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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Scheduling of Posts

by now, most of us are quite familiar with posting schedule. those who are not, do not despair, we will guide you through.

an M-W-F schedule run parallel with our 8 categories for purpose of consistency and to give fair exposure to each theme. starting monday, 27th of july, post which are not previously scheduled will be taken off the salitype page and be saved in the draft instead to be re-post on the next slot available for the category chosen by the author.the reason being is to give a fair chance for those author/s who has booked a week or days in advance. OR alternatively, you can save your post in the draft and drop us a line - in the announcement board or preferrably here - and will publish your article in the next available slot.

saturday and sunday remains to be a free for all, TSS kodak moments and fun with photos. post as many as you want!

i hope no one will take offense if their post is being taken off the page and be saved on the draft for later posting. we want to make our page as organize, informative and fun...

Please don't forget to read our site's Terms of Use regarding posting. 

Sat- jan3 - monochrome weekly -Tes
W - jan6 - chic a la mode
F - jan8 -
fun Friday L - Tes

M - jan11 - travelogue
W - jan13 - varied themes
F - jan15 -
fun Friday M - Tes
Sat - jan17 - Monochrome Weekly - Tes

M - jan18 - cooking made easy

W - jan20 - craft bug
F - jan22 -
fun Friday N  - Tes

T - jan26 watery Wednesday -Tes

W- jan27 - poetic murmurings
F - jan 29 -
fun Friday O  - Tes

Once you have finalized your draft and you already know your date/category, you may post your blogs ahead and POST DATE it. On the post page, you may click post options (below the edit box on the left side) and change the date of your post to the date where you signed in (on the lower right side of edit box after clicking post options).


  1. hi Eng, changed it already.

    ako din, for a change, if no one will take aug 10 chic a la mode, will take it, but otherwise, i can delay it too. but will not put it there yet just in case someone would want to post re: chic a la mode on that date too.

  2. oh! yeah, maybe i should do the same thing, in case someone wants to post on that date. is it ok with you if i took it off the list?

    i'll just post it when nobody wants to post!!

    good idea beth! thanks

  3. bethchai thank you also, i am happy doing all these with you guys :) ahmmm seems there's a problem? sumilip lang ako sinasamantala ko hanggat di pa nag o online mga anak ko it's my son's b day you know ;) guys sa August or anytime this july pagbalik ko i can post anytime kung walang mag po post on what date you said i can contribute guys, but just now medyo busy talaga ako... napansin ko din Beth and Eng wala atang nag post today?

    oh, i know it will be ok, guys see you after 5 days, take care love you all!

  4. car, girlash! cherie has committed herself to post today, to quote her...."sige, akin na yung july 3 - ano nga ba yun, hahaha..pero akin na yun,"..........

    let's give her few more hours and we will make an executive decision what should be done.we have few posts saved on the draft list for such eventuality!

  5. oh and girl! enjoy the concert and let us know how it goes!!!

    take care, ok!

  6. Car, you may just be early, Cherie posted something today, thanks so much for the concern Car.

    Have a fun and safe trip Car. pasalubong namin, hehe, travelogue for july 17th, heeehheeeh. But no pressure Car, if you can't make the travelogue post on July 17, we always have a reserve, just let us know. enjoy the concert car, can you take video? wow, excited for you. Happy Birthday also to your son Car, may he had a wonderful birthday celebration.

    Eng, I like the sound of "executive decision", hehehe, we really are living up to our WWC.

    @ Cher, kinuha ko yung red font for July 29 flower hunt, saw you have a new draft, you may want to post your flower hunt on the 29th, that would be great. Kasi, si-nave ko dati yung 29th for me, but then, wala pa naman akong may na-draft, hehehe! I can do mine a lot later.

    Guys and Gals, we still have a lot of vacant dates and categories, we would really appreciate if you can join us in posting here.

  7. car and i always comes home at the same time, an hour difference time wise...ha!ha!ha!

    yes, betchai! the executive decision thingy..ha!ha!ha! i like the sound of it as well ( very corporate indeed) and it stuck with me. remember chay says the same thing...ha!ha1ha1

  8. new volunteer: Cher for July 29's flower Hunt, thanks Cher.

