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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Ancient Skyscrapers, San Gimignano

One of the most unforgettable travel experiences for me is to see and to be in one of the most beautiful city in the world... San Gimignano, in Italy.

we bought this painting in one of the shops in San Gimignano

Buongiorno! or Ciao!

Welcome to San Gimignano!

San Gimignano - from a distance, the towers of San Gimignano dominate the Val de Elsa, a lush landscape of wheat fields, olive groves and vineyards. The towers, symbols of the power and wealth of the city's medieval families, once numbered as many as 72. Today only 13 remains, but the city still carries the name San Gimignano delle Belle Torri ( of the fine towers ). Originally an Etruscan village, the town later took it's name from the Bishop of Modena, St. Gimignano who is said to have saved the city from the barbarians.

In 1348, the plague decimated the town's population and weakend the power of it's nobles. Today San Gimignano is one of Europe's best - preserved medieval cities and has the feeling of a museum. In summer and at weekends, and year- round it is crowded with tourists.

It was on 30/05/2007 - after travelling in some parts of Toscana like Castellana di Chianti, Sovana, and Siena we went to San Gimignano. A beautiful city up in the mountains, the first time i saw San Gimignano i fell in love in the city immediately .

It is also called "ancient skyscrapers" because of it's stunning towers from the medieval age. When you think about skyscrapers you will think about New York, Taiwan, Tokyo or Dubai. But this skyscrapers of San Gimignano is unique. Michael said, it is maybe comparable to the mud- bricks skyscrapers in Shib - Am in the South of Yemen.

After walking and looking around the city, we bought some souvenirs and then we had cappuccino in the restaurant which is in the middle of the city. It was so wonderful to sit there and enjoy the beauty of San Gimignano. I told my husband i really love the city and if ever we will have the chance to visit one place again it will definitely be San Gimignano.

by: maricar

Note: the information above about San Gimignano is from The Lonely Planet and photos are taken in San Gimignano, Toscana, Italy.


  1. You're so lucky to have such nice experiences and travel to beautiful places..

  2. car, tuscany is on top of my list of places to visit, maybe next to prague...

    lovely place, full of history and cgaracter. it looks virtually unchanged!

  3. Oh Car, you are really fortunate to be able to visit these beautiful places! I myself love Tuscany! It is on the top of the list of places I would really want to visit. Maybe we can go together, Engtot! The photos are beautiful, Car. Tuscan really looks romantic. The skyscrapers in San Gimignano really look like one of the advance type of infrastructure in the old days! The photo where you stand beside a well shows how beautiful the town is. The shot of the towers through the arch is artistic! Cute! :)

  4. it's great to get a taste of its intriguing history and culture. i hope to visit Italy someday.

  5. Italy's a beautiful country. I hope to be able to visit one day. Right now, it's so expensive to travel to Europe.

  6. Car - you are so lucky to see all these places ! These are unforgettable experiences !

  7. hi Car, I always love to see your pictures and the places you visit, keep on sharing to us your wonderful gifts Car.

  8. Icy BC > thank you ICY, my husband said, we only live once in this life.. so we take the chance whenever we can go and see some place.

    Eng > my dear girlfriend... thank you girlash :) yes they are about 700 to 800 years old already but not much changed.

    Tesya > girlash thank you :)yes Tesya it's really a wonder how they made these amazing skyscrapers, i will pray for that Tesya, and i know you will someday will be in that place...

    Life Ramblings > thank you for your time and comment :) please visit us here again.

    Mei Teng > i agree Italy is a beautiful country, thanks for dropping by.

    Chay and Bethchai > thank you guys :) yes our trip in Italy is unforgettable ;) thanks again guys mwah! ;)

  9. travel, travel, travel...you can be the new travel bug =)

    kidding aside, you've been to nice places, been exposed to different cultures too. It's a very rewarding experience.

    happy monday!

  10. hi Ayie! ;)

    thanks for the compliments ;) teehee, i agree Ayie to be in those unique places is a rewarding and unforgettable experience. Thanks again for your time.

    sorry this is bit late.

  11. Great concept the ancient skyscraper. You are very creative,


  12. take me there KC! take me there!

  13. thank you Kulasa and Filip :) i am missing this place believe me ;) anyway thanks for your nice comments :) happy valentines day! :)

  14. It truly looks like a place with lots of character. I would love to visit.

  15. this a place that I would love to visit too, thanks for the digital tour...its high on my list; last time there I just managed to visit Florence&Siena...really fantastic corner!

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