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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Abu Simbel

This is the temple of HATHOR - the temple is dedicated to Queen Nefertari, Ramses II's beloved wife. In this temple, the statues of Queen Nefertari is surprisingly equal to Ramses II's statues. This is unusual because most of the statues and bas reliefs of the Pharaoh's wife we saw in Egypt are small and either at the back of the Pharaoh holding his knees.

the temple was found by chance by Swiss Johann Ludwig Burckhardt on May 22,1813. And the Italian Giovanni Battista Belzoni found out the upper part of the door way and the main door on August1, 1817.

Pharaoh Ramses II ruled for a long time and built a lot of monuments which are still exist. On the 60's in the last century, German archeologists and enginners moved the whole temple to it's present site, so it will not be under the water level of this new artificial lakes, created by the big dam of river Nile.

Abu Simbel - lies 280 kilometers south of Aswan and from the north of Sudanese border it is only 40 kilometers away. It was already 9 o' clock in the morning when we reached Abu Simbel. There we saw the great temple of Ramses II.
photos and informations by: maricar


  1. Car, thank you so much for sharing this part of Egypt to us and also for this very informative post. We are not only seeing beautiful pictures from Egypt, but also learning at the same time.

    Am still on the road, just dropping by quick here at BK, hope everyone is well and will have a good weekend.

  2. KangCarrot- "thank you again for taking me there....and for bringing me inside your heart in our wonderful journey through life and all its beauty....i know you have been thinking about the sadness of life being short lately but hey girl, that is just the way life is...we have each other and our wonderful family here...our words and thoughts will live forever!- like statues for this is our temple!

  3. These are amazing photos. It is such a gift to be able to see these up close. Thank you for sharing them with us.

  4. Queen Nefertari is one lucky queen and you Car is one lucky person to see all these awesome places ! Thanks for sharing, I like the second picture - you look like you were looking for something or is that your posing !

  5. it's great how they preserved all these wonders. We can learn from all these carvings and structures about the early life and ways.

  6. Bethchai > thank you also Beth, you are one of my inspirations in writing and sharing our travel experiences here in this so called blogosphere i also learned a lot from you.... thank you my dear friend...

    Kulasa > i'm so thankful you are always there Zen, yes those days are really sad days for me, our neighbor who died is so nice to me that's why hubby and me are so sad when she passed away :( thanks again Zen, i'm glad i have family here, you and our friends in Salitype :) love yah girlash! mwah!

    Chay > thanks Chay ;) the posing is just accident Chay, i was just getting ready to strike a pose when i step on the light and hubby just took a photo of me in that time ;) he is like this Chay he likes stollen shots (teehee) ;)

  7. hello Poetic Shutterbug! ;)

    my pleasure, thank you so much for dropping by, indeed it's a gift to see those amazing statues.

    Hello Ayie! ;)

    thanks for the visit, i agree with you we can learn from all those reliefs or hieroglypic signs, we are lucky that most of our trips in Egypt we had tour guide to tell us the meaning of " some " of those mystical reliefs, otherwise we will not be able to understand them.

  8. very nice snaps & well written. I almost reached Abu Salem.

    Hey have u taken the cruise trip?

    I read in the article Abu Simbel - A story told by time that cruise trips in NILE are mind blowing.

  9. Hello Sanjay!

    thanks for the visit, no we didn't had a chance to make cruise trip in River Nile, but we did Felucca sailing in Aswan you can visit my other entry here in travelogue. Again thank you for visiting us here :)

  10. What a fantastic information, and to be loved by the King like Queen Nefertari is extraordinary! Beautiful photos!

  11. that would be so awesome if rog was rich enough to build a temple in honor of me!:) lucky Queen Nefertari!:) awesome shots of your trip to Egypt, KC! thank you for sharing.




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