    Guys, there are still a lot of free dates/ categories, our home would rejoice merrily if it hears your thoughts and see your posts. Let us know if you need help in posting here, Zen, Choi, Eng, Car, Cherie, Tes, Chay, Me, Cher can always help how to post. And we're always here to leave noise :) through comments, you can check out the recent comments to see where everyone had been chatting and feel free to make noise or leave comment anywhere.

    Oh, waiting for pictures from EB and more Kiss pictures started by Zen :)

  9. betchai ! if no one will post on the M- july27 -craft bug and so is the W- aug 5- travelogue, i'll take those dates.let's leave it open for now until others decided which theme or date they prefer to post.

    thanks girl!

  10. mothers of TSS, i've carried an inspirational post from my abandoned FS blog, let me know when i can publish it. thanks!

  11. cher, girlash! yeah my FS account is in state of abandonment as well! i am going there once in while to lift some articles( ahayy! article daw o)

  12. guys! finally nakalipat na rin ako ng bahay pero nasa adjustment stage pa... di ko pa nabuhat lahat ng kalat ka sa FS blog. hehehe!

    visit www.simplyCHERrific@blogspot.com

  13. ps

    pwede po mag-request, pa-change na rin po yung blog ko sa TSS, blogger na lang huwag na yung abandoned FS account. big thanks!!!

  14. oh! kelan house warming!...ha1ha1ha1 i shall visit your new abode right after bfast..the hubby and little one is demanding to be fed..

  15. cher, 21st of july is still vacant. i'll book it for your inspirational story.

  16. sorry, i mean 31st of july...

  17. thanks eng! btw, it's http://simplycherrific.blogspot.com/ if that makes a difference. hahaha! newbie po, sensya na. i am figuring out how to do the adsense if it will make sense. sabi nga ni betchai, baka puro ad lang walang sense! hehehe!

  18. Hi Cher, been to your simply Cherific site already, really looking cherific!

    So the 31st is for your inspirational story.

    Abut adsense, to make it sense, like what I told Choi, you don't add it from your lay-out without customizing your adsense. To have your own ads, you must do this:
    1. Click Monetize when you are in your blogger or settings page.
    2. Google will ask you if you want to monetize your account, if you want to, click yes.
    3. Then google will guide you through the process of creating your Adsense account, and customizing your adsense in your site.
    Hope that helps Cher.

    Guys, ang ating site meron nang isang libo at limang da-an pesos. Hurrah to all of us :)

  19. hello everyone, if no one is booking july 20th varied theme, I can take this date. but i will leave it open up there first, just in case someone would want to post on this date.

  20. thank you betchai! will do that soon... your help is much appreciated as always. :)

  21. you're welcome Cher, glad to see your adsense in your blog works now :) and thank you again for that rare pink dragonfly :)

  22. halu Kimchai, papalitan ko yung poem ko for posting sa 15th, de delete ko may ipapalit ako, pa sked na lang uli...and pa ayos kung pumalpak pag align ko etc thanks again, mwah! si Beth number 3 pala, nagpapasaklolo pano daw mag post din...naiwan sila ni hermie sa lumang house he he he...

  23. hi Zen, okay. what do you mean pa sched na lang ulit, hindi na sa 15 lalabas yung ipapalit mo na poem? kung aabot ka sa 15 pa rin, then, no problem with changing the schedule here if who's gonna take the july 15 poetic murmurings....

    owww, a-anga ako, got you Zen, will schedule whatever you will draft there for release on july 15 :) hhehehee, nalaglag lang IQ ko :(

    nag-iwan din ako nang message dun sa kanilang dalawa na halika na dito, yung reply dun eh comment naman dito :)

    wala akong email add ni Hermie at Beth Zen, kasi si elsie yung na-ngungulekta nang email address at contact info natin. if you know, let us know, then, will update els also with the contact info of the rest.

