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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Step 1 - Dream

by Chay

When I was six years old, thoughts of growing up to become a nurse started developing in my young mind. Throughout my formative years I would pretend I was wearing a white uniform, white lace up shoes, and a white triangle cap on my head. I would fold a piece of white paper shaped like a nurse’s cap, clip it on top of my long curly hair, and walk around the house with my plastic stethoscope hanging on my neck. I would check on Nancy, my doll and every relative, stuffed animal and living animal, bug, frog, and anything catchable within 100 feet of the house for life signs: temperature, blood pressure, and pulse. Life was great at 6 years old knowing my life’s calling.

(photo courtesy of yahoo image)

My family knew I wanted to become a nurse (figure that one out without additional clues), but in “adult truth” world, also known as “reality” nurses do not make a good living in the Philippines. Separation from family to work abroad for gain was never entertained in my family. Immediately, in the game of life “reality world” scored 1 and my 6-year old dream scored 0. My dream was boxed up, put away, and never opened again.

I went on with my life like a good little Filipino daughter should: graduated in business school. Worked hard and honored my family and myself with awards, promotions, and significant career ladder steps achieving other life goals in ‘reality world’. I couldn’t ask for more in terms of my career, family, and life. The results were all very fulfilling.

But just like the old saying, ” first love never dies”, my nursing dream rested silently in my heart. But with a change in “reality world” events, a nursing education opportunity knocked at the door again. This time I was not 6 years old and I had satisfied all expectations often placed on the perfect Filipino daughter. I grabbed this living dream with much passion never to let it slip away again.

Step 2 - Live your Dream

After passing entrance exams a month ago, I received the approval of my application to get into nursing school. It was one of the best days in my life. On June 1st, 2009, I will go to school part-time and still work full time in my business career.

I have mixed emotions just like a little child on her first day of school. I also have a new note pad, pencil, and school clothes just like a 6 year old; however, there is a veil of consciousness that holds feelings of excitement, skeptical doubts, enthusiastic attitude and nervous feelings surrounding the fulfillment of a dream.

Happiness is……never giving up on dreams because they all can come true someday. Mine is coming true today! …

… living my dream... wearing scrubs and carrying a real stethoscope.

Note: This post was previously published in my blog account "Loving life each day".


  1. wow! you look great with the scrubs and stethoscope, Chay! guess what? i'm trying out to be a medical nurse too! teehee! goodluck to me. i'm sick and tired with the stressful and long hours of work in the dental clinic and bravely took a post in a specialist clinic as clinic coordinator with a bit of nursing duties. i hope it will work out for me. :)

  2. Hey Cher - clinic coordinator sounds like an interesting job and with nursing duties. Goodluck on your new adventure, you will do great. Blog about it next time Cher- would love to hear how it goes !

  3. oh sunshine! i am so happy for you for finally realizing a dream! we are all proud of you girl! won't be long and we will be exchanging notes about nursing!

    let us know once you started having hospital exposure! oh! exciting days ahead of you girl. exciting days indeed!

  4. hi Chay, congratulations for making that first step to realize your long time dream. you look good in your scrubs, like what Eng said, it won't be long and we would hear from your nursing practice. good luck Chay, we are here cheering for you.

    hi Che, did not know you are trying to be one too, are you also studying now? wow, good luck too Che, i know your experience in dentistry will help you a lot in your transition.

    former Pres Cory Aquino died, I pray what she fought for us before will stay, God bless her soul.

  5. actually, girls hesitant pa ako to mention about it coz i don't know yet if it will work out for me pero na-excite ako after reading Chay's post. i'll be undergoing training and hopefully the registered nurse will be able to guide me through. i need not go for formal study, self-study and hands-on training would suffice as i will never be left alone by the registered nurse.

    dito kasi sa s'pore, they don't care if you are licensed or not (fr Pinas). as long as you will be able to fit the job description, it's fine for them. marami nga ditong engineers pero trabaho ng architect ang linya nila and vice versa. Mond is just lucky to apply his line of profession here.

    oh yes Betchai, so sad about former Pres. Cory Aquino. learned about it when i opened the tv this morning. let's all pray for her soul and for her grieving family.

