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Saturday, July 4, 2009

TSS Kodak Moment: Kiss by Kulasa

In every genuine KISS is the love in the middle....

With each movement of the lips is the LOVE in the middle

I do not know what made me capture this moment and decide to post it...

Maybe it is, the LOVE in the middle

That sees beyond life's imperfections..

..that makes one kiss with open eyes

my reality is him, my hubby

GREAT DAD, great kisser...

Let's celebrate the LOVE friends, post your kisses! he he he

By the way, does any one get imprisoned for stealing a kiss from one's husband and capturing it by cam? he he he he He simply wouldn't face the lens, he closed his eyes and presto his plump cheeks land on the salitype page he he he i wonder what i'll get if he ever sees this ha ha ha ha....perhaps more kisses with LOVE in the MIDDLE *wink*



  1. Oh Zen, this is the most fun "Fun with Photos", hahaha, I don't know if I can take this one with Khai though, would have to set up tripod and all, haha!

    yes, with each movement of the lips is the love that is present between the two, the love in the middle.

  2. our home is so silent today :( i hope everyone had a happy and great weekend.

    Guys, update us with your EB. Also, I hope all of us would be as comfortable chatting here as it was in the rented mansion. Guys, we are slowly growing, we now have 1,400 pesos, hope this inspires us to adopt our home and be able to realize our dreams of helping a child.

  3. that's soooooo cute, zen! how sweet of you to post it here! i'm sure rage wouldn't mind showing the world how her lovely wife have stolen a KISS and a PICTURE! hehehe! ayan, sumunod na ako para madagdagan ingay dito! sabi nga ni betchai, tahimik BK natin. nasa grand EB pa yata. update niyo kami ha?

    hi betchai! you too have a happy weekend with khai. you made me laugh when you said you have to set-up the tripod and all! hahaha! why don't you try? it would be a lot of fun!

  4. ha!ha!ha1 kulasa, imprisonment for stealing a kiss? NO, i believd it is punishable by more kisses...ha!ha!ha! inggit ako! teka makahanap nga ng kissing photo namin ni hubby!!!

  5. Wow Rage has them all ! Very candid shot Kulasa - hehehe so cute ! wawa naman si hubby natutulog na eh nanakawan pa ng kiss !

  6. ha ha ha ha ha ha, i thought this wouldn't be out until tomorrow! then i opened my mail first and read KimChai's message so i came running here ha ha ha ha to discover everyone kissing na! ha ha ha ha....gosh, i failed to call Tesya and Sissy last night..i fell asleep early because i was from duty and did a lot of kissing tehee....then when i opened my eyes
    around 6 am na, read a message from Tesya sent at 12 midnight saying she was with Katurai ha ha ha ha 12 midnight, mga teen-agers talaga he he he
    anyway we have a lifetime to spend together, i'm pretty sure there will come a time when we will all meet....EB pictures nyo sisters ha abangan namin! Well anyway on my picture with
    hubby,this is all i can say- "thank you for joining the fun at once girls kung hindi mahihiya yung ka partner ko" bwahahahahaha i love you all po! calling on the others, kiss photo nyo po! he he he *wink*

  7. ay naku kulasa nagreklamo ka pang brutal ang first kiss mo eh halata namang nagustuhan mo at umulit kapa. hehehe.
    pati ba naman ang tulog kinarinyo brutal? tsk tsk isusumbong kita kay kapitan bumblubumbum!

  8. aha! at ikaw pala ang promotor nito ha?
    gisingin mo na yan at nang maidirekted by na. tingin sa kamera, kwelyuhan, kurutin, tutukan ng balisong, sabay klik!
    waah! naiinggit ako wala akong kiss huhuhu. krispin, basilyo asan na kayohohoho

  9. sis nakita ko din ang matamis na kiss...hehehe...ang kyut naman....

  10. kulasa! kangcarrot is back! ;)

    so sweet indeed, sige search ko yung samen ni hubby nyek! hehehe ayaw sis mahiyain e! ikaw talaga kulasa pasimuno ng mga ka kyütan hehehe ;)

  11. ay naku Beth 3 di puwede basta nakikitingin na lang ng photo i post mo din next weekend sa inyo he he he..and Car abangan ko ha he he he...nakawan mo na din pag ayaw he he he.....ang bad ko talaga he he he...

  12. Hi Beth, Hi Car. It would be fun kung makinig kayo kay Zen at mg post din nang kiss pictures nyo, kung wala na katulad ko, hahahaha, hanap din kayo nang water fowl :) na nag-ki-kiss :)

  13. heheheh...susubukan kong nakawan ng kiss si kuya...hehehe...pero panu sis kulasa kung mejo rated 18?hehehe




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