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Saturday, July 18, 2009

the salitype society...one year on!

july 18, 2009

one year. wow! a baby may have had few teeth by now and some maybe taking their first steps without help. so, how is salitype one year on...........

in a year time, i met wonderful, wonderful people now i call friends. some people come, some go.i hope the salitype's main purpose- to be a haven for bloggers - remains to be one of many reasons why they remain.

i found a second home in this place. a sanctuary where i can unwind and seek comfort; an oasis where i can quench my thirst and shades me from the element; a staunch ally in times of despair. i believe in this group. here, one is treated equal to the next. no one is above or any better than the rest neither any less, regardless of who you are, what you are and where you are. respect is one thing when earned and another when it is freely given. the former is hardwork and the latter an honor. this group gives you that, an honor. i learned a lesson in friendship this group has taught me...TO HAVE A FRIEND, YOU NEED TO BE ONE.

there are those who came briefly and went; few while inundated with personal and professional undertakings may not be able to visit as often as they like,nevertheless, they too left a mark that once they had passed this path. i may not have the liberty of knowing them well but i like them and even love some of them nonetheless. maybe, our path will cross again somewhere, somehow. i wish them happiness and success in any endeavor!

i never expected this group to aroused such profound feeling in me. i take pride in its name and stand by its belief. yes, i am protective of it, much like a lover to her beloved. so long as it exist, so long i stay.... if anyone would have dared tell me this group does not come up to his/her intellectual standard, i'll tell that person point blank to join mensa instead, the bastion of intellectual prowess,rather than belittle everyone in this group. this is a place to commune with friends; to share life's deepest sorrow and greatest of joy; to experience the exhilarating pleasure of writing; to enjoy the company of guests( who graced this page with their presence and precious time ) - above and beyond all that - this place extend its hands in friendship...may you find what it is you are seeking for; if it isn't here maybe it is elsewhere.....i bid you goodluck!

to the salitype society, here's a toast! may we continue to grow in numbers, find deeper meaning to our purpose and may friendship flourish in each passing year...

happy one year anniversary!!!

image taken from public domain...www.workingmomagainstguilt.com


  1. very well expressed, Eng! :)


  2. namis ko tuloy sila kurdapya asan naba kayo mga friendship? may burger ako o!

  3. Eng... so wonderful.. touches my heart.. i have learned to love this group like my own family... thank you Eng for another beautiful story.

    PROST! to our 1st year anniversary! :)

  4. oh, so touching Esmeralda Odette...it was you whom i first met....thank you so much for accepting the friendship...you opened the salitype door for me...love you mmmmwaaahhhh!!!!

  5. Happy anniversary to the Salitype Society, and congratulation!

    May the new year brings more success to fulfill your mission..

  6. Indeed Eng, my dear friend, I share your sentiments. This entry is like an oasis for my dry “writing life.” Right now, I thirst for the days when I can freely blog and read blogs. I have been tied down with many things lately I can’t do much… but reading your entry reminds me that there is company waiting for me…

    This entry is timely for our anniversary. It reminds us what Salitype is all about and why it exists. May it continue to be a haven for bloggers.

    Happy Anniversary, girlfriend! Can’t believe it’s been a year... hahaha… I still remember that summer in 2008! It was filled with anticipation and excitement! The blogosphere became colorful and friendster became my homepage. This mediocre writer was invigorated by sincere comments that were soliciting friendship rather than basic information.

    May the friendship grow! Thank you for enriching my life with your “salitype!”

    We’ve come a long way and have a long way to go... longing for the day when I can put our arms around each other in a warm embrace! Cheers!

    Love you lots, Engtot!

  7. so am i, my friend...longing for that special day so i can put my arms around you!

    oh! i miss you girlash and sunshine, too!

    i know it will happen one day! we will make it happen, girl!

  8. thank you so much Icy BC...you and the other guests who so lovingly gave this page your time, contributed in making our dream come true!

    again, thank you!

  9. ha!ha1ha1...kulasa, girlash! happy anniversary to you, too!

    some friendships are meant to be,girl! thank you for giving our's a chance!

  10. ica/car...yes, girl. i, too, learned to love this group as a family! it isn't hard to fall fall -in-love with it!

    happy anniversary to you, too!

  11. choi, girl! i had carmen in mind when i wrote this phrase..." and even love some of them nonetheless."

    i miss you babes! whenever you need someone just to sit beside you, we are just here, friend!

    happy anniversary to you!!

  12. cher, girlash!

    happy anniversary to us!! ha!ha1ha!know what comes to mind while i was making this entry..."speak now or forever hold your piece".....forever is a very long time to keep my piece.so, i am telling you all salitypers how much you mean to me..

  13. " i take pride in its name and stand by its belief. yes, i am protective of it, much like a lover to her beloved. so long as it exist, so long i stay.."
    ====thank you so much Eng, and all of you, Chay, Che and Tes for welcoming us all to your group. I still remember the days when I first joined, Tes encouraged me to browse all posts, and Che sent me a welcome note, how friendly everyone was. I am glad for coming into your home, and together, we built a home as we grow in friendship and in dreams.

  14. ahhh! yes, betchai! i looked back to those days with fondness. i face tomorrow with anticipation of getting closer to our dreams and i am filled with excitement of friendship we have found through this group.

    thank you, for giving me,us, a chance to be a part of you...

  15. I am moved Eng with your message. You are one of the many friends I found here on line that made a difference in my life. I am also looking forward to meeting you someday. Miss you too !! Mwahhh !

  16. oh sunshine! how i miss you girl! you put a sunshine in this miserable english weather girl's life....

    i might have said it to you before...but, i'll say it once more..."there'll be no sunshine when your gone, girl...."no sunshine at all! miss you!

  17. Eng, since you mention that song to me, it keeps playing in my ear !

    I am not going anywhere, even if you "shoo" me away hahahahaha

  18. eng, just like you, i take great pride in being a member of this prestigious online group, The Salitype Society:) my day is not complete if i do not turn my pc on and visit our beloved site to read new posts, comments, news .. or see who else i can chat with in the little chat box on our site. just like you, i find it hard to believe sometimes how close i feel to each one of you, even though i've never met any of you in person. you are all like sisters/brothers to me. i cry when something happens that brings any TSS member to tears. i laugh and cheer when a TSS member has something good happen to him/her. i find each one of you very intelligent and interesting .. i have learned so much from each one. i have been blessed so much by every post i've read from you guys. eng, i'd like to thank you for being one of the foremothers who came up with the splendid idea for this site. what a loss it would have been if you, che, chay and tes would not have pushed through with plans for an online group! God bless the day that you four conceived this grand idea!! i wish TSS the best as we march forward into another year. again, i am so very proud to be a member of this society, and i hope to be one until the day i die... happy anniversary, TSS!!

  19. oh! mj, you made me cry! tears of joy, my friend! tears of joy!

    that we are here today,together to celebrate friendship amongst other things.o hold each others hand and give each other a hug from afar( for what matters is the thought that goes with it)..i am sending you a big kiss and a bigger hug right now!

    the honor is our's(tss)my friend!hug and kisses to teyla and rog!...hope the plan for grand reunion push through!!




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