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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Do it

I'm a big fan of sunflowers, specially the tall, tall ones. Their bright yellow hues and the way they shoot upward, turning their open faces toward the sun, fascinate me.

For a few weeks now, I have been keeping an eye on this particular sunflower growing outside the basement window. Rog planted it for me the week we brought Teyla home from the hospital. I remember standing out on the deck, all whoozy from the powerful pain meds, watching while Rog dug a hole, dropped a white seed in and gently covered it up with dirt. Amazing how something so tiny can grow into an 8-foot-tall plant in a matter of weeks!

One day last week, I went to check on the plant and realized to my delight that I wasn't the only sunflower fan. Naturally, the honey bees had been keeping their eyes on it, too, and as soon as the flower had unfurled most of its golden petals, they buzzed to action.

I wonder how sunflower nectar tastes? I probably will never know. But I have a feeling it must be pretty tasty because throughout the week, everytime I walked outside to check on the sunflower, one or two or even three bees were constantly gathering nectar from it.

I marveled at how hard the bees worked and how seriously they seemed to take their job. I stood close to the flower and snapped picture after picture, but they were so intent on performing their honey-gathering duties they barely noticed my presence (and if they did, it didn't bother them; they simply toiled on). As I watched the bees, a Bible verse came to mind. "Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might (Ecclesiastes 9:10)."

Even bees know the importance of throwing heart and soul into a task at hand. To achieve success (which, in their case, means an ample supply of honey) they know they have to sweat for it. No dilly-dallying on the job. No half-heartedness or the like. They know a job well done is a job done "with all your might."

We've got another week on our hands, people. A brand new week. Another chance to excel in our various professions. To be the best nurse there ever was ... the most oustanding teacher ... the greatest doctor, student, dentist, counselor, accountant, stay-at-home mom, blogger ... to be the most loving wife or husband:) Whatever professions we represent, let's take to heart this lesson from the bees. When faced with a task, let us give it our all. 100 percent; no more, no less.

Let's seize the task and JUST DO IT.

Warm greetings from Teyla, our very own little bumble bee:)


  1. yes girl friend! we got another week in our hands... i'll fill my heart with pride and work to the best of my ability.a work half-hearted done is not done at all!

    thanks girl, for such a inspiring message and the beautiful pictures. it only show we can learn a valuable lesson from every creatures, big or small!

    kiss to teyla!

  2. Oh wow… Teyla’s cuteness outshines the huge sunflower! Ahihihi. The yellow of that sunflower is so vivid –nice shot, MJ! What a thoughtful gesture to plant that sunflower for you, girl –Rog is so sweet! Kudos to him! My kisses to Teyla!

    Yes, tomorrow another week starts –a week full of wonderful possibilities. To do the best that we can do and be the best that we can be… just like the bees. . .

  3. I love sunflower, as from its name, because its nature of loving brightness, chasing after the sun.

  4. hi MJ, lovely pictures, i love sunflowers too, they seem to give us always loads of smile, it surely is a happy flower, and that was very thoughtful of Rog to plant a seed for you, seed of love for you and Teyla. Teyla's surely growing to be such a beautiful baby, thanks MJ for sharing your wonderful thoughts and inspiring messages through sunflower.

    hope you have a good week ahead.

  5. Me too - I love sunflowers ! That is a big one too !

    Thank you for sharing Teyla's adorable picture ! she looks so big !

    I love your inspiring message. I will keep it in mind when I am at work ! Thanks MJ - I love to see your post today !

  6. MJ my sweet friend... thanks for your beautiful pictures of sunflowers and Teyla :) and for your wonderful words so inspiring MJ,

    you are right MJ whatever our tasks is let's do it! ;)

    salute to Rog for planting that sunflowers for you and kisses and hugs to our Salitype pricess, Teyla ;)

  7. *princess pala ayan mali na naman spelling ni kangcarrot ;)

  8. I had to come back and look at the pictures one more time - I haven't seen sunflower as big as that one - it is almost the size of Teyla's head !

    I plant sunflowers in my backyard many years ago and they are just a delight to look at !

  9. What a wonderful post! Thanks for this. It really encouraged me to grab my own tasks and do them with all my might! I copied that verse down, by the way, and intend to post it in my new writing area as soon as we're finished moving in to our new loft!

    PS: The sunflowers, and little Teylas, are beautiful!


  10. I love sunflowers too.They're happy flowers. Why didn't I think of posting my sunflower pics on my blog? hmmm. Now I think I will,thanks to you.Your baby is so cute! =)

  11. sunflower is a very interesting flower for me. Not only it's so big in size but later on as it sheds off the seeds...it can actually be eaten. I was so amazed as a kid having known all these facts of this mighty big flower.




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