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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Transported by Music

Today, I got home a bit tired. Classes will officially start this Monday, but we, the teachers, have been reporting to work since yesterday. Sometimes, I feel as if the usual day in the classroom with the students is better than sitting in a long meeting like what we did today. It didn’t help that there was overcast and later part of the day it even rained. A certain part of me was happy –I am saved from watering the plants today –it is a must here in Houston during summer –it’s really hot and dry, it’s been awhile without rain. With the brainstorming, it was practically “brain drain” for most of us. While I “try” to listen to my Chairperson and co-teachers plan for, and discuss the coming school year, my mind kept wandering to the beach –peaceful, sunny, with an orchestra of waves playing in its crescendo. Geez, the thought brought my mind to my latest sheet music Seashore Collection #2. I enjoy playing piano, a recreation that really helps me unwind.

When I came home today, I took a quick shower, had my tea and sat on my piano stool, pulled out my sheet music and was lost in playing. My latest favorites are the Seashore Collection which I found online and was able to download for free. Whoa, in minutes, I was transported to a sunny beach with the sound of waves that teases the seagulls. I downloaded several of the Seashore collection and look forward to playing it whenever I need to relax.

My playing depends greatly on my moods. When there’s a small party in my house, I give my friends a boogie or play the blues. There are times when I want my music to serve as my prayer -I play worship songs and hymns. I don’t spend much on expensive sheet music, there are a lot of free sheet music that can be found online and most times, it comes with piano tips and tutorials. It isn’t difficult to play the piano, if you are interested to read music; there are several lessons on sight reading and improvisation available online. Playing the piano is enjoyable and it greatly relaxes me. Tomorrow, I might be stuck in another long and tedious brainstorming, but it’s OK, I’ve got several music sheets that will transport me to ♪♫ la la land!


  1. hi Tesya! that's a real oh-la-la! how i wish i can play the piano too. this is a reminder for me to re-think enrolling Kyla for a piano lesson. :)

  2. What a great way to relax, Tes..Music can really transport us to a different world. I am glad you were able to just get lost in it..

  3. Go for it Cher - have Kyla learn how to play the piano.

    This is one of my dreams - to play the piano. Have studied it for a year but too busy to continue. My son is the one who has the talent for it, he downloaded several notes on line and enroll in school. I am amazed how kids can learn so fast.

    Tesya and MJ.. my hope is that someday to sit and listen while you guys play !

  4. music is soothing to the soul most esp when you feel so tired. I wish i can still play the piano like before but I'm willing to get back to it =)

  5. hi Tesya! like Chay, i wish i could one day listen to you and MJ play the piano....

    Cher, yah go ahead, enroll Kyla...

    i have a problem reading notes ha ha ha ha....they look like numbers to me ha ha ha...so i'd rather do the listening sis, you do the playing part he he he....

  6. the seashore collection sounds nice, tes .. even by the name alone- "seashore"- i can imagine laying on the beach, seagulls flying overhead, the waves lapping at my feet, the warm sun shining down on me:) that's great you play the piano at the end of a stressful day. piano music is indeed relaxing! this post reminds me that i need to practice some hymns so i don't mess up playing in church this saturday:) i don't play the piano as much as i should:( one reason is my carpal tunnel symptoms that have not completely disappeared, even 10 weeks after i had teyla. kinda hard to play when my fingers feel stiff and achy:( i hope my hands feel normal soon. i think i'm gonna check out that "seashore collection," tes. you've gotten me intrigued now. thanks for sharing...




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