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Saturday, July 25, 2009

My New Found Home Sweet Home

From the ocean,
to the calmer water of the bays,
to the hills and dales in the valley,
to the mountains, 

to the desert,
and back to the sea,
they are san diego's backyard, my new home sweet home.
despite the lights in this city, my home still feels like in a country. lights are shut away even in just short distance because of the many hills, canyons and mesas that litter in its backyard.
where despite urbanization, nature is not necessarily shut off.  i wake up with the joyful singing of birds,
and feeling the country atmosphere amongst the fogs that hug the trees looking out from our bedroom window,
and the early evening skies inspires silence,
a quietness that can not be imagined existing in a city,
yet exists here anyway.
work and lifestyle is meshed with hiking and the ocean, 
where I live,
my new found home sweet home, San Diego.
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  1. oh! betchai..what a lovely place! hope one day i can come visit you someday and you can show me all these wonderful place of san diego...oh!

  2. Your new home inspires you. It doesn't get any better than that. I must admit until I found your blog, over a year ago, I had no idea the San Diego area was so beautiful, and I thank you for that.

  3. like Eng, it's my dream to visit you one day and see with my own naked eyes the beauty and wonders of San Diego. you presented your new home like it's a paradise, well i know it's indeed a paradise for you. i'd love to be there someday! :)

  4. What a beautiful post! You've given us another way to view our very own home, no matter where it is..

    Gorgeous pictures, betchai!

  5. thanks Eng, Melissa, Cher and Icy for your kind words and comments.

    @ Eng and Cher, would love to tour you here, I will be your free tour guide, Eng, as long as you make me some of your very yummy dishes, hehe, I can make you some meals too, we'll take turns. yes Cher, i think wherever we are, we look at our home as paradise.

    @ Melissa, actually some residents here don't even know the natural beauty of their place, they just know home and work, all within the concrete and paved path.

    @ Icy, very true, no matter where it is, there is beauty in our home, the beauty of the sky alone is just everywhere.

  6. Hallochen Bethchai! ;)

    Wow! i agree with everyone Beth San Diego is beautiful! Oh, how i wish too that someday we'll be walking on the beach and enjoy the beauty of SD ;) *wishful thinking* thanks Kimchai for sharing your second home to us ;)

  7. Amazing diversity. It is always a pleasure to find such beauty in every little thing especially where we live, it truly does inspire us, and also shows us how precious these moments in experience with place are. :)

  8. Betchai - you truly presented San Diego in a manner that would really attract people to want see it for themselves.

    I been to a couple of places there and should definitely go back and explore some more.

    We are so blessed here in California, we don't even have to go very far to experience a great life outdoors.

  9. Betchai....the place is simply breathtaking...haaayyyyyyyyyyyyy

  10. i must add, i love the first photo, you look like kids he he he

  11. thanks Car, Ana, Chay and Zen.

    Car, sige, let us not only walk on the beach someday but also let the waves give us a joyful ride.

    Ana, very true, there is inspiration no matter where we are, we just have to learn how to stop and appreciate

    Chay, I presented it the way I am living it here, the outside world just inspires me always to seek it and re charge. right now my arms are sore from too much boogie boarding (riding the waves).

    Zen, we are like kids most of the time, especially if we are catching waves :)

  12. How can you not own it as your new home sweet home? Such beautiful views and sights to enjoy. If there's something I miss in our homeland...it's the family =)

    only if san diego is like an hour or 2 drive from here, you'll see me there =)

  13. ... a place that you can really call your own sweet home... not just an epitome of serenity, because aside from that,you're finally with your family again!... and that's what really makes it a home so sweet and wonderful to stay. =)




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