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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Burst of Life

Summer is over, autumn is here. The flowers will wither, the berries will disappear, fallen leaves will fill the ground, the changing hues and gentle breeze softly reminds us the season is changing hands.

Ysabelle and i took a stroll in the park at the back of the flat where we live. While walking ,she surprised me by saying.." Mum, i'm bursting with life!" "Good," i said " let's enjoy the day because we are bursting with life."

from innocent white

to purple that calms

to dramatic red

and bursting yellow

to a weed on the ground.

from bulbs of yellow

and fiery reds

of burnt orange

to a mixture of shades.

from the fallen leaves on the ground

to spectacular foliage that announce, fall is at hand.

This park offers more than a space to run and walk the dog. It has seen Ysabelle learning to ride a bike and me learning how to click my camera for a shot!

This is the perfect moment to capture all these for you. In the weeks that follows this will be barren of blooms and greens. All there is to see are gray clouds and foliage free trees...


Monday, September 28, 2009

pots of gold...

I wrote this to pay homage to people near and dear, yet sometimes not given enough credit. Pots of gold, it represent a lot of things to a lot of different people. Whatever it may mean to you, i wish you find at the end of the rainbow your very own pot of gold.......

image: my opera.com

all my young life i chased around
pots of gold at the end of the sky
i hiked and ran, skipped and jumped
the elusive pot is nowhere to be found

i traveled across each corner of the world
to seek at least half of this precious gold
calloused hands and blistered soles
bear witness to my hunt instead of gold

countless nights i gazed throughout
the starlite sky in my attempt to find
the answer to a riddle of a lifelong quest
is pot of gold real or simply a myth?

now, i am old, home is the only place i cruised
my eyes opened wide whereas before shut closed
living right under my roof are treasures to be hold
it is family indeed, my genuine pots of gold....


Saturday, September 26, 2009

Glamourize Your Booth

Have you been waiting for that chance to have that much awaited exposure for whatever product you have or services you are good at? I know several friends who started with photography as a hobby and later turned it into a full-time job. Some friends of mine who does painting only on weekends, has decided to sell some of their work and amazingly they realized there really is a huge market out there. Well, you and I could be one of those many who are just waiting for an opportunity. Well, join the market! The caravan is open, or better yet, join a trade show. This is a good way to jump start your initial exposure. Go ahead, set up a trade show booth!

In setting up your booth, there are several things that are note-worthy. You want a booth that will showcase your product the best way possible. One way of doing that is by glamourizing it with vibrant banners. You won't always be available to entertain every single customer, let your banners speak to your customers or potential customers. Banner stands provide fast, easy and attractive display for trade shows. These are also very useful advertising tools that can be set-up anywhere. Banner stands come in different categories. Choose which one is most suited to your booth.

Tight on space? Decorate everything in your booth. Do not let that expensive space go to waste! Splash your logo in every area in your booth where your customers eyes are likely to fall on to. Decorate even your tables with table skirts that are worthy of stealing the scene -or in your case- your customers attention. Like banner stands, table skirts come in different forms. Chose which would best suit your business.

You need something for crowd control and/or privacy? Pipe and Drape are the best solution! It is also perfect as a quick room divider, backdrop or creative event decor. Pipe and drape equipment are normally easy to set-up and dismantle, and requires minimal storage space.

These are just a few of the handy but dependable materials available for your trade show booth. There are many other things you can do to make your booth stand out. All you have to do is plan, and invest. Some of these things are well-priced. if you shop wisely, you might find these at rock-bottom prices.

Go ahead, go for that trade show and jump start your business to success!

Trust Me

by Chay

Our electric bill was due on the 9th, same as the car insurance and some other small bills. December was a tough month, it was when property taxes were due and holiday was just around the corner. I am an accountant and budgeting is my forte'. However, budgeting is not the issue, I got a huge pay cut couple months ago. I had to pull all our resources to get our finances straight. When the economy hit our business, it was tougher than what I thought it would be. I called these utility companies and requested to give me a few extra days and made a promise to pay our bills. They agreed to it but they would still charge me penalty. I was frustrated, then it would be more than what I owed. We have a good credit score, never was late in paying bills, but they didn't care...this is business and this is just how it is.

