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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Family Less Chay

Christine, my daughter went home to the Philippines two months ago to spend summer with family and friends. She needed this time to relax, to reconnect with her friends and to be with grandparents, aunts and uncles and cousins. She is bound to come back this week. We miss her.

It pricked my heart when I saw these pictures they sent me last week, taken on my dad's 76th birthday.

(My nanay and tatay with my three sisters and only brother)

(Grand children. My son and my brother's oldest son were the only ones missing in this picture.

... I miss them and they miss me ! These pictures would do for now until I come back home again... someday....


  1. oh sunshine! you have such a lovely family and the children are adorable!!

    this picture must have been like a rainshower in a bleak and arid desert.it somehow quench our thirst of home!

    let's go hommmeeee!!!

  2. chay, what a lovely family you have back home!! thank you for sharing these pictures with us. i can relate with the little heartache you felt when you saw pictures of your loved ones together, smiling .. and you were not in the pictures with them although you wished so much you could be:( i, too, know how it is to be so happy here in the u.s. with my own family, and yet a piece of my heart will always ache for my mom, dad and brother who are halfway around the world, missing me as i miss them. chay, let us hope and pray God keeps us safe and healthy so that the day may come (and i hope it is soon!) when we can hug our siblings, parents and other relatives/loved ones again ... and when we can all say "cheese!" as the camera flashes. lovely, lovely family/relatives you got there, chay!! thank you again for sharing, and btw, belated happy bday to your dad!!

  3. Chay > i agree with Eng and MJ, you have a lovely family...

    i share your loneliness in missing home... :(

  4. what a lovely family you have Chay, I understand the feeling when you look at those pictures, I do feel the same when I look at our family's pictures too.

    like MJ, let's all hope and pray we all stay strong and healthy so we can hopefully spend our EB there and also spend time with our family.

  5. Chay, dear! you reminded me of a scenario where my family went to Enchanted Kingdom for a Christmas Reunion without me, Mond and Kyla. they sent me a picture and it made me miss them (and home) sooooooo much. how sad, sometimes living abroad make us miss so many things back home inspite of the good and comfortable life we are experiencing in a foreign land. :(

    oh, you have such a wonderful family Chay! your dad looks like Dante Arevallo (not sure if i get the name right) and your mom looks so happy surrounded by your siblings and all their grandchildren. nakakatuwang pagmasdan ang mga bata. it made me miss my nephews and nieces. they all grow up too fast that the next time i see them, they are as tall or even taller than me. in fact i have started telling my siblings and mom, if we can't go home i want them to visit us here.

    may your Dad have many, many more birthdays to celebrate Chay and i wish next time you will be there. :)

  6. Oh Chay, now i know where the fountain of youth came from, hey look at your mom, so radiantly beautiful! and i must agree with Cher on your dad looking like Dante Arevallo...they all look so happy...haaayyy these photos must really be making you miss them so much..i wish that you will be able to join them soon....belated happy birthday too to your dad...love yah sis! mwah!

  7. Engggg - yeah let's go home ! I keep getting this cheap fares in the mail - almost look like a bargain at less than $600. Had it been good days in my life - I would fly in an instant !

    MJ, I wish you see your mom and dad and brother soon ! Goodluck on the trip your mom and dad are planning so they get to be with their precious grand daughter.

    Car - hay I know how you feel too. I been there when my kids were still in PI and I was here. Hang in there Car, you have a very strong heart. Things we do for our children.

    Oh Betchai, we had this chat about missing our nieces and nephews. Price we have to pay for choosing to live abroad.

    Cher, you made me laugh about Dante Arevalo - I will tell my dad and he would surely be happy to hear that. When I left two of my nieces were a lot smaller than me - now they are much taller (which is good ! hehehehe)

    Kulasa, your dad and my dad have the same birth month. I thought about my tatay every time I see your dad. My tatay is also starting to get sick a lot - which makes me worry. I got my cheerful attitude from my mom - yun daw mahipan lang ng hangin natatawa na ! hahahahhaa

    Thanks guys for viewing my family ! Next time you see it - Jeff and I would be there ! hahahah

    Love you all !

  8. i love your family pictures Chay...your mom looks so young...so lovely...how i wish I could look as youthful as she is when I reach her age...

    you're so blessed with a wonderful family indeed...

    belated happy 76th birthday to your dad!!!

  9. Oh Chay, I am with you, girl. I think “missing” loved ones who are away from us, has grown generic on us who are away from them. I feel the same way whenever I see pictures of family back home. I splash whatever photos they sent me all over my craftroom and it even extends as far as our kitchen in the hope that it will lessen the longing.

    I have just been home, and already I am missing my mom, my ate and my brother, or perhaps it is apt to say, because of that, I miss them all the more… seeing them has not really cured the longing, contrary, it has intensified it.

    My mom celebrated her 70th birthday last June. Halos sabay-sabay sila ng dad mo and Kulasa’s too. Pareho pala tayo na four girls and one boy (teehee) Chay you resemble your mom (hihi) pareho kayong cute! Happy 76th birthday to your dad!

    I join you in praying for good health for our parents, esp your dad. They are blessed with a good life… may it be a long one too, so we can enjoy them longer.

    Ang mura ng mga airfare sa email mo Chay, tara… sama ako sa inyo uli! Let’s gear up for our grand EB!

  10. at least you have new and updated photos of your family...I'm still waiting for my mom's package. She saud she's sent it yesterday! weee!!

    birthday wishes for your dad! wow, 70s...my daddy's only 50s =)




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