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Monday, July 27, 2009

collecting currency anyone?

i've been meaning to showcase the hubby's collection of different bank notes/currency for a long while now- which actually were just lying somewhere in the house.goodness only knows where it is.

he used to collect different currency and now he couldn't remember where he puts them. after a long search i found it and started to get my hands busy.


with two not so large and old frames i still keep on top of my closet - thank goodness these are the last of the frames i am trying to get rid of - i did what i can to show as much banknotes as the space allows.


initially, i wanted to display it on a center table (which i don't have and needs to buy) either in an album or on top ( this necessitates a custom cut glass , nah!.)

i hang it instead where you will be obliged to have a closer if not a second look.

if you don't want to look at it while you're in there, well, you have a choice of a blank wall to stare at! i bet, we both know which one you prefer....

Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Garden City, Wolfenbüttel, My Second Home

Wolfenbüttel - is not just famous for it's historical castle, and medieval buildings and houses from 1500's or more. It's also called "the garden city" because all around the farmers plant the seasonal vegetables and fruits. So,we get them all fresh ;) here is the colorful side of Wolfenbüttel... ;)

in spring time "Raps" (canola flowers) are all over the farms and also cherrys, apple, berries and more.. they bloom in spring time and in summer is the harvest season.

apple and cherry trees...

me ( teehee ) ;) we went to just wandering around the farms.. i'm not sure if this tree is cherry or apple or pear ;)

i don't know the name of these flowers, but it's beautiful ;)

these are cherry trees... now they are being harvested

nice alley in Wolfenbüttel.. around spring time..

biking around Wolfenbüttel...

at the Nature Park, Wolfenbüttel

these are also grains for making bread or beer, ( wheat, rye, barley, yeast) this traditional windmill is where they get the energy to produce the flour for making bread. Now it's also a museum.

in spring time, we saw this butterfly while wandering around the farms...

strawberry season is every month of May and June and only very short...

That's my second home and it's colorful side ;) please wait for my entry in Varied theme for it's historical part ;)

photos are taken in Wolfenbüttel, Germany by: Maricar

My New Found Home Sweet Home

From the ocean,
to the calmer water of the bays,
to the hills and dales in the valley,
to the mountains, 

to the desert,
and back to the sea,
they are san diego's backyard, my new home sweet home.
despite the lights in this city, my home still feels like in a country. lights are shut away even in just short distance because of the many hills, canyons and mesas that litter in its backyard.
where despite urbanization, nature is not necessarily shut off.  i wake up with the joyful singing of birds,
and feeling the country atmosphere amongst the fogs that hug the trees looking out from our bedroom window,
and the early evening skies inspires silence,
a quietness that can not be imagined existing in a city,
yet exists here anyway.
work and lifestyle is meshed with hiking and the ocean, 
where I live,
my new found home sweet home, San Diego.
a slideshow from home and around

Poole...my second home!

I live in Poole, a large coastal town and seaport in Dorset, south of England. World renowned for its award winning beaches, beautiful harbour, sailing and the pottery that bears the name of the town, Poole is fast becoming known as the St Tropez of the south coast.

click the image to enlarge

The Poole park was constructed on land donated byLord Wimborne and was opened by the Prince of Wales in 1890. The park's main feature is a large man made lagoon that is home to different ducks, geese and seagulls.

The Hightreet, rows and rows of shops and deli that will cater to all taste.it offers 3 major coffeehouses - Starbucks, Costa Rica, Nero- within few yards of each other- not to mention English delicatessen.


Poole Harbour is one of several which lay claim to the title of the second largest natural harbour in the world, next to Sidney Harbour.


The Brownsea island is home to a thriving population of the scarce and threatened red squirrel and offers winter shelter to a quarter of the UK's winter population of avocets; a black and white bird with a long, curved beak.
The island is a fantastic location for bird watching. It is a habitat of national and international importance for a variety of birds including dunlin, kingfishers, common and sandwich terns and oystercatchers.

one good thing about all these is they're all within 5 - 20 minutes walk from my place -literally, at my front door and my backyard!

information and few image taken from enjoy england, wikipedia, the national trust and google earth, others taken by the author herself..

Friday, July 24, 2009

vegetables and tuna omelette

ysabelle,my six years old daughter, is not keen on veggies. kids are known to have dislikes on vegetables in general. if your's happen to love them, you are one lucky mummy!!

so, what i did was disguised veggies in omelette, any veggies i can get my hands on. if there's a will, there's always a way....


bell pepper
spring onion
tuna in brine
sunflower oil

finely chopped all the vegetables. heat oil in frying fan and add all the veg. wait for a couple of minutes until the juices comes out and add the tuna, salt and pepper. set aside. in a separate bowl, beat eggs and add the mixed vegetables and tuna. again, heat a table spoon of oil in frying fan and place all ingredients back on it. reduced the heat to low. flip omelette upside down until both side turn golden brown.

Monday, July 20, 2009

The Desert Through My Eyes

Spring Flowers, Anza Borrego Desert State Park
As much as I love the ocean and the mountains, I also feel a deep connection for the desert. In fact, it is the inspiration from the desert that motivated me to write an outdoor themed blog outside of friendster. Perhaps I wanted the desert to reach out to more people and be appreciated as much as the oceans and the mountains. Unknown to many, the ecosystem that exist in the desert is very complex and fragile, the life within is very diverse and it would take longer years for a desert to rehabilitate once devastated. What follows below is a composition inspired by my affection and love for the desert and my desire to preserve its fragile resources:
The Desert Through My Eyes
by Betchai
The first time I met you
Tears were running down my face
For you taught me how to look at Earth's geological past
Of what was before, that will prepare us for what is to come
You had been mercilessly whipped by the unforgiving forces of nature
Yet you left us with a beauty beyond compare
Showing us that deeper beauty and strength of character 
Comes after passing all the harshest tests of time
When others see in you simply rocks
I see sculpted masterpieces
That were crafted by nature
No man can equal
When others see no foliage
devoid of lushness
I see the inner beauty
of our naked Earth
When others see a wasted land
I see hidden wealth
That would please and excite
Every artists' eyes
When others see all but dirt and sand
I see animal tracks following your curves and forms
Whipped intelligently by nature
Alluring on its own
When others see you as all brown
I would say, have patience to wait
For God transforms this very dirt and soil
Into a wonderland
When others see only the scorching sun
I see the soft colors of light
Transforming rocks and canyons
Into a various display of colors
When others see only your dryness
I see the promise
Of a hidden and peaceful oasis
That supports a very diverse life
The desert, barren it may be
But if we look deeper
We uncover its hidden and incomparable beauty
Teaching us to keep strong whenever we are tested by time
The beauty and magnificence of the desert
Reminds us not to look on skin alone
For deeper beauty is not what on what is obvious
But what lies inside!

Let me end this post with a short description of Joshua Tree and Methusela.
The Joshua tree- its limbs are outstretched like in a prayer, thus it got its name. This desert yucca which is also the title of U2's Joshua Tree Album, one of the world's best selling albums of all time, was chosen by U2 to pay tribute to America: for the plant is a symbol of strength in prayers, of independence, of strong will, of hard work, of how inner beauty is shaped by gracefully withstanding all challenges that passed us. And in the desert, we find the oldest living inhabitant of this Earth, Methusela, a bristlecone pine at 4777 years old. It survives the most brutal environment in the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest, in California's Eastern Sierra's Desert. What does nature teach us here? That the oldest inhabitant of this planet is not the one who lives in the most pleasant environment, but is the one who is able to withstand all the harshest challenges in the desert. 
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