Driving on my way home that night, several things ran through my mind. What if I completely lose my job? What if we can’t pay our mortgage anymore? Are we gonna lose the house we thought would be our retirement home? Where are we gonna go? I have no answers. Then a thought just suddenly flashed before me.
God promised "Cast your burden upon me.. those who are heavily laden, come to me and I will give you rest...

I got home that night, prepared dinner, talked a little and then head out to pick up the mail. As I was sorting through the mail, one envelope caught my attention. I opened it carefully and to my surprise it was the check we were told we will receive the following month. The thoughts flashed again .. “ He said cast your burden upon me, those who are heavily laden, come to me and I will give you rest... "

I will never get tired saying --- God.. you are an amazing God !

(The night I saw a big smile from the sky)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Cannonball Tree Flower






The Cannonball Tree flowers do not have nectar, so these flowers are mainly visited by bees in search of pollen, outside the native range of habitat carpenter bees are considered to be the principal pollinators. Both the fruit and the flower grow from stalks which sprout from the trunk of the tree. The Cannonball Tree flowers are found on thick tangled extrusions that grow on the trunk of the tree, these are found just below the foliage branches. The extrusions however, can range from two to six feet in length. The "flowers are attached to an upwardly bent, white fleshy disk." The flowers are six petals, which are large orange-red in color and are strongly perfumed. In pollination fertile stamens can be found in a ring around reduced style and stamens. The sterile pollen are locate in the anthers. As a bee enters to pollinate the flower its back is against the ring with fertile pollen, this allows the bee to carry the fertile pollen to another flower. The differences in the pollen was noticed by a French Botanist in 1825. This discovery was made by Antoine Porteau. The differences in the pollen are as follows: The pollen of the ring stamens in fertile while the hood pollen is sterile.

Source: Wikipedia

Photos are taken at Tanglin Road, Singapore near the author's workplace.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

it's pumpkin time!

moin moin! everyone! ;)

guys i noticed there's no post for our fun with photo for Saturday and Sunday, so i thought maybe i will just share to you guys what we did this weekend. Yesterday, we went to a "Kürbisfest" (pumpkin festival) in Börsum not so far from Wolfenbüttel.

It was interesting to know and to see that there's so many kinds of pumpkins. They say there are about 70 kinds of pumpkins. There's a contest on who's got the biggest pumpkin from the region and the final i think will be on October.

It was my first time to see huge pumpkins! and i mean really huge! Here are some of the photos from the festival. The names of these pumpkins are also interesting for me, so guys enjoy viewing!

on our way home, we saw this apple tree and can't help but to take picture of it ;)

just now they are good for deco, and then later we'll make good soup or cake out of it ;)

Have a happy Sunday (pumpkin) everyone! ;)

by: maricar

Friday, September 18, 2009

pork adobo

pork adobo

Adobo is Spanish meaning to season or marinade. The Philippines was under the Spanish rule for more than 300 years; it isn't surprising that some of the dishes Filipinos enjoy today were influenced by the Spaniards.

When Spanish colonizers took administration of the Philippines in the late 1500's, they found an indigenous cooking process involving stewing with vinegar. They referred to this as Adobo. Dishes prepared in this manner eventually known to be by this name.

This dish is commonly packed for mountaineers and travelers. Its relatively long shelf life is due to vinegar, which inhibits the growth of bacteria.


liver - optional
soy sauce
bay leaves

Cut pork and liver into mouthful size and marinade with soy sauce,vinegar, peppercorn. Set aside at least an hour for flavors to infuse.

Saute onion, garlic and bay leaves. Scooped pork and liver out of marinade sauce and add to the sauteed garlic and onion. Leave to simmer until meat is half cooked. Pour the set aside marinade and seasoned with salt if needed or add water if it proved salty to taste. Let it simmer until meat is tender and the sauce blended well with the meat.

Serve hot with steaming white rice on side.

source: wikipedia

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Christine and Her Car

In California you can get a permit to drive at sixteen years old. My husband and I wanted our daughter to wait until age 17 to start practicing under a permit and then, if she was ready, get her drivers license at age 18 years old. My husband, an experienced driver and great teacher relished in the idea of spending over 100 hours driving with our daughter. On her 18th birthday, she had a new look in her eye —a radiance and bubble that rocked the room. Everyone knew she was ready to take her behind-the -wheel driving test— without any questions she had learned her lessons well. She passed her exam on her first try (I passed mine after the officer got tired of testing me after the 3rd time LOL ). She made the cursory drive home with a quick pit stop by Starbucks to say “hi” to her friends.