    Also, kung papano mag-ingay dito ( comments and posts), merong home guide sa ta-as nang menu

  24. he he he he yah, that was what i meant sis- na papalitan ko lang yung i po post sa 15th, he he he na save ko na draft, favor pa ayos naman kasi di ko alam paano ilagay yung photo with the poem sa baba nung intro, he he he and baka masyado maliit yung photo di mabasa yung poem sis...baka lalo ko magulo pag ako nag ayos, thanks a million KimChai! mmmwaaahhhh!!!! love yah! sige i will ask for their email adds...(Beth 3 and Hermie)...

  25. Zen, paki-tingin na lang kung okay yung ginawa ko. nilipat ko yung intro mo sa ta-as nang poem, tapos yung sunsetzen sa baba pa rin. yung letters mo sa picture, okay naman, nababasa ko naman, tapos, ma-click naman nila yung enlarged picture. yung enlarged picture, klaro klaro yung poem, pero kahit na sa post sya, mababasa ko pa rin. excited na ako na ma-post yun Zen :) thanks.

  26. halu KimChai, thank you thank you, that is just the way i wanted it to be..thanks again...

    teka, sa weekend abangan namin KISS photo nyo ni Khai ha he he he...kung wala may punishment he he he joke...yung ano pala, yung na mention mo nun na photo mo in an awkward position while taking pictures...i wanna see i wanna seee he he he abangan ko sa weekend ha he he he love yah sis, mwah...got to go na, the little kid beside me here wants to play he he he...hubby is in Cebu, a little far from me today so here i am, gazing at the clouds, forlorn as a tree he he he...

    halu everyone! love you all po...di na ako mag e enumerate at baka may ma miss ako, basta love you all po! aaa special mention na lang ke Kurdapya- ya ya ya ya ya..baba na mula sa bundok ng tralala sis!

  27. waaaah! windang na naman ako sa dami ng posts hayyy...

    Hallochen guys! ;)

    whew! buti na lang nakalinis na ko at nakapaglaba before hubby's friend from Switzerland come, and buti na lang nag volunteer si mutti na dun na lang ang dinner hayy... saved by the bell hehe ;) they never seen each other for 20 years after they met in central Amerika and hubby and his friend are happy to see each other again and meeting and talking to another traveler is really great! ;) ay napakwento na po si kangcarrot ;)

    teka guys ako na lang ata ang hindi pa nakakalipat hehehe ;) halos lahat kayo may new haus na ;) waaah! Betchai helping me! helping me! ;) pano ko mag i start sa simula? nyek! Beth dami ako question sayo like is it really needed to delete our account in friendster? Eng told me it's free,to have blog in blogger, naku dami pa ko ask sayo Kimchai, and thank you guys again for the greetings on my son's birthday, they just had a small celebration, and it turned out ok and happy daw sila so happy na rin ako ;) and our short trip and the concert of Simply Red also was good! how to say... like we say here " TOLL"! ;)

    ok maglilibot muna ko guys ;)

  28. bethchai, girlfriend!i saw you hiking gear ready in the draft.if its ok by you can we post it on july 22 instead of mine and i can take july 24- cooking made easy and if no one will take july 27 craft bug, i can take that date as well. shall we live it open until a week before the actual date in case there's more post coming.

    teka ikot muna ako...at medyo late ako nng dating...ha!ha!ha!

  29. hi Eng, sure! yes, let us leave it open first until a week before, then, we mark it red above. just in case some may be interested too.

    Eng, you are creative and talented, so impress with your old glass wine jars, and can't wait what you have for us next.

  30. hello everyone weekend na! puede na naman ang mga kuning kuning na kodak he he he.....kahit pumuti mata ko aantayin ko talaga mga kiss photos nyo he he he....

  31. Zen, sorry, anong kiss-kiss? pangkiskis lang meron dito :) really Zen, hanga ako sa motivation mo, imagine, napuno nang kisses dito last weekend :)

  32. he he he he he he he he he he he love yah KimChai, try mo nga lang ask si Khai, jokingly lang ha ha ha, curious lang ako ano magiging reaction nya..malay mo ever willing pala siya ha ha ha ha...basta i can wait even if it takes forever he he he he...pupunta ako jan, kokodakan ko kayo he he he...happy weekend everyone! LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL, more beautiful with friends like you around!mmmwahhhhh!!!!!!!!

