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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Mushroom Man

When I think about the year I met Rog, a fond memory comes to mind. A memory of the two of us standing in the middle of this vast, green field at Grandview State Park, holding hands, kissing in the rain ... with no one and nothing else in sight except for a deer or two tiptoeing beneath the towering pines at the edge of the field, and mushrooms - huge, brown-white "platter-full" mushrooms - behind us, in front of us, all around us. I guess you could say it was a good year for mushrooms.

This year's been another great year for mushrooms. Rog has been harvesting crown-tipped corrals from a fallen log up on the hill from our place for weeks now. The other day, we feasted on oyster mushrooms which he plucked from the side of an old oak down in the field. And speaking of mushrooms, our very own little "Chanterelle" recently joined our family. Her smiles warm our hearts and her lovable coos and giggles lift our spirits on days when life is not so kind.

Rog had one of those days last week. The economic recession finally hit home. He went to work one day and found out they had no projects to work on, nothing to do. They were told to stay home until further notice. Being placed on unpaid leave definitely sucks. Being placed on unpaid leave WHEN your wife and newborn child depend on you is worse, and quite scary. I figured he'd be mad at the world and down in the dumps for a few days. My admiration for him grew when he came home that day with a determined look on his face, gave me a hug, told me to have faith, we would make it somehow, then laced up his hiking boots and said, "Do you and Teyla wanna go mushroom hunting with me?"

Despite bad news at his work, Rog displays the day's
mushroom harvest with a bright smile. His optimism is amazing.
I love this guy sooo much!

So, here ya go, guys ... some pictures of Rog, my Mushroom Man, and the edible mushrooms we found at Grandview State Park last Thursday. We like to think of Teyla as our goodluck charm since this was one of the most fruitful hunts we've had yet.

I find these yellow Chanterelles so beautiful,
like pieces of gold on the forest floor. These
'shrooms inspired Teyla's middle name.

These gem-studded puffballs are delicious
when skinned and deep-fried, then dunked
in spicy Thai chili sauce. Yum!

Rog shows off a "sweet tooth" mushroom,
aka "hedgehog" mushroom, also an edible.

the dreaded Amanita or "Destroying Angel."
Eating this 'shroom can result in kidney failure and death;
no kidding! Stay away from this if you see it in the forest.

We thank you for your words of encouragement and hope you will continue to pray for our family as we weather this crisis.


  1. oh mj girl! look at all those mushrooms! i cannot believe there is one as big as pizza, unbelievable.

    i haven't seen a yellow one before either...and it is lovely as our tiny is.

    i do admire rog for not letting the situation pulls him down. these too shall past, my friend. stay strong in faith.

  2. MJ, i am drooling at your mushrooms, you were so lucky and blessed to have harvested too many mushrooms, oh, i bet they taste super!!!!

    i admire Rog's optimism MJ. i know you will pass through those challenges well MJ.

    Chanterelle is so beautiful MJ, no doubt Teyla Chanterelle will live up to her name. She is blessed to have you both to take care of her and guide her.

    MJ, thanks so much for sharing these lovely pictures to us. coincidentally, i am cooking tofu with mushrooms right now for our lunch tomorrow.

  3. wow MJ! haven't seen so many varieties of mushrooms before. i am a great fan of mushroom too! like Betchai said, i bet they taste super! it would be fun if we all could visit your place and we all go mushroom hunting with you, Rog and Teyla and have a feast of fresh yummy mushrooms over a non-stop chikahan. who knows, it might happen someday?!

    you have found a great man, MJ! other husbands under such situation would have opted to go straight to a bar and get drunk. you and Teyla are very blessed to have him by your side --- full of optimism in the midst of crisis. kudos to your Mushroom Man!

    oh, Teyla Chanterelle is growing prettier by the day. and look at those chanterelles! aren't they as precious as your tiny?

  4. power ranger pal, such a cute "Mushroom Man"...His optimism is truly amazing...the way you said- you love him so much touched me deeply...and hey look at our baby Teyla! so adorable!...i want to again hug her, and kiss her and pinch her cheeks just a bit he he he...

    ...the three of you are in my prayers sis, prayer works...the mushrooms you found...they are God's way of saying, you will surely weather this crisis...love yah power ranger pal!

  5. MJ > my sweet friend... we are all here for you, Rog and Teyla. Be strong MJ... but i know your love to each other is keeping you and your family strong...

    i admire Rog for his positive ways of facing things,salut to your "mushroom man" and you my friend for giving him joy and courage, i'll keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.

  6. You influenced me big time on mushrooms. I used to not eat mushroom and after several talks about mushrooms - now it is a regular thing in my grocery cart. I have yet to experiment on other kinds of mushrooms but will get there.

    Deeply saddened by the news about Rog's work, but glad that he is such a great guy for keeping a positive attitude about this. Hang in there MJ - there is always a good thing that comes out of this experience. We just have to keep trusting God. Keeping you guys in my prayers !

  7. I wish I was an expert I knowing mushrooms! I love them! The only one that i was ever sure of was the giant puff ball ( about the size of a soccer ball) and it was incredible!

  8. It is sad that the effect of economic recession is sweeping the country. In times like these, Rog’s optimism is like a breath of fresh air amidst all the bad news that disheartens many. He really is a pillar of strength for you and Teyla, likewise, you are his. Good thinking to spend a no-work day in a fun and productive way!

    Wow, what bountiful harvest you’ve got! I haven’t seen that much variety of mushrooms, girl! Teyla having named after a shroom, is showing you guys all the right places to find more “shrooms”

    This post is inspirational and informative –am inspired at how you guys deal with chalenges and at the same time, picking up so much new information on mushrooms! I like the sound of how the white ones are cooked –yummy!

    Be assured of our prayers, dear MJ. He's got you covered! *hugs*

  9. sorry to hear about the work thing, like he said have faith and ou'll get through! you have a nice loving husband and a sweet little girl to cheer you up =)

    your baby is so cute! makes me miss my niece! I wonder how my baby will look?

    It's ncie that you know how to get mushrooms and you know which can be eaten and not. I go away with the unconventional mushies in the wild coz of fear bing poisoned. hehe




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