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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

accessories and such...

i'm not much into accessorizing. i owned few sets of simple earrings, rings and necklaces but nothing fancy or colorful that would draw attention to it. i have one handbag and a shoulder bag (both are shades of brown) i used in all occassions. thanks to tes, a good friend, who opened my eyes to a whole new world of accessorizing. girlash, thank you! still, i am a newbie. i am unsure of combining colors, design and texture, mixing and matching stuff..but hey! one step at a time, i'll get there somehow. for now, i am enjoying what little i know about accessories and such.

i was in a shop with my hubby and the little one when i spotted sets after sets of earrings and necklaces. i haven't worn anything like it but i know one thing,...this i got to have.it cost me only £2.99, a steal!

some of you may not like the idea of carbooth sale and thrift shop but the moment i laid my eyes on this one - i know we are meant to be. got this for £3.00 , not bad for an unwanted present someone wants to get rid off.

this is my latest acquisition. ysabelle and i were having one of our saturday's girls day out when i chanced upon a sale. this cost me £3.00 - don't you just love sale on massive scale...ha!ha!ha!

one doesn't have to spend a fortune looking good and as a dear friend, betchai, eloquently said...."Glamour is not dictated by one's clothes, it is influenced by the way she confidently carries and projects herself. Elegance, after all, is what is inside that radiates outside....."

me and blue gladly match

it all started with this set of earrings and necklace crafted by the fashionista herself, tes!

i chose the necklace and ysa the earrings and bag!

me in my element, brown!!


  1. Love the blue shoes. Thanks for visiting my blog!

  2. wow! you earned a good bang for your bucks, Eng! and i must say they look good on you! ;)

  3. I don't know if the word chic is in any more, but you look "chic"! Very nice. I LOVE a good deal!

  4. waaaaaaa Esmeralda Odette!!!! i just love the blue set of earrings and necklace, the blue bag and the blue shoes waaaaa "literal na lumuwa ang eyes ko" and gosh sis, you look so sexy! my favorite photo of you is yah- the last photo...in your element, brown! tsuk, tsk, can not blame Dave for falling so madly inlove with you, mmmwwwaaahhhh!

  5. The comments and description makes me want to go to the library so I can see the photos ! hahahah

    I will check back when I get home Engggg - you are making me excited to look at your steal!

    I been to thrift stores too and sometimes go to garage sales (this is big in the US). You see garage sales all the time. I been lucky finding really good stuff at garage sales !

  6. I love this post!!! I really love this topic...I too am a fan of earings, bags, shoes and big necklaces... unfortunately I just don't know how to use them...but little by litte I'm learning from all of you...i love the pictures...i love the shades and brown and blue...and most specially I love the quote, "Glamour is not dictated by one's clothes, it is influenced by the way she confidently carries and projects herself. Elegance, after all, is what is inside that radiates outside....."

  7. Eng, love everything is in here!!!! love your looks! love all the accessories (great taste), oh Eng, you are such one smart shopper!

  8. am back.. Eng ! I love accessories and I am absolutely crazy on your stuff. Girl you look good on all your accessories ! Keep shopping !

  9. good to keep accessories, as it works wonder. As for me, i feel refreshing after putting on accessories on old and boring clothes.

    I love scarfs and vest oso.

  10. Eng i love your simplicity yet elegant style, same here Eng i am no "fashionista" i am more on jeans,rubber shoes and backpack ;) which i am more comfortable,

    love you with yoour element, brown, love brown too Eng ;)

  11. "Glamour is not dictated by one's clothes, it is influenced by the way she confidently carries and projects herself. Elegance, after all, is what is inside that radiates outside....."

    Very true!

    We are fortunate that there is such thing as "Opportunity Shops" or "Op Shops" for short run by charitable institutions in this country I have adopted and who also adopted me.

    I don't underestimate these stores because if you get in there in the right time, there is a chance you can even purchase brand new designer items at a shocking incredible prices beyond your wildest dream.

    I have a friend who is into 'glamour' with designers name under the heaven she knows. She doesn't necessarily buy glamourous items from big stores but her knacks of knowing things is beyond belief.

    So enjoy while you have the means after all, for where you are, your stuff there are of good and high quality.

    I go there once in a while if I get a chance. I said once in a while because I am not so keen in shopping. But I do appreciate beautiful things.

    Don't worry about the matching, contrast can be attractive too! Depends on how you carry yourself.

  12. wow! u look so stylish sistah! u look good! fashionista talga ang dating :) love your choices especially the blue pair of earrings and bag! very unique :)

    thanks for the visit and the greeting ha! appreciate it! :)

  13. @ Ave, thanks for stopping by, highly appreciated!

    @ cher, girlash! i am a big fan of sales and such! as you said..good value for many if you know where to look!

    @Judy Sheldon-Walker,oh i love a good deal, too! thanks!

    @kulasa, girl!waaaaa !ikaw naisip ko ng bumili ako ng blue..sabi ko i'll show these to you and i will title it me and blue...ha!ha!ha!

    natawa si dave sa sabi mo about him so madly inlove with me...ha!ha!ha! totoo naman...bwahahahah!

    @ sunshine,miss you girl. ang next mission ko e to know the secret of looking young..whisper mo naman sa akin oh!

    @beth, girl thank you! i am learning something new everyday.

    @betchai, girlfriend! the blue one dave was the one who chose the design for me. i am undecided what shape shall i have. and ysabelle gave me a hand in picking some of them as well!...ha!ha!ha!

    @mommyschoo, now, you give me an idea....scarf!! thanks for dropping by!

    @ car girl! i love jeans very versatile...i normally wears t-shirt and jeans for work and my overwork pair of rubber shoes!

    @Bonnie Bonsai, oh i agree! sometimes you'll find stuff that hasn't been used at all...the price tag still attached to it...ha!ha1ha! i found a new pair of sketcher..just happen to be at the right place at the right time and of course, got it for the right price!

    @ blessedmom, thanks sistah!...di naman fashionista, feeling lang bah...ha!ha1ha!

  14. Oh my gosh, Engtot! *Shrieking* I'm a garage sale queen too. I love a good steal and you've got lots in there! The blue slip-ons are so dainty! The red handbag is so cute (like it's almost made for you). The accessories have a way of blending with you, Engtot! You look good on every piece you put on, girlfriend! Chic and sassy! Glad you like the set I gave you -I enhanced it with shades of brown to tame it's "wild-abandon" streak. Hehe... You rock, girl!

  15. i like blue but not all blue in accessories mostly blue hues for my shirts. I still go fro browns for shoes and all

  16. Wow! You make a good model pala ha? i like your choices really.I believe they would suit my body type.The fabrics and designs are great,they glide on to your shape but don't reveal the "wrong curves." lol! I'm not fat but my tummy needs a little work out,you know. hehehe. Nice accessories too. I bank on a good necklace. Sometimes when I need to bare my neck,I'd accentuate on nice earrings and bracelets.

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