  33. alam mo Zen kung ano ang hinahanap ko ngayon? yung sinasabi kong kakahiyang kuha sa akin ni Khai sa kakatuwad sa pagkuha nang pic, di ko makita, na-delete forever ko na siguro :(

    kaya walang akong pambato sa post mo bukas, huhuhuhu! yung old photos namin ni khai nandun sa lumang computer na nasira :(

  34. I will save Sept 7 for my post "Step 1 - Dream". I finally got my picture taken in scrubs).

  35. I got the 8/12 Cooking made easy slot too. Gosh I hope I am doing this right hehehehehe. Paki edit na lang please kung mali mali ang dates ko.

    Thanks !

  36. guys, paki-open po ulit yung july 31 (inspirational). sa FS blog ko po kasi yun kaya huwag na lang muna. i'll post a fresh article when i find time. it may take forever pero we need to be on the safer side at this point in time. hope you all understand. thanks!

  37. hi Cher, thanks for your concern. i already took the reserved date. actually, all we need to do if it is previously published is put an intro like in Tes's "Beautiful Picture" post that it was previously published in her blog a year ago. If you can give the link to your blog's post, the better.

    That's what Eng did with the other posts here that was previously published in our FS blogs, just put an intro. sent an email for samples of those how we introduce previously published posts.

    Thanks again, Cher.

  38. Cher I took the 7/31 schedule. I moved my post para di mabakante schedule natin.

    I tweak my entry a little bit and changed the title too.

  39. Hey, Chay, thanks a lot :)

    Ladies and gents, free yung aug 3 (poetic murmuring) and august 7 (varied themes), any volunteer? i know they are still far, but it's always good if we have. i know Eng and Zen can whipped us a poen in an instant (mga natural kasi), but it's good too if we see more volunteers. Saw Car has new flower hunt, if it is okay, I will save August 17's Flower Hunt for Maricar's post. Then, august 17 and 19 are maricar's.

  40. Betchai, i have posted in our draft about where i live di pa nga lang tapos, but i will finish it as aoon as i can, if no one will take it then maybe if it's ok then you can post it in varied theme for August 7, Kimchai... favor naman o... baka may pics ka ng father and son for my entry "a story behind a song " yung anak? kasi parang di akma sa story ko yung pic :( thanks in advance Kimchai! ;) TSS, let's keep rolling! ;)

  41. Hi Car, thanks guid, so happy for your contribution.

    OK, will reserve august 7, and will try to look in my files a father and son pic, i may have, but i just don't know where they are, we still have time pa naman to look for a more appropriate pic.

  42. car girl! yes we did it in the mansion but i think it was cherie who started the thread.

    know what? i was planning to post the very same idea for our TSS KODAK MOMENTS this coming saturday/sunday...i think it will be a wonderful weekend retreat to have a closer look on different places aound the globe. i am actually longing to see more of kulasa's farm( feeling homesick eh). ...

    how about posting your "where do i live?" this weekend and i'll follow suit and i hope kulasa will posts more pics of her farmland and so are the others!miss ko na den mga malls sa aten bah!

    if you don't want to, its fine. i will not post mine.maybe kulasa will come up with something funny this weekend!

  43. ay! soripot! Che :( oo nga Eng si Che ngapala hayy i forgot :( naku! bawal pa naman tumanda dito sa Salitype hehe ;) thanks for reminding me Eng :) it's ok for me Eng i just told Betchai na kung walang mag po post on that date she can post my entry, favor pa nga saken because then i have much time to finish my entry ;) oo Eng, me too miss ko na mga mall saten :(

    yes kulasa's farm is cool ;)

  44. oh! sorry car! i thought it was ready to go..no! please finish it off and just post it on the original date for varied theme...don't mind me girl! nag-aanik-anik lang ako kase panakaw-nakaw lang ng oras dito. got to go i'm in the library at the moment and off to work!

    see you all later!

