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Friday, August 14, 2009

Sewing with Singer

by Chay

"Like mother..like daughter", the saying goes. My love for sewing was learned from my mom. She was a grade school teacher by day and a dressmaker by night. She sew all of her children's clothes and she was always hired to make costumes for students performing dances in school.

When I got my scrubs, even if it was the smallest size available, I had to have it altered. It was American size and was way too long and too big for me. I went and look for a shop who can do alteration. I was shocked when the guy told me it was $15 to have the pants cut and $5 to sew the patch on the sleeves. I have 4 pairs to repair and I couldn't believe I have to pay $100 to repair my uniform. Alteration costs more than the cost of the scrubs. I left disappointed.

I have been wanting to own a sewing machine. My mom owns couple of sewing machine so holes in our pants or a simple repair here and there were always easy. I got to have a sewing machine, I thought - I grew up with it and studied how to sew when I was in high school. I remember sewing a pajama for one of our school projects.

I ran to the store, look for a couple of sewing machine name brands and when I saw this one, it hit me home and I felt like we belong to each other. I brought it home, set it up and after a few minutes I was already running it like crazy.

I got all my uniforms altered in a short period of time and I am very happy about it. Next time I will work on seat cover or throw pillow cases.


  1. My mom is a wonderful seamstress, unlike me who never could really get into it. I wish I had paid more attention, when she tried to teach me.

  2. When I was younger, I like to sew, but now I rather write. It's a wonderful thing to know the basic of sewing!

  3. I've been itching to get a sewing maching of my own! That one doesn't look nearly as intimidating as some of the ones I've seen! Have fun with your new machine :)


  4. This is what my friend and I have been looking for. I wonder how much it is. It doesn't eat up much space at home and it's less noisy too, right? I really wanna sew my own curtains at home.

  5. Hi Melissa - same wishes I have here, I wish I learn more from my mom like sewing my own clothes.

    Hello Icy - you are right, as long as we know the basic of sewing, that would get us through simple alterations and straight sewing.

    JStanton, you are right this one is really simple to use - I don't like those that comes with a lot of attachments and styles - I don't have a use for those.

    Femmepower, I got this in Walmart for less than a $100 - it comes with a small kit with all those small accessories you will need to get started.

    Thanks guys for visiting !

  6. oh Chay, how i wish I have the skill like you and I would also sew some of my clothes that needs alteration. oh well, i just wear them anyway despite they are long (or very long, heehee) or kind of loose on one part but fit in one, hahaha!

  7. hi Chay! you have a very lucky family, you are a superwoman! i do not need to mention why, he he he...gosh you are even good at sewing, i can do that too but am not good at it he he he i remember our school project in high school...we had to sew ourselves short pants and when submission came, you had to wear what you made ha ha ha, i made an error in measuring myself so my short pants was low waist, ha ha ha and i could not even walk wearing the darn thing hahahaha...makes me giggle here with the memory ha ha ha..thanks for this post Chay!

  8. sunshine! i do envy you! i will do any household chores but i'll stay out of sewing! good that dave knows how.

    my bestfriend used to do my practical arts project.anything to do with sewing, knitting and the likes...oh! i love that girl!

  9. Chay dear, whew! i agree with Kulasa, you are a super woman! i was a sewer before in a textile company import and export but only for a short time, and honestly, i know only how to sew some parts of a clothes, because it's like this in the sewing company you only sew one part of a t- shirts, dress etc. Salute to you girlash! mwah!

    Chay you know what i miss? cross stitching :( i don't have time anymore to do it since i started blogging.

  10. Chay, congratulations on your new acquisition! I tell you, girl, this is one machine you will NOT regret getting! When we bought the house some 5 years back, it’s one of the FIRST few things I bought. I bought mine in Wal-Mart too. It has proven its worth. The curtains that embellish my house for five years now were put together by my Singer. Like you, it’s my bestfriend when it comes to alterations.

  11. Bethchai ! I used to do that too, fold my pants from the top or sew it by hand - hahahaha sometimes it looks funny.

    Engtot ! if we were classmates in HS I would be so willing to do your practical arts work and you do my chemistry or physics !!! hahahaha

    Kulasa thanks ! your experience was funny, I can't imagine how you look like. Our projects in HS has to be sewn using a special type of paper (not cloth) makes it harder.

    Oh Car - my relatives in our province in Bulacan has the same work - they just sew part of the outfit. When I was growing up and spend my summer vacation -they would let me do it and they would buy me ice cream for my wage I guess ! I enjoyed it

    Tesya !! are you serious ? I saw your curtains on some of your pictures and I would never ever thought you made those - they look so pretty ! My mom sent me fabrics from the Philippines and amazing how cheap the fabrics are. I will get more if I go home so I can sew my own curtains too and seat cover !

    Thanks guys !!!

  12. i miss sewing clothes, i used to be very creative before and even had few accidents sewing through my fingers! ouch but it's my fault for being so careless anyway.

  13. oh wow, chay, i admire you so much for altering your scrubs all by yourself! think of all the money you saved! oh how i wish you lived close by. i would ask you to teach me how to use a sewing machine:) you see, i have the same problem anytime i buy jeans .. they are way too long and i have to go and have them altered. they charge me $15 for a pair. my mom had a singer when i was growing up, and she sewed a bunch of pretty dresses for me. alas, i was too busy playing or taking piano lessons, among other hobbies, that i never sat beside her and asked her to teach me how to use the singer:( i regret that. i have spent so much on simple pants alterations through the years. i am on the verge of buying a singer and teaching myself to use it. do you think i can do that, chay? is it not that hard? this post gives me hope. thanks for sharing and wish me luck as i seriously contemplate buying a singer one of these days ..




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