If you have a teenager who drives then this statement will make sense. My husband told us, “now that she has her license we need to find a used US Army tank for her to drive so she is safe.” LOL! We settled, reluctantly for the next best thing we could afford, my husband’s old and rusty Ford Explorer Sport pick up truck. She learned to drive with this vehicle in anticipation of using it in the event we could not put a US Army tank on our credit card. The truck is almost 9 years old with 150,000 miles on it. Casually, as teenagers are, she quipped at dinner one night, “how do you turn off the check engine light?” My husband and I are fanatics on car maintenance—especially for her truck. We were so worried we took the truck to Goodyear, a place we have been taking my Honda accord for service and repair for 5 years. They have changed management over the years, but we still keep coming back. However, under the new management they have been telling us about expensive repairs we need to make during routine oil changes.

After Goodyear diagnosed the problem, they told us we needed new oxygen sensors. The sales pitch included death and destruction warnings but if I spend this much today I will save a possible bill of 10 times that amount tomorrow—blah blah blah. We have all heard the story—right? Since the safety of our daughter comes first, we authorized the repair.

We should have done this to begin with, look around and find out how much should timing belt repair cost, but time is of the essence and we do not have an extra vehicle for her to drive to school so we made a hasty decision. Besides it was the weekend and who wants to mess with price quotes on a sunny weekend? Yesterday, I saw San Francisco auto repair while I was online. The site actually gives you the option to get a price quote for the work that needs to be done on your car. I checked in, entered all the vehicle information and in a few minutes, there was the price of the parts. I started calling different places in our area and checked for pricing too. When my research was completed I found out we were charged double for the parts. We called Goodyear right away and requested a credit. It was granted quickly after I told them about the web site and they verified all my local sources. The manager told me he paid more for the parts than I was able to find by calling. I handed him the information. Maybe I just helped him save money for his business and customers. I will never have a car repaired again without checking this site first.

Have you been charged with a car repair cost or parts just because you don't know anything about car repairs.

Monday, September 14, 2009


A year after i had my Ceasarian section, i experienced debilitating abdominal pain. Incapacitating in a sense that i had to stop whatever i am doing and doubled up in pain. I even passed out on a couple of occasions due to severe spasm. I have no urinary neither a bowel problem which leaves me wondering then whether it was the previous surgery that was causing it.

I went to see gynecology consultant and was scheduled to have a Laparoscopy---an operation with the aid of 5-10 mm telescope attached to a camera and CO2 ( carbon dioxide) to fill the abdomen--- permits one to visualized the inside of your pelvis ( uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes and yes gallbladder and so on) to look for any abnormalities/problems. These day and age ,most abdominal surgery can be done via laparoscopy such as gall bladder removal, sub-total hysterectomy( removal of the uterus), bowel resection and hernia just to mention few.

Since abdominal surgery has few complications most common is adhesion--a condition wherein a band of scar tissue tends to binds 2 parts of your tissue together. It develops when the body's repair mechanisms respond to any tissue disturbance such as surgery, infection, trauma or radiation.

I had the surgery done under general anesthesia. Found out that my uterus twisted as a result of adhesion. The band that caused my uterus to be attached to the abdominal wall was dissected. It didn't take long at all, it was short of an half an hour operating time. To me, it seemed liked just a couple of minutes - the wonder of general anesthesia. But, of course the more complicated one's condition/ problem is, the longer the operating time will be, depending how skillful your surgeon is.

note: some people finds this video disturbing. watch at your own risk

this article does not intend to diagnose. it is to share useful information of author's experiences as an operating room nurse/perioperative nurse.

image and video taken from public domain..

Saturday, September 12, 2009

if a picture paints a thousand words...

the beauty, the truth and the haunting

......Beauty is all around us to appreciate, to gaze, to capture, to enjoy and above all, to share!

.....The truth. Nature is ever giving, ever nourishing, ever inspiring. It can also be fierce, frightful and unforgiving!

.....The haunting. These two images are quite alarming. It will show the side of life not all of us wants to see. It depicts suffering, pain, frailty. It will arouse compassion, guilt, awareness.

images:stuffucansue.com/ei.lehigh.edu/images/flower/euphoria magazine.com
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