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Monday, August 17, 2009

Christine is Back!

Christine, my daughter (19), is back from her long vacation in the Philippines. She had the most amazing time with her friends and family. She has not been to the Philippines for four years and it was quite an experience for her to spend time with friends from high school and our family. Some of her friends are married and have kids of their own while others are pursuing college degrees and will graduate next year. Although she misses her friends in the Philippines, she is happy to be back home in the US. She is able to sleep in her own room, stay up late and sleep in late, watch movies after movies on our television, play with her dog and get on the internet. Next week reality sets and her summer of leisure ends when her college classes begin.

Christine - third from the left. This was taken in the province of Tagaytay, Philippines

Her friends enjoying gift bags from her – chocolates, perfume, lipstick, etc.
Last night, for the first time since she returned we had the chance to sit together and watch several movies on our HBO network channel. We talked about her vacation experiences and laughed at funny movie scenes. Since she left, I haven't had the chance to sit and enjoy movies, so last night was an amazing time with her. Jeff and Christine love watching basketball and football together - they are sports watching buddies and since I do not understand a thing about putting a football into a basket for 6 points on a rain soaked court I just make popcorn for them! LOL. Thankfully, we have Direct TV at home and the package we have has the DVR and has over 200 channels.
We love having all the cool features from digital television.  Every time we move we retain our Direct TV Service.  Direct TV has free installation and so far the service is the lowest rate we have found in the market. In this economy every dime saved is important. Saving on our Direct TV System is just another cost efficient way to spend time together as a family.
You will love the DVR service too. It lets you pause or rewind live TV shows if you have to get more popcorn, go to the bathroom, or if you have teenagers-stop the show to answer that very important text message from BFF? - I love that feature! Working late? DVR lets you record your favorite show/game without discs or tapes then watch it whenever you want.
Even Cottonball enjoys watching show with us


  1. Chay, looks as if Christine really enjoyed herself! It's evident in the smiles seen in the photos! It's good to know she had enough time to go out with friends and family! So thoughtful of her to bring "pasalubong" trinkets for friends. And most of all, good to know she made it back safely!

    Doods and I also enjoy HBO a lot. It's relaxing to just sit and watch and er...much...yikes! hahaha!

    Cottonball is super cute in that photo! Teehee!

  2. Chay, thanks for sharing us Christine's joy from visiting Philippines. Glad she had a wonderful time.

    Oh, Cottonball is super cute Chay! Oh, I do not watch a lot of TV, but I watch a lot if there is Tennis! Oh, soon, US Open is here, in one or two weeks I think. Thankfully, because of digital TV I can enjoy watching tennis with so much better or higher resolution! hahaha, my poor eye sight just appreciates the high resolution so I can see the very fast tennis ball flying from one court to another :)

    Thanks a lot Chay, for this post!

  3. PS...we used to have direct tv before Chay, had no complains, they are great and the resolution is super, and you are correct, they have a lot more HDTV channels, and we did not have to pay extra for all the sports HDTV package. we would have stayed with direct TV if not for khai's company, which gives us tremendous discount with AT&T. i actually love direct TV.

  4. Hi guys, sorry nawala yung ibang pictures ni Christine, she sent it to me at work and I was in a hurry to finish my article and didn't even check if the sizes were good.

    Thanks Tesya, Bethchai and Eng for helping me out yesterday - I appreciate it big time !

  5. You can sit all day and enjoy three to four month-old movies! I was looking at the movies on que and they were pretty good movies too. I watched "Bucket List" again and that movie about what happens in Vegas by Ashton Kutcher - that was a funny one ! I can sit and watch movies forever - but had to get up to read for my exam - bummer ! hahahahaha

  6. oh! sunshine..good to hear that christine is back! looks like she did have a great time back home,inggit ako!..ha!ha!ha!

    i don't watch much telly these days, what with you guys to hang about and the bahay kubo....

    oh! cooton balls is soooo cute!

  7. Welcome back to your daughter! TV is a sure fire for kids and teens or families just wanting to hang out and spend some time together. =)

  8. I know you missed her a lot sis, am happy you are with her again...gosh, to be 19 and having fun...haaayyyyy...

    look at Cottonball ha ha ha...sooooo cuuuuutttteeeee!

  9. Thanks Ayie ! These days watching movies at home together is a cheaper form of entertainment compared to going to the theater.

  10. Yeah Zen - reminds us when we were teenagers ! I remember not minding if I get in trouble with my parents - it was so much fun to hang out with friends ! Gosh I miss those days - I want to be teenager again !!!!!!!

  11. sorry this comment is so late, chay:( WELCOME BACK, christine!! looks like you had a blast on your vacation:) glad to know you made it back safely. your mom missed you a lot!

    so cool of you, chay, to share with us photos from christine's vacation! even if i didn't get to go back there this year, i'm happy for those of our countrymen who were able to. and it's always so great to see their happy pictures, where they pose with old friends and family:)

    this is the sign of a true pinoy, i suppose .. no matter where on earth we end up, we will always long to go "home" and visit old friends, family and places and things dear to our heart. welcome back again, christine..




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