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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

New Jersey here i come....

A friend of mine in New Jersey invited us to see her new home, enjoy a few days sight-seeing, deep fishing in the open sea, and relax on the beach for a week get-away. I couldn't go with this invite but took a rain check. Work and school occupies 14 hours of my day, Monday thru Saturday. However, one of our mutual friend accepted the invitation. They drove around New Jersey, New York and Atlantic City doing things i would have enjoyed. I was bummed when they send pictures of them together having a great time - I knew i missed a great opportunity.

I promised my friend as soon as school ends, my family will get on the plane and repeat the same good times with her. Recently, i was day dreaming about this trip. I now have a long list of places i want to visit. The first stop is Monmouth County in New Jersey. It ranks 42nd among the highest income counties in the United States and one of the 10 best place to live.

The list of activities seems endless. However, relaxing on the beach is one of my favorite things to do when I am on vacation. My husband and daughter are the adventurous types, so they leave me on the beach with my book and either go deep sea fishing or fresh water fishing. knowing them like i do, they will end up doing both before we leave.

Our entire family enjoys visiting historic sites. We have lots of choices. Just to name a few we are interested in are Monmouth Battle Field State Park, Church of Presidents and Centenneal Cottage. It is a fun way to spend 7 - 10 days as a family together relaxing.

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I can hardly wait to send my pictures back after this trip. Why do daydreams has to end?

by chay


  1. keep on dreaming Chay, one day, you get to visit there :)

  2. I won't stop dreaming Betchai - I know dreams do come true ! Thanks !

    Thanks to my friend Dolly for sharing these pictures and to Juzy for the invite (wink) !

    Hey Eng thanks for helping me out again and for being so patient with me !

    This Manmounth place is really pretty !

  3. Sorry to hear that you missed out on the fun, Chay..but as you said, there will be next time! Just hold on to that dream...

  4. oh, too bad, chay .. if you had gone to NJ, that would have been just about 10 more hours drive from WV. we could have met up:) well, maybe next time. nice post, by the way! the manmounth place does look pretty!

  5. It's always so much fun exploring a new spot. You will get there so keep the hope alive.

  6. Thanks Icy for visiting !

    MJ - yeah I sure would swing by and see you. Jeff is IN now visiting his parents - too bad my schedule won't allow me to go !

    Thanks Poetic Shutterbug - I am actually already in love with this place after I saw it online !

  7. keep the dream alive, sunshine. you are one person i know who can make a dream to a reality!

  8. Chayyy! sama ko! hehe ;) nice post Chay, yes Chay keep that dream in your heart..

  9. Eng - your comment just made my day !!!

    Car ako ang isama mo sa flip-flop and backpack mo ! hahahah would love to travel with you someday !

  10. i still have to go to NJ to visit some family friends there =)




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