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Friday, June 26, 2009

Lesson on The Beach

Lesson on the Beach was first published in Chay's Loving Life Each Day, the inspirational thoughts in this post inspired us to re-publish it here again in our group site. 
by Chay

I am wealthy ! I talk about it, write about it, take pictures of it and have never been ashamed of it. I work hard and I am very proud of it. I am surrounded by my wealth, proud to say I am one of the wealthiest people alive.

Look… you are too !

It is family and friends that make US ALL RICH. They are our wealth. Our lives are so delicate. Our twelve hours a day- five days a week jobs could end with layoff or company closure, our homes that we have invested time, talent and money could turn to ash in a matter of minutes, thieves could steal all material possessions within minutes, and our cars could be destroyed in one accident. These are “things” our time and money are invested and if lost through disaster or accident can be replaced. But our loved ones are so much more valuable. Today we have them, hopefully, but they can be gone tomorrow, forever losing any chance to spend more time with them.

I just had the opportunity to think about this when a relative shared a story about a photo he took while he was on the beach. He saw a mom with her three little girls all dressed up like they were going to a wedding. Out of curiosity, he approached the mom and asked if they were heading to a beach wedding. He was surprised by her response. The mom told her story of how she and her husband were going to renew their vows on the beach for their 10th year wedding anniversary on that very day. At the last minute her husband got stuck into something at work too important to miss. She decided to celebrate their anniversary with her 3 little precious girls. They all dressed up: the mom wearing a simple wedding gown with her hair nicely curled and styled, the three little girls were wearing white long dresses, their hair was down and they were wearing little crowns that made them look like little princesses and each one of them holding flowers bundled together like flower girls. The mother took pictures of everyone being so happy to commemorate her 10th year wedding anniversary.

The value of spending time together with family and loved ones, no matter what the occasion is priceless.


  1. very well said kalachuchay kahit akong gusgusin mayaman din sa kalokohan hehehe! mis yah!

  2. "your friendship makes me a million richer sis...with love and inspiration!"

  3. ah!!! yes, chay....i am a self proclaimed billionaire! with friends like you by my side who wouldn't be!

  4. "I am wealthy ! I talk about it, write about it, take pictures of it and have never been ashamed of it. I work hard and I am very proud of it. I am surrounded by my wealth, proud to say I am one of the wealthiest people alive."

    Thanks Chay for your great way of reminding us how wealthy we are! Cher here.., loving life each day with you! :)

  5. Wow just saw this today ! Thanks to our dear Betchai for the photo she let me used for this article - perfect !

    To all my friends - I cherish each one of you !

  6. Chay, this is beautiful...

    me too Chay, having you and the rest of our friends in Salitype is like a treasure that i will cherish forever! love yah girlash! ;)

  7. what an inspiring post, chay! it's true indeed- material objects lost in a house fire can eventually be replaced, but our loved ones are irreplaceable. another thing we can never get back once it slips away is TIME. thanks for reminding us through this post of the importance of spending quality time with those we love.

    just like everyone else, i feel so blessed to have met you here at Salitype:) you are a wonderful, thoughtful person. your family is truly lucky to have you in their lives, and we are blessed to have you as a dear friend through this Web site.

    take care always.. and by the way, thanks for the diapers:) we are making good use of them right now.

  8. wealth and riches can't just be anything physical or monetary...it comes in many forms. My family, my husband, my future kids, friends and all that surrounds me which contribute to my success and peaceful living are well treasured riches.




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