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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Adventure in Canada

Canada's landscape is one of the most striking in North America. From the scenic rocky mountains, to the peaceful and inspiring lakes, Canada is a great country for travel and outdoor adventure. Its peaceful wilderness are ideal habitat for wildlife.
Whether you are a hiker, a biker, a camper, or just simply would want to relax and enjoy the peacefulness and inspiration of nature and the great outdoors, Canada is truly a beautiful country to visit. It is a big country, bordered in the East by Atlantic Ocean and in the West by Pacific Ocean. Across this two coasts lie an inspiring diverse geography. Whether you want to enjoy the inspiring mountains by hiking, skiing, dog sledding, and fishing in the lakes in Canada, or want to experience its friendly atmosphere in its picturesque cities,
Vancouver, photo courtesy of wikipedia

Canada has so much to offer. Its cities are full of warmth and have an inspiring and lively atmosphere that is balanced with natural beauty from its surrounding mountains and oceans. Canada attracts nature photographers all around the world to capture its inspiring beauty.
What's great with Canada is that one can enjoy the peacefulness of nature and the lively warmth in the city in one day.
Beautiful Downtown Vancouver at Night, photo courtesy of wikitravel

One of Canada's big cities, Vancouver, is well known for its inspiring natural beauty. It is nestled between the coast mountains and the Pacific Ocean. With views of the mountains and water in every turn and step you make, it makes Vancouver one of the most picturesque urban cities in the world. 
Who says one has to travel thousand of miles to enjoy both the mountains and the oceans from a vibrant urban city? In Vancouver, these three worlds mesh wonderfully. It is nice nature is not walled off from civilization so that we won't forget to take care of our natural resources and will continue to have an awareness to preserve its beauty. And in Downtown Vancouver, we can find last minute deals through CheaperthanHotels.com.
Delta Hotel and Suites, Downtown Vancouver
CheaperthanHotels.com is a very popular service for overseas tourists and many of the deals are cheaper than can be obtained by the native Canadians. It is great to be sleeping in one warm cozy bed and take a really nice and warm shower after a day of touring the city or hiking the mountains.
one of city center accommodations in Toronto a tourist can find
Toronto is another beautiful city in Canada that is bordered by the northwestern shore of Lake Ontario.
Toronto's skyline, photo courtesy of wikipedia
Toronto is Canada's economic capital, and is considered one of the top financial centers in the world. A tourist can find last minute deals on city center accommodations in Toronto at a much cheaper rate than hotels at Cheaperthanhotels.com.
Montreal, photo courtesy of Wikipedia
Another vibrant city in Canada to visit is Montreal, Canada's 2nd largest city. A tourist can find Montreal Hotels from $50 per night. One does not really have to spend a lot of money when they travel, if there are budget smart shoppers, there are also budget smart travelers. Next time you plan to travel and enjoy the beautiful and picturesque sceneries in Canada, think about Cheaperthanhotels.com


  1. oh! bethchai, i heard so many wonderful things about canada, maybe one day i can visit the place and see for myself the lakes,the rocky mountains and the wilderness.

    thanks for the information.and right you are, too. if there are smart shoppers, why not be a smart traveler.

  2. Canada is a beautiful place. It has been many years since I was there, but I can remember how beautiful it was. My sister, and I both went there for senior class trips.

  3. Thanks Betchai ! Canada is on my list of places I wanted to visit someday ! It is really pretty !

    Thanks for the information on where to find deals on hotel. This is a big thing to me when our family travels, I do not want to spend much on hotel - the savings we can spend instead on restaurants and shopping for souveniers. $50 for a hotel is really a good deal !

  4. Whoa...good deal on those hotels! I checked them out, reasonably priced. This puts Canada on my list of places to visit! Thanks for the info and the photos are so inviting!

  5. Bethchai i've been dreaming also to visit Canada someday, i have two cousins there with their family, and hope one day we can visit them.

    Thank you Beth for the info and nice pictures.

  6. i can see cananda's beauty through your "beautiful" photos! nothing less from betchai!




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