  6. it is never too late for a man to learn -Chinese proverb

  7. hello nurse Chay, step 1- Dream...what is step 2? he he he...i know you will be able to reach and live your dream, ikaw pa, e Salityper ka he he he...hear me cheering you always in spirit sis...go Chay, go Chay go...mwah! love yah...by the way, i love your photo in scrubs....i wish someday we could work together...that would be so fun, we would recite a poem to the patients he he he....and remember that medical mission photo of mine where Cher and i were conversing about holding one Salitype sponsored medical-dental mission someday and you said you will just be "taga-lista"...hindi na, because i know by that time you will already be an R.N. too! Let's dream on friends, all great things start with a dream...i will be with you through step 2, 3 so on and so on...long live our dreams!

  8. Congratulation to you for making your dream comes true! What a blessing..

  9. Chay this is another inspiring story of dreams.... thanks for this one Chay you are my inspiration on fulfilling my dreams ;) whew! i just wish it's that easy for me here.. you know what i mean... ;) i admire you Chay for your determination, gosh Chay i hope di na dumating ang Sept! hehe ;) i remember yung kanta... "wake me up when September ends..." ;)

  10. Eng ! you are one of my inspirations for pursuing this dream. I truly wish you are here next to me as I know I will learn a lot from you.

    Betchai - I am deeply saddened with the passing of Cory Aquino too. I always ask about her everytime I talk to my family in the Phils. You know how I found out about it ? through Joanie's shout out - and I checked the news.

    Hi Manoy Doro - your presence always cheer me up !

    Hi Doc - oh I would love to go on medical mission with you and this time I would be doing hands on, unlike what we originally thought I would be holding a paper,pen & calculator, probably counting how many people showed up hehehehe

    Thanks Icy BC - this is indeed a blessing to be able to do this even if it seems like too late for me.

    Hello Kangcarrot ! girl what is about September - is that the month you will start with your new adventure ? Go for it - it will pay off in the long run. Just like what they say "If others can do it, we can do it much better". You know we are all here for you - our friends here are a good source of support. Go girl go and wake up before September ends hehehehehe
    I will wake you up !

  11. he he he he Chay, join ako sa pag gising ke KangCarrot before September ends he he he...go Car, kayang kaya mo rin yan...mwah!

  12. ay ganda na ulit mood ko after i read this mga girlash ;) thanks from my heart... Chay and Zen... wish me luck guys... and yeah.. wake me up..wake me up before September ends hehe ;) mwah! love you guys!

  13. "Happiness is……never giving up on dreams because they all can come true someday." how i love this original quote from you, chay! it is definitely true! how sad for those who have dreams, but let those dreams fall by the roadside for various reasons:( as i read your post, i could sense the genuine happiness through your words ... the happiness springing from the heart of someone who never gave up on her dream, but who just waited for the right time and opportunity to seize that dream again and take off running with it. yours is a success story which i very much admire, chay! and i'm grateful to you for sharing it with us. God knows we need more inspiring stories such as yours to spur us on journey through life. how wonderful to see a pix of you with real scrubs and the steth around your neck:) may i say- you look awesome in your nurse attire and i have no doubt you will go on, finish your classes and be one of the best nurses the profession has ever seen!! i wish you all the best, chay! i'll continue to pray for you as you sharpen your nursing skills each week. may God be with you as you reach for the stars and fulfill your dream ...

  14. Good Morning !

    Having coffee here and cereal and reading comments and entries.

    What else can I ask for ? It is truly a blessing to have you all around - you all give the most encouraging words that truly touch the core of my heart.

    Yes Car - we will be here to cheer you up and help you in your schooling. Hey you got to blog about it, okay ?

    MJ !!! I got your text message last night while I was in class. Thank you girlfriend for inspiring me and giving me your best advice when I was planning on this career move. Had you not told me to take this route, it would have taken me much longer to figure it out. Thanks from the bottom of my heart !

    Be back later guys !! Salamuch to all of you !!!

  15. just like babies' first steps... dreams are comparable to that. It starts small then later on it's for us to pursue walking straight and running as we grow. I told my grandma when I was 4 or 5 i will build her a mansion... that could be the reason why I'm an architect now =)




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