  45. OO nga, Zen, ano ang idea this weekend for fun with photos? para may time naman kami to prepare, hahahah!

    buti na lang sa kiss mo at ready silang lahat.

  46. hi Betchai, cool yung suggestion ni Eng about posting pictures of the places where we live this weekend...yun na for this weekend he he he....

    yung photo mo in an awkward position nahanap mo na sis? he he he...

    i'll get the aug 3 - poetic murmuring slot then...i wish i could cook ha ha ha ha....kelan kaya ako makakagawa ng post sa cooking ha ha ha and craft bug he he he he....pa save nung sept 2 na craft bug sisters para ma force ako mag isip ha ha ha ha...see you all this weekend!..love you all po....mwah!

  47. okay Zen, so where we live this weekend,

    Car, okay lang yun na save mo yung where you live mo on august 7 despite we'll do where we live for fun with photos this weekend. kasi learning places naman post mo dun and you have more detailed description of the place, so it is really great for varied theme. fun with photos naman, wala tayong masyadong words, more on photos sya with a little bit of description. if you want to join this weekend's where we live theme, any pics around your place will do.

    ako din Zen, may naa-lala ako sa craft bug,hahaha, kala ko, wala akong ka-craft craft, meron pala akong nagawa :)

    k, save ko yung dates mo zen

  48. Abend Guys! ;)

    Kimchai!! thank you again girlash back to normal na ang site ko, maybe it's hubby's photo that's why the elements went down, now it's ok, thanks Beth ;) ok my entry is still in varied theme Beth, maybe i can post sa Camiguin? ;) let's see sa weekend pa naman, Bethchai at long last!! natapos ko din ang Bahariyya entry ko! hayyy! grabe! so next is around Cairo then Egypt trip is finish ;) thanks again Kimchai mwah! :)

  49. he he he he, KangCarrot, pano sabihin ang thank you very much and happy birthday? he he he...thanks...

    Betchai, napapaisip ako ng malalim sa craft ha ha ha ha...witchcraft kaya ha ha ha ha paano manggayuma ha ha ha ha....

    asan na kaya si Kurdapya? hello Babes...asan ka na sister?

  50. ha!ha!ha! ....kulasa,natawa ako sa witchcraft mo pwede na siguro yon me craft di ba?...ha!ha!ha!

    nga pala, if no one will take aug 21 for poetic murmuring i can take that date and also septemeber 14 for varied themes...if anyone wants to post on d that date let me know i'll post mine on later dates...

  51. ako din, yung august 14 na craft bug, meron pala akong nagawang craft :) pero kung may mag-volunteer for aug 14 craft bug, i can post mine later, kasi di ko naman nakunan nang picture :)

    zen, di witch craft nagawa, wait na lang ako sa witch craft mo :)

  52. Kimchai, naku windang na naman ako! ;) aba at bakit mga witch craft ang pinag uusapan nyo? hehehe ;) ay teka.. yan ba yung sa na plagiarized daw si Tesya? sino ba nag comment dun basta nabasa ko yun e... ay guys, kaka post ko lang ng fun with photo waah! ewan ko kung tama yun bahala na si batman! hehehe

    Kulasa- thank you so mcuh "Danke Schön" ewan ko kung may ganyang letters ang keyboard mo, then pwede ring "Vielen Dank" pero pang formal yun pag di mo kilala so ok na yan kung para sa father mo *winks* ;) then ang happy b day is " Alles Gute Zum Geburtstag" o, ayan na nasagot ko na hehehe ;) mwah! love you all po..

  53. betchai, can i copy a picture from your blog. it is a yellow flower from i think the cactus post.i'll used it as image on my poem..if its fine by you..

    car! nag-iisip si kulasa ng entry sa craft. tingin mo pwede na nga ba ang witchcraft don...ha!ha!ha! don't know about tesya's work being plagiarized. hope not!

