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Thursday, May 5, 2011

My Favorite Thing

What is my favorite thing? Quite really hard to decide.
But in terms of usage and what I do every free time I have, then, a camera would have to be in the top list. I define my leisure as going out of the doors, take a hike, and shoot whatever nature's gifts that I see. Camera is my partner in capturing priceless memories that will last me a lifetime.
And since I define my leisure as going out of the doors, taking a hike, and shoot wonderful gifts from nature that I see, I would have to add in my favorite thing my legs extender. The trekking poles are my reliable strength extender, providing 3rd and 4th leg. Using hiking poles is equivalent to using 4x4 mode in driving. If you are only in the city, walking on flat grounds, with nary a weight to carry, you do not need it. But when you are climbing rough terrains up the mountains and snowy slopes, with at least 10 lbs backpack, it is necessary when you want to avoid injuries and be able to reach your destination without being too exhausted. The pressure from climbing that would have gone to the knees and back, are now mostly absorbed by the pole. Hiking poles allow me to carry my heavy camera and climb rough terrains which would otherwise be tougher. With my hiking poles, I am able to explore more and take more pictures :) .
So, what is my favorite thing? Is it the camera or the hiking poles? Hmmmm, really hard to decide, as they are both dear to me. 


  1. When you post your entry for TSS Kodak Moment, kindly write under the edit box, in the label box, "Fun With Photos", so that the post will be automatically grouped in the "Fun With Photos Category".

    also, since I presume we would have the same titles for each TSS Kodak themes, the one that would differentiate our titles are - our name.


    TSS Kodak Moment: On My Way To Work - Chay

    k, it is not too late to catch up and add here your Fun with photos:

    topic 1 - my favorite thing
    topic 2- on my way to work
    topic 3 (we are on 3rd theme now) - what's in my bag/purse ?

  2. oh betchai! you made my day...just look at that butterfly crowned with my favorite color and what's amazing is it just sits there waiting for you to make an eternal image of what beauty is...

    i wish i could do outdoor hobbies as well. i would love to go trekking with you one day dear friend, just give me 15 minutes break every hour to catch my breath!!! ha!ha!ha!

  3. the butterfly resting on the camera just goes to show how nature in turn loves Betchai...maybe the butterfly wants to take a picture of you Beth he he he he

    i love your hiking pole because i love you sis and i never would want you getting tired or injured for that matter....gosh i can not help but imagine the old woman version of you though he he he he...*wink*

  4. thanks Zen, Eng and Manoy Doro.

    @ Manoy Doro, so happy to see you here, am glad you found Salitype's new home.

    @ Eng, actually for steep uphill climb, recommended is rest every 30 minutes even when you don't feel like it, to drink and have some foods (little food to keep the energy going), so you don't even need to ask for rest Eng, we all take rest :)

    @ Zen, actually I first resisted the use of hiking poles because I felt like it makes me old. But i see a lot of people a lot younger than me in the trails with poles, that made me start to feel comfortable :) accepting its use.

  5. what a lovely shot! that's a kodak moment!

  6. WOW Betchai, you always took wonderful shots!

    Thanks for sharing this site. I will certainly come back again and read more. Seems like a very interesting site.

    Debbie :)

  7. HI Ayie, and Deb. thanks a lot for visiting, am so glad you stopped by and left us with your wonderful comments.

  8. That butterfly pic is just amazing! You really have an eye for great details. :) Thank you for sharing this to us.

    Now I want to have my own unit. My dad has the old film type SLR hehe...I bet he will buy a DLSR as soon as he sees your shots :)

  9. KimChai, your pictures are like spring... full of life and beauty... thank you for sharing this to us. I am still having problems with my internet connections viewing our site Beth :( but i will not give up ;) thanks for your tips girlash! mwah!

  10. Kimchai, the butterfly photo is so sharp -I can really see the details! Wow!

    Yeah, I can understand why the hiking poles are a favorite of yours *winks*

  11. This picture is one of my favorites ! I think this is a winning photo if you submit it in a contest !

  12. thanks Nhil, Car, Tes and Chay.

    Chay, maybe I sell this one to canon? Free Ads sila sa akin? teeheee? just dreaming :)

  13. betchai, the first photo is lovely and full of imagination.
    My camera that is much jeolous by my another half is now my best friend.

  14. Hi Rainfield, thanks for leaving your mark in our site :)

    about the first photo, the butterfly actually won't leave the camera, so better took it a picture :)

    oh, my hubby before just looked at me whenever i get crazy outside taking pics, after a year, he joined the fun, hehehe, we are now partners in both hiking and taking pictures :) hope your wife will jump in with your trekking and photography too :)

  15. Beautiful photos, and yes there are so many things I like, but taking picture is one of my favoring to do.

  16. So glad to see this post again ! Did I say, this is one of my favorite shots ? the one with butterfly hahahahah lovely !!!

  17. this is purely awesome!...you are the "Yoda" of photography Betachai...The master jedi?...(winks!)

    and like the others, i'd like to go hiking with you someday too. Can i bring lots of junk food?..hehehe

  18. hahaha, thanks Chay and Carmen, ginamit yung post na to for blogging happine$$ :)

    Carmen, sure, would be fun kung tayong lahat will go on a hike! Hahah, you can bring junk foods, you actually need more salt when you hike.Though, we don't buy junk foods, but if you bring some, sure I can have a few chips!

  19. betchik girl! thank you, making this page sing again with cahtting and shrieking and laughter in every nooks and cranny.

    its always nice to be back home, again.

  20. Wow, this awesome post surfaced again! Coolness. Love it, Beth! :)




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