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Sunday, September 20, 2009

it's pumpkin time!

moin moin! everyone! ;)

guys i noticed there's no post for our fun with photo for Saturday and Sunday, so i thought maybe i will just share to you guys what we did this weekend. Yesterday, we went to a "Kürbisfest" (pumpkin festival) in Börsum not so far from Wolfenbüttel.

It was interesting to know and to see that there's so many kinds of pumpkins. They say there are about 70 kinds of pumpkins. There's a contest on who's got the biggest pumpkin from the region and the final i think will be on October.

It was my first time to see huge pumpkins! and i mean really huge! Here are some of the photos from the festival. The names of these pumpkins are also interesting for me, so guys enjoy viewing!

on our way home, we saw this apple tree and can't help but to take picture of it ;)

just now they are good for deco, and then later we'll make good soup or cake out of it ;)

Have a happy Sunday (pumpkin) everyone! ;)

by: maricar


  1. These are loads of fun. I love them. God bless, friend. And thanks for stopping by.

  2. This is Autumm at its best! I love all of your photos which show many different types of pumpkin. The white one is really awesome.

  3. cool post car girl!

    i have never seen so may pumpkin in my life...ha!ha1ha1.

    i was thinking the same thing this morning, no fun with photos this weekend.so, armed with my camera went to the park to see what can i find...

  4. wow Car! what a fun and interesting pumpkin photos you have! thanks for sharing, girl!

    btw, been following your blog but i don't get any updates. hmmmn, i better go and check what's wrong.

    Eng, i can't wait to see your photos in the park!

  5. Wow---that's ALOT of pumpkins, and so many different-- one from another. Some creative people did great at decorating them. Thanks for sharing!!!

  6. pumpkins as art- I like it! And I had to laugh when I saw the ones with the faces because in the top pic, the large one that's kinda squished, I thought instantly of an old, wrinkled person with no teeth.

  7. Delightful post! So many unusual varieties. I especially love the pumpkins with the ribs!

  8. o my God the pumpkins are too big! don't they look scary at nite?

  9. The contest should not limit on the size of pumpkin but also on the creativity to decorate the pumpkin.

    They are just fantastic.

  10. I loved your comment at Sandy Carlson and I made an update in my blog showing it. I hope dont't have problem.

    Your blog is just beautiful with the photos on both sides. Loved it!

    Good week!

  11. oh my goodness ! I haven't seen so many different kinds of pumpkins until now ! How nice !

  12. Hi Tes,

    Salamat, for posting a photo of an apple tree, I haven't seen one before. And with all those photos of pumpkins now I know the difference between a squash and pumpkin. Thank you for sharing Tes.


  13. thanks a lot for the pictures of the pumpkin Car, gosh, if not for your post, I would almost forget it is almost fall now.

    did not see so many types of pumpkin before.

  14. Oooh pumpkins.Those pumpkins in the first pic are so huge! Reminds me, Halloween is just around the corner.

  15. SandyCarlson > thank you Sand. God Bless you too our friend.

    Icy BC > thanks Icy! :) hey Icy same here i am so confused about that white pumpkins, thanks again Icy.

    Eng > thank you Eng :) me too Eng never seen such pumpkins teehee ;) i just thought Eng to post it because i saw we don't have post for Fun With Photos, so quickly i posted it here :)

    Cher > Dimples! i miss you girlash! oh, i will check also my site Cher, thanks for telling me.

  16. Betsy > thank you Betsy for dropping by. Yes they are creative Betsy my favorite is the pumpkin in the small chair, it belongs to a 9 year old girl.

    Sharkbytes > thanks for your time, yeah, looks like it, i also laugh when i saw that lol!

    Diane > they say as much as 70 varieties there is Diane, and names are interesting too, thanks Diane :)

    Naqvee > thanks for dropping by naqvee, yes they are huge. Oh, don't worry Naqvee they are only scary on Halloween, and after they are good for soup or cake, Lol!

  17. rainfield61 > you are right rain there are other categories like creativity (forgot to mention) and etc. not just the size.

    yes, they are fantastic.

    Rosamaria > thank you for dropping by, i think it's Eng who comment in Sand's blog (we are many here in our group) anyway, thank you for your comments :)

    Happy Week!

    Chay > girlash! it's the same words i said when i saw these pumpkins ;) thanks girlash, love yah!

    AL > Salamat din. But i think you are mistaken, it's my entry and not Tes' i am Maricar. Anyway thanks for the visit AL, ako din AL ngayon ko lang natanto ang kaibahan ng mansanas at kalabasa, Lol!

    Bethchai > Kimchai! i miss you girlash! :) thanks for your time kahit busy dinadalaw mo pa rin kami :) yes Kimchai fall is coming.

    Femmepower > thanks Femmepower, yes Halloween is alamost here.

  18. I think you'd need a chain saw to cut into the massive pumpkins.

    I've never seen so many varieties before. They look so pretty all together.