  54. Eng and Betchai i'm back ;) nag dinner lang kami ni hubby ;) thanks for your comments guys! ;)

    Eng i don't know but i read something in Tesya's entry, ah sa craft pala hehe kala ko ano e! ay ako din Eng maybe i can post an entry in craft bug kaya lang wala pa kong pics ng croos stitch ko

  55. he he he he absent ako sa fun with photos this weekend mga kapatid, naki change sked ng duty isa kasama ko kaya duty ako today kaya next week siguro ako makaka post ha ha ha, excused po ba ako he he he...love you all!

    Car thank you...madami pa ako itatanong next time he he he...

  56. kulasa, the first thing i did when i opened my eyes is turn on the computer and see what you have posted....waaaaa, kaya pala wala kase duty ka..don't worry girl! there's always a next time.isip ka na ng fun for photos theme next week.....ha!ha!ha!

  57. hello everyone, sorry, ngayon lang ako ulit nakasilip dito since yesterday morning. had been entertaining some guests.

    eng, sure, you can use some of my pics.

    zen, habol next time, and lead us also next time ulit :)

    cher, sorry to hear your post editor is not working again. hope it will soon work smoothly for you.

    MJ, it was sure always nice talking to you.

    Car, yeah, yung witchcraft yung post ni zen para sa craft bug, pepwede daw ba yun kasi craft naman eh :)

    hello everyone, hindi na ako mag-roll call kasi ang haba nang listahan :)

  58. hi betchai! thought you went hiking kaya di ka nagparamdam. thanks girl, hope everything will turn out fine again or else i have to learn how to post without the editor. :)

  59. Hey guys, meron din ba kayong finished cross stitch work ? kahit simple lang? Kung meron kayo, gawin nating entry sa "Fun with Photos" one Saturday. I have quite a bit and ready na ang mga pictures - so let us know kung meron din kayo huh !

    If not, maybe I can enter is sa craft bug.

  60. Hello guys, I took the Aug 14 and Sept 7 schedule.

    Gosh I almost made a boo-boo, it posted today hehehehehe. I hit publish before I hit the schedule date yaiks !

    There you go - hope this helps our website. Sensya na medyo rush ang itsura. hehehehe

  61. hell Chay, thanks, mark the dates already.

    sadly, i don't have any cross stitch Chay, it can also be for craft bug :) oh love your craft bug post chay, took a peek at it :)

  62. guys, since aug 24 is this monday already and it is not assigned yet, i can take this day and post travelogue on Monday, the 24th.

  63. Kimchai i'll take yung vacant sa flower hunt, i have some pics from Bremen in Otterstedt, in Mutti's friend's farm i have several Dahlia flowers excited na ko i post Beth ;)

  64. car girl! already reserved sept 4 - flower hunt for your post.can't wait to see/ read it!

  65. hello Eng!

    thanks Eng, ok nasa draft na sya Eng, i'll finish it as soon as i can, then i saw vacant din yung sept.11 travelogue? sige Eng kung wala pang mag te take then i'll take it, i remember yung isa sa mga favorite kong place somewhere in Italy, pero kung meron ng mag po post ok lang... thanks in advance Engtot ;) mwah!

  66. ha1ha!ha! ica girl! don't mention it, girl!

    ok i'll reserved that date for you.go for it girl, go for it!

  67. ehek! car, ako yung nag comment sa taas!..ha!ha1ha! me giinagawa kase akong post iba username na nagamit ko...

  68. sunshine! WOW again WOW! took a sneak preview of our featured celebrity of the month!

    the one-on-one interview with jeff is a hit! can't wait to comment on it, girl! when are you going to make it public, is it a weekend special edition? ...ganoon ako ka excited!girlash!

  69. ay sus buti at nasilip ako dito sa room na to ! I was gonna ask you kung last day of the month ba ang gawin nating featured date sa celebrity of the month natin ?

    Eng paki edit mo nga please and paki lagay ng brief intro why we are doing this one on one interview. baka magulat mga tao pag makita ! then you can go ahead and schedule mo na ang release date !

    SAbi ni Jeff ang ganda daw ng mga questions mo - sows kung ako yun tanong ko sa kanya ano favorite color nya hahahhaah

    We need to prepare who will be the next celebrity! Any takers ???

