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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Chicken Adobo with Mushrooms

by: Chay

When I think about home, I think about memories of our family hovered around our dining table feasting on delicious warm meals my mom prepared.

Dinnertime is something each one of us looked forward to after a day at school or a day at work. It was a tradition in our family to eat dinner together that has been carried on for many years. The regular family dinners with siblings stopped when my siblings and I married and left home. On special occasions like birthdays and holidays, the tradition of gathering around our dining table for mom's "home cooked" meals intrinsically nudges places in our hearts full of familiarity but low in frequency. As the years passed, mom's table became known as Grandma's table filled with the same ambiances and love but larger with the addition of eleven grand children.

I still miss home, my mom and her home cooked meals and family time around the dinner table with my siblings. Today, I cook for my husband and children. I want them to remember me in the same way I remember my mom. I want them to think about home and my warm "home-cooked" meals. I am blessed with a husband who eats everything I cook, aside from the one time I served fried fish with the head on it (lol), well that is another story to share.

Everyday my husband and children eagerly call me while driving home to ask, " Mom... what's for dinner?" I answer by describing the food item cooking; however, what is really for dinner are growing memories of mom's home cooked meals after a day at school or a day at work with family and siblings gathered together. Traditions!

Chicken Adobo with Mushrooms

Chicken breast
Soy sauce

1. Saute garlic, onion.
2. Add sliced chicken
3. Add sliced mushrooms
4. Season with soy sauce and vinegar


  1. oh! chay...now i'm feeling a bit homesick.your adobo and the story reminds me of home as well...

    like your family, dinner is the only time we as family sits together to feast on "nanay's" home cooked meal and talks about our day. always without an excuse we all gather on the table at 7:00 each night when we were young.yeah! the tradition girl.

    adobo to me is home,satisfying, filling and good home cooked meal..

  2. Chay, makes me miss my mom haaaayyyyy....
    because she cooks better than me he he he he...it is really more satisfying to eat together with the people we love...i hate eating alone...eating with the rest of the family makes me eat more and weight more though he he he...your husband and kids are so lucky Chay! gosh, can i have a taste of that adobo, the adobo i bought from the carinderia just now taste too salty...i bet your adobo tastes like heaven....

  3. nakakagutom ang inihanda mo, chay.

  4. miss my late nanay too, she also cooks adobo better than me :)

    last night, i actually made tofu steak pinoy style from eng's influence. so maybe tonight, i will make chicken adobo Chay :)

    Chay, I am so happy to see this post from you, it means we'll gonna see more of your foods, fun with photos, etc, etc, Chay.

    Welcome to posting Chay.

  5. Good morning guys !

    First of all - Welcome Manoy Doro !!! I am so glad to see you here !!!

    Guys.. please don't get tired of reading my life stories. I have so many wonderful memories I wanted to share with you as we gather around the table feasting on my "simple" style of cooking.

    I enjoy doing this very much. Kitchen is the place I relax - the place I breathe - the place I can express my gift! And yeah I am so happy that I get to take pictures of my cooking and share with all of you.

    This is just the beginning... more to come !

  6. I have had this but never actually made it. I will have to give it a try.

  7. I also cook adobo every now and then. I love the contrast of saltiness and sourness of the base.

    I always try to cook our homeland's dishes so I won't feel to far from my family. I'm all alone here =(

  8. Hey betchai, we both had tofu last night...except I made mine sweet and sour

  9. Chay, I feel the same way, that adobo reminds me of home and assails me with nostalgia.

    It is the same with our family. Meals are sacred; it's a time for fellowship. In fact, I remember, our dining room has a divider that does not allow us to access the TV (hehe). The TV was positioned on the other side of the divider. This way we can focus on the conversation. On weekends the meals drag longer -with all sorts of anecdotes and a special "weekend dessert," better than the weekday ones (hehe)
    Thank you for sharing this, Chay!

    Welcome po, Manoy Doro!

  10. Hi there! The food made my mouth water, and to think that I just ate for lunch! I'll try your recipe soon.

    Btw, thank you for dropping by our site and leaving a wonderful comment.

    Debbie :)

  11. This is the first time I heard of adobo with mushroom for a recipe but I'm sure this is a yummy treat for the family. :)

    Now I remember that there are 101 ways to cook adobo...that's how Pinoys are creative of our fave dish. :)

    Have a great day!

  12. The recipe sounds good and easy to make. I loved your story about your mom and family meals. My mom died about twenty years ago, but I try to bring that same warmth to my families table. I also cook a lot of her recipes and I am grateful that I paid attention when she was teaching me how to prepare them.

  13. Hi Ayie, so nice to see you here, me too, I always make homeland dishes since those are my favorite :) come here often Ayie, so you find companions in us, well, only through the net :)

    @ Chay, will not get tired reading your stories and your sharings, whether it be food, your inspirational stories, or your pictures! anything actually :)

    @ Deb, Nhil and Laura, thanks for dropping by, really appreciate it.




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