  19. Wow, first time I see so many pumpkins, I wish I could have some autumn feel here in a country only have summer.

  20. Wow, great pictures and they look so nice.

  21. what fun weekend! i love the pumpkins and different squash. they have so much personality!

  22. Ha! sssooo biggie of them and incomparable to our pinoy version "kalabasa". :)

  23. i like seeing this on tv, being so amazed with those gigantic pumpkins! Can't figure out how those pumpkins grew to be that big!

    i'm sure it was very festive there, thanks for sharing.

  24. What great pumpkins, I had no idea there were so many different kinds. I love all the creative ways they have been displayed.
    Thanks for following, I look forward to seeing more of your great posts.

  25. This is the largest pumpkin collection I ever saw! So exotic! :)

    Not to mentioned the various shapes and sizes. An eye-opener indeed.

  26. What a wonderful post Noah, Tracy Joe and I will go pumpkin hunting this weekend thanks for the idea. These are great pictures and now I'm very excited about the adventure.

    Dorothy from grammology

  27. Hello there... :)

    I had no idea that there were so many ugly pumpkins in the world! hahahaha! But then I like the very pretty pumpkin with very big, pretty pumpkin eyes! And I hadn't an idea that pumpkins could grow that large! Good lord! You could drop one of those things and kill somebody with it! Good lord!!!!

  28. Liss > hi Liss! :) you made me and friends laughed with your comments :) and yes maybe you are right a chain saw to cut these huge pumpkins into pieces ;)

    Singapore plants lover > hi thanks for the comment, same here it's my first time to see these amazing pumpkins

    Ixara > thanks! yes they are nice ;)

    Life is good! > thank you for the visit ;)

    Pacey > Hi Pacey! :) nice to meet another Pinay here, you're right they much different than our "kalabasa" in Philippines ;)

  29. Ayie > hello Ayie! :)

    thanks girl, yes it's also a wonder for me how these pumpkins grew so big, thanks again Ayie for stopping by ;)

    Judy > thanks same here, no idea before about these squash, thanks again Judy.

    Vanilla Seven > thanks for the comment.

    Dorothy > thank you for your time, and have a wonderful pumpkin hunting enjoy! ;)

    C > oh! my gosh! as in oh! my GOSH! ha!ha!ha! oh so sorry C i got carried away (teehee) oh.. you break my heart C when you said my pumpkins are ugly?!! anyway, thanks for dropping by and hope to see you again here hehe ;)

    and oh, maybe i won't use these pumpkins if i want to kill somebody.. i will use coconut coz it's harder! ha!ha!ha! just kiddin' *wins* ;)

    i've been to your site and i find your words so powerful, am not so good in words, now i am ENVY ;)

  30. I love pumpkin time. It is not quite time yet, here in Florida to get our pumpkins. If we get them too soon they rot, before Halloween is even close.

  31. I just saw your blog..through Pacy. I love your pumpkin picures (that top one is so far out) and the apples..anyway, have a great day-

  32. Love your photos and they bring back memories of my Mom's pumpkin pies. Ah, I love this time of year :)

  33. what a delightful post. i've not encountered so many different pumpkins in numerous shapes and sizes before. thanks for sharing.

  34. This is so beautiful and interesting post. Your photos are fantastic. I have seen them all many times and I still cannot say this photo or pumpkin arrangement is more beautiful than this. I am impressed with all those pumpkins; its various shapes and colors! Thanks for sharing this wonderful post!

  35. I don't know why my comment isn't here, I remember composing one -hahaha! Perhaps I did not send it properly. What else can I say, Car, You have captured the essence of harvest and fall through these wonderful photos! I love the huge pumpkins! I've watched a contest on TV a long time ago and I've seen really huge ones (TV). Truly wonderFALL photos! More...more... :)

    Like, Che, I've been following your blog but do not seem to get updates, it must be my dashboard, I'll check it out.

  36. Melissa > thanks Melissa, we are maybe just lucky this year's weather, for three years we only had rainy and cold summer :( but now until today it's really a gift to us to have this kind of weather in this time of the year :) i'll pray for your pumpkins to grow Melissa so you and your family can enjoy the Halloween, thans again Melissa :)

    Kilauea Poetry > thanks for the visit, your site is cool :) have a good day!

    Poetic Shutterbug > same here Joanne, i love Fall :) thank you for your time Joanne :)

  37. Life Ramblings > thank you also, same here i am more than 4 years now here but it's my first time to see these gigantic pumpkins.

    Pakkaramu > Thank You for your time.

    Medam > thank you for the compliments :) i am just a normal guests in that festival, and lucky to see those wonderful pumpkins :) thanks again Medam.

    Tesya > Tesya girlash! :) that's cool, wonder Fall photos (teehee) ;) thanks girlash, me too i can't leave a post in our Kwentuhan sa Bahay Kubo :(

    love yah Tesya :)

  38. KangCarrot, they are so cute! would love not to just stare but to eat and eat and eat!

  39. Kulasaaaa!!! :) nice to hear from you girlash! :) lika sis dalii! kain tayo ng kalabasa ;) i miss you sis, we miss here in BK




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