  70. sunshine! ayos na yun di ko na gagalawin. i send an e-mail to all about it. when its time to feature a guest, we can just send her/him a message if its fine by her/him if she gets featured on our page as a form of saying thank you and as an award as well.

    oh! say thanks to jeff.give him a big hug and kiss from me.

  71. I will take 9/16 Chic a la mode. I will finish my entry next week.

    Eng if you don't have entry yet for 9/18 you can move my 10/7 cooking blog on that date.

  72. Engtot and Chay i just post in draft one recipe ;) basta kung kelan may vacant ok lang, then i am not yet finish with my San Gimignano, i'll finish it as soon as i can, keep us rolling guys! ;)

  73. car girl! just booked your pumpkin soup..di ko ma spell o ma pronounced man lang yung german equivalent..ha!ha!ha!

    it will be on 26 october, i moved mine on 13th of november wala pa akong maisip na iluto e...ha!ha!ha! nag-aadvance booking ako para mainspire akong magluto e sa ngayon ala pang maisisp...ha!ha!ha!

  74. Eng girlash! thank you mwah! :) kasi natuwa lang ako sa luto ni Michael ay natuwa daw! ha!ha! nasarapan! ;) sana ni copy paste mo na lang Eng, naku i need to edit that Eng, kasi ba naman mali mali yung procedure ko on how to cook! ha!ha! obviuos na di talaga ako ang nagluto! ha!ha!ha! ;) thanks again girlash, meron pang kasunod yan Eng may nadiskubre akong recipe kakaiba sya abangan! *winks* ;)

  75. oh! sige nga girl at ng maabangan yang recipenf sinasabi mo.. try ko nga minsan yang soup na yan. di kase mahilig sa soup tong mga alaga ko dito eh, kaya di ako nagluluto ng soup dahil malamang ako den lang ang umubos...ha!ha1ha1

    pero mukhang masarap at creamy yung soup ni michael..i'll let you know pag na try ko kung kasing creamy at sarap ang nilabasan ng gawa ko...nyek!

    car, girlash! kala tapos mo na ni-schedule ko na.pero pwewde mo naman edit anytime! sister alam mo ba na italy is one country i really want to see. i want to see tuscany...yeah dream on me....ha!ha!ha! hey! girl have you been to prague? another city i love to see someday!

  76. Engtot girlash thanks sa pag e edit ng mga entries ko ;) kakahiya ang dami kong mali :( thanks Engtot! :)

    Eng girlash.. sige try mo yang pumpkin soup ni hubby i'm sure magugustuhan yan ni Ysa ;)

    Eng naku po! Toscana ako ng Toscana e Tuscany ngapala yun sa english! ha!ha! ano ba yan! sige edit na naman to walang katapusang edit ;) Engtot.. dreams are always can come true girlash... i will pray for that dreams Eng... i know you will someday will be in that place too... thanks for everything Engtot... sorry about the mess :(

  77. Sama ko dyan sa usapang dream to see Italy Eng & Car ! For now, makiki tingin na lang ako ng mga pictures and sabay pangarap na andun ako. Di pa nga ako tapos panoodin ang mga pictures ni Tesya sa kanyang Asia Tour !!!

    I love pumpkin soup ! at kahit anong klaseng soup - mahilig mga puti sa soup and crackers or with
    bread. One thing I love about soup, they are so easy to make.

    Can't wait to see your surprise recipe Car ! Ako naman Eng, maswerte na akong makaluto once a week. We are patrons of KFC and Wendy's again for their value meals!

    Oppss got to go bago ko mapagalitan, nagkwento na ko dito sa scheduling of post hahahahaha

  78. Chay and Eng i just posted an entry sa draft, but not sure kung inspirational sya or travel/logue :( not yet finish, but i will as soon as i can...

  79. I took the 10/2 post (varied theme).

    Please take me off the 9/16 chic a la mode - any takers ?

  80. Eng tapos na yung San Gimignano and a traveller's treasure ko at long last whew! :) pwede na syang i schedule bahala na kayo ni Chay or Kimchai ha? thanks! mwah! ;)

  81. hello everyone pa check na lang po muna ako ng attendance! i will commit to writing entries again as soon as i have the time....miss and love you all! mwah!

  82. Hey Kulasa - soo good to see you ! WElcome back ! I hope everything is going good with your dad !

    Don't even worry about Salitype - just know that we are thinking about you and your dad and wishing your family the best !

    Misss you !!!!!!!

  83. guys, i'm back from long hiatus! been hibernating in my blog since i don't have much time to comment and post entries here. i'll take sep 23 - flower hunt. i hope to be able to make a draft this weekend. hope you'll forgive me for being absent for a while. haven't learn how to do sponsored post, i'd love to contribute if only i have all the time in the world. i'm not even done tidying up our place. too many things to do, to little time...

  84. guys, i will take flower hunt oct 12. thanks! kisses to all! keep safe. :)

  85. hallöchen guys! ;)

    Cher are you still there? glad to hear from you girlash ;)

    Tesyyyyyaaaaa!!! my dear may mali hehe yung isang visitor naten bakit ganun sya? napagkakamalan nyang yung post mo e post ko at yung post mo na entry e saken? bat ganun sya? AL- labo nya a! baka may AL-muranas sya! o kaya may pagka AL- langanin! ha!ha!ha! ;)

    guys pinapatawa ko lang kayo sobrang tahimik kasi dito sa BK naten ;) sige Tesya ikaw ng bahala mag "expalin" (sinadya ko yan hehe ) ke AL na ang layo ng name naten di ba? pero pareho tayong maganda o, di ba Tesya? hehe ;) Love yah Tesya! love yah my TSS Buddies!

  86. che, girl! i'll keep the day booked for you!

    ica girl, most of our guest are not aware that there are few authors in here. tesya will post an entry this weekend to sort of introduce each one of us......

    pls. make a short introduction about yourself and send it via email to tesya. check our draft page, she already started.para malaman ng guest na marami tayong nagsusulat dito.

    pag nag leave ako ng comment sa blog ng iba salitype gamit ko. kung sino inabot nilang nagsulat, they thought that's the author of salitype. like C and Al, tes and i always leave comments on their blogs.


  87. hi Ica, di tayo nagpang-abot!

    thanks, Eng! btw, if you have time pakisuyo po kung pano makakapag-sulat ng sponsored post for TSS. sorry, i'm in amess di ko na alam san napunta yung email ninyo ni Betchai about it. lapit na bakasyon ni Kyla sa school, hopefully makakapag-contribute na ako by next month. this month will be busy though, semestral exams, bday parties to attend, etc. :(


  88. Eng thanks, ok i understand now but still she can read at the end or in the beginning who the author is, di ba? *taka* anyway i will send as soon as i can Eng about introduction of myself, thanks for telling me girlash :)

    Cher miss you girlash, kisses and hugs to Kyla, me too Cher pano ko ba guys i li link yung mga blog nyo na di ko kaylangang isulat yung buong url? kasi haba di ba? like yung about sa award ni Tesya saken kaya di ko maumpishan :( kasi di ko alam kung pano li link yung mga blog nila :( ok guys i will post also an entry guys i just remeber yung taxi driver in Cairo, i have a love story about him abangan! ;)

  89. tes, i think i'm lost:( i don't know if this is the place to post the short introduction of myself that you requested. if not here, pakilipat nalang sa tamang place, hehe.

    here goes (i don't know if you want it in the first person or what. you can edit it however you want, tes, basta here's my rough draft):

    MJ Browning writes from Coal City, West Virginia, where she has resided for the past nine years. She worked as copy editor at the city newspaper for more than 8 years before recently resigning to be a stay-at-home mom for 4-month-old daughter, Teyla Chanterelle. MJ's hobbies include reading, playing the piano, hiking and shooting guns whenever she gets the chance.

    hope this works, tes:)

    hugs to everyone!!


  90. moin moin! guys!

    Tesya i sent you an e mail girlash, with the intro about myself, hope it's ok ;)

    Tesya hindi ko ma edit yung entry about introduction of TSS members, ikaw ng bahalang mag attach, thanks Tesya