to dream, we cease to live..."

    go,go,go! girl! never ever give up!

    i like Jeff's saying. tell him i'm now a fan of his great wisdom. :)

  2. Whoa, that's a lot of reading you've got there, girl! I so admire your zeal and your focus! You have the trappings of success written all over you! The formula to success is good intention plus perseverance, and you have it!

    You are lucky to have Jeff, your treasure chest of wisdom and inspiration, AND your 24-hour patient...hahaha. The vital sign-thingy made me smile. "Deep breath!" teehee

    Keep up, Chay! You're on the right track!

  3. You can do it! I know what you are saying about the age thing, but 39 +++ is still very young in my book.

    Your dream will come true since you are committed to it..

  4. “A goal without commitment to accomplish is called fantasy. But having a commitment to a goal is called a dream, and the world has been built on dreams.” (By Jeff Johnson, July 2009).

    ===== very beautifully said Chay and Jeff. One class at a time Chay, I know you will be there eventually, enjoying the realization of your dreams.

  5. one class at a time...that's how big dreams starts, girl!

    one step at a time, that's how life moves on!

    keep living that dream sunshine!! life pave the way to those who knows where they're going!

  6. kalachuchay buti na lang nipost mo yan.

    nahiya tuloy ako sa pagtunganga sa bundok chuvalu. makapagbasa nga rin. baka sumilip pa si mader lilya at di ako makareturn demo.

    yakang yaka mo yan sis! parang inumpog mo nga ulo ko sa dingding. ikaw nga accountant na dyan nagnanars pa.

    asus! tama na etong kaemotan na itoh! kesyo ba di sya naordinahan lahat na lang ng sisi ako? parati na lang ako! ako! kasalanan ko ba mabait napangasawa ko? kasalanan ko ba pangit ugali ng nakapikot sa kanya at niloloko sya? sinabi ko bang maglasing at mag adik sya? di naman ah! kasalanan ko bang nang iwan ako? ooh my gulay! kasalann ko nga! waah! huhuhu

    ay! sisa andyan ka pala join ka rin? nang aaning lang po! hapi birthday mama mary. hapi fiesta mga katribu!

  7. at mukha ka lang 30 bat ka namn nag39 sis? sabihin mo 25 ganun!! parang ako pag tinatanong. ang sabi ko 19....75!

  8. Cher.. I sure will tell Jeff - thanks ! Keep us posted on your training too.

    Thanks Ma'am Tes.. your kind words always help me when I feel tired from too much stuff going on in school.

    Thanks Icy - that was so sweet !

    Hello Betchai ! thanks - when I feel tired from working on my homeworks, I think about you. We are going through the same stuff, work - school and still you manage to do a whole lot more, like your hobbies and blogging ! You are awesome Beth !

    Thanks Eng ! you are one of my inspirations. You are already living my dream - I will keep working hard and hopefully one day I will get to work as hard as you are.

    Hey Choi ! yes you are very lucky with having a good husband and a good career.

  9. Chay i admire you girlash when it comes to achieving dreams.... kaya nga sabi ko idol kita e because you are one person that is determine in reaching dreams... wooo! way to go girl! yakang yaka mo yan! ;) love yah Kalachuchay! :)

  10. Hi Kangcarrot ! thanks girl for the kind words ! You are one friend I met here in Salitype who inspires me too. We walked the same fate and with God's grace and mercy landed in the right hands. Go girl - we can do it ! Am praying for your dreams too ! Love you girl !

  11. you read all those? Oh my, i am too lazy to read and only managed to do that for the sake of my board exam before =P

    Keep going!

  12. Hhahaha Ayie, those are all our books for the whole nursing course I am taking.

    Good thing, these informations are all (somewhat) new to me and the only reason I can keep my eyes open while reading them.

  13. goodluck to you...for me no more additional schooling =) the board exam was exhausting enough hehe

  14. Thanks for coming back Ayie ! I am dreading for the day I will take my board hehehe




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