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Monday, September 14, 2009


A year after i had my Ceasarian section, i experienced debilitating abdominal pain. Incapacitating in a sense that i had to stop whatever i am doing and doubled up in pain. I even passed out on a couple of occasions due to severe spasm. I have no urinary neither a bowel problem which leaves me wondering then whether it was the previous surgery that was causing it.

I went to see gynecology consultant and was scheduled to have a Laparoscopy---an operation with the aid of 5-10 mm telescope attached to a camera and CO2 ( carbon dioxide) to fill the abdomen--- permits one to visualized the inside of your pelvis ( uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes and yes gallbladder and so on) to look for any abnormalities/problems. These day and age ,most abdominal surgery can be done via laparoscopy such as gall bladder removal, sub-total hysterectomy( removal of the uterus), bowel resection and hernia just to mention few.

Since abdominal surgery has few complications most common is adhesion--a condition wherein a band of scar tissue tends to binds 2 parts of your tissue together. It develops when the body's repair mechanisms respond to any tissue disturbance such as surgery, infection, trauma or radiation.

I had the surgery done under general anesthesia. Found out that my uterus twisted as a result of adhesion. The band that caused my uterus to be attached to the abdominal wall was dissected. It didn't take long at all, it was short of an half an hour operating time. To me, it seemed liked just a couple of minutes - the wonder of general anesthesia. But, of course the more complicated one's condition/ problem is, the longer the operating time will be, depending how skillful your surgeon is.

note: some people finds this video disturbing. watch at your own risk

this article does not intend to diagnose. it is to share useful information of author's experiences as an operating room nurse/perioperative nurse.

image and video taken from public domain..


  1. Another informative post from you. The video serves a lot of goodness to explain further.Thanks for sharing.

  2. I really enjoy reading your experiences as operating room nurse, much more from your own personal medical experiences.

    I had my gall bladder removed couple of years ago, the doctor used a laparoscope to remove the gallbladder. It was my first surgery and was amazed at how quick it was and only stayed in the hospital overnight. I went home and went to work two days later. I had four small incisions and they healed just after couple of weeks.

    The wonders of modern medicine !

  3. this very informative but same as my other comment...i'm not for this kind of things =P maybe i can sneak a peek when lunch is over and i"m not too full

  4. Thank you for visiting my blog, Little Grey Gardens. I appreciated your comment!

    I just took a short trip through your blog. Wonderful! I'll be back to watch the surgery video... it's lunch time for me! The photo's that followed are stunning, and the two of the children suffering broke my heart. Thank you for sharing!

    Nita Jo

  5. Very informative, I guess I'll have to go to my ob-gyn too and just be an OC. I get very very mild pains too on my CS op-site.

  6. Extremely informative and detailed video as well. Thanks for sharing with us your personal story.

  7. I know how it feels about abdominal pain and talking about twisted.. my fallopian tube was twisted and had ovarian cyst so both were removed. Two years ago, my gall bladder was removed, and since I had infection and developed allergies to the antibiotic, I stayed for a week. Now its time for colonoscopy...whew all these preventive measures, better safe than sorry. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  8. Hi there,

    I finally managed to get my butt here :P hehehe..

    Thank you for dropping by my blog and commenting. I am all well now too! I need to go check out your post.. alot to see! haha

    Hope you get all better soon. I have never have a surgery in my life yet. Lets hope it stays that way too :P. I am really afraid of knives T__T.

  9. It's my first time to encounter the term Laparoscopy,another wonderful benefit from Science.But I surely hope that I won't have to undergo anything under the knife coz I'm such a coward. Hospitals are one of my least favorite places that's why I always put off much needed check-ups for myself.Sigh.

    Are you totally better now?

  10. And oh,by the way, I like seeing all your pictures in the template. Cool! It's like you're all family.

  11. i had hard labour during my 1st and 2nd delivery. so when i conceived for the 3rd time, I opted for a elective c-section coz i didn't want to endure the pain and wait for hours. I was glad i made the right decision.

    of course, the recovery process is slower (it took 4 months) but i've no regrets.

    thanks for sharing your experience.

  12. Very interesting... Surgeries in the medical world have certainly changed through the years haven't they???? WOW---great video. Thanks!!!

    Hope you are fine now and having no more problems. I had a hysterectomy at age 38 (in 1980)---and it was done the old-fashioned way. Took me about 6 months to get my energy back!


  13. Something the doctor did to Kakdah years ago... laparoscopy, a little peep into the belly.., thats Kakdah exact words!! ~bangchik

  14. Eng, I suffered from the same problem when I had a major surgery, good thing was ,I had to be opened up again -another major surgery in the span of three months! There the doctors discovered that I had several tissues that bonded together while healing and I needed laparoscory... awful! Hehe...

  15. Very interesting. I hope you are feeling better for this. Do I see Betchai as a member of your society?

  16. rainfield...
    thanks a lot. i hope it will come as a help to those who may have the same symptoms like i had.

    girl, it was amazing isn't it to be back home that quick. i stayed for few hours and i am good as new.

    thanks! yeah this kind of stuff is not for everyone! some people faints at the sight of blood. don't forced yourself to view it. your mere presence is more than enough to make me happy!

    have a lovely week!

  17. nita jo...
    thanks for dropping by and leaving your mark, highly appreciated!

    yes, do that. do not suffer in silence. better be safethan sorry.

    poetic shutterbug...
    thanks, jo. hope more and more people becomes aware of this condition and the treatment available for them.

  18. ebie...
    oh! so sorry to hear you've gone thru all those.

    hope the colonoscopy goes well.thanks for dropping by!

    thanks, how are you feeling, hope alot better!

    let's hope you stay that way, surgery free!

    online writer...
    thanks for asking. yes, i am much better. no pains at all...

    i hope so, too that you won't have to go under the knife...stay healthy.

  19. life ramblings...
    thanks for sharing your's. too! thanks for dropping by.

    betsy fron tennessee...
    thanks for dropping by.yes, interesting time indeed.surgical techniques and equipment have changed significantly over the years.

    sorry to hear that it took you that long to be back on your feet.thanks for sharing!

    bangchik and kakdah...
    thanks for dropping by..yes, a couple of small incision on your belly!

    yeah!unfortrunately these kind of things are body's own response to changes within... hope you feel much better and pain free.

    hope not but when you feel crampy pain go and see you GP, girl!

    thank you for dropping by.glad you find the post interesting.

    yes, betchai is an integral part of coming together of this domain.she leads and guides us thru the whole new journey of salitype society...

  20. Eng girlash, this is really educational and informative thank you for posting this, i learned something new again from you, thank you Eng.

  21. Thank you for sharing this very informative post, thank you for sharing your experience.

    I had my first born via c-setion and im thankful I haven't experienced any abdominal pain after the surgery..I am expecting again, due in November and it's repeat c-section, im getting nervous, but I know everything will be fine...

    Debbie :)

  22. Wow, thanks for sharing your experience. Now I see how lucking I was to have four C-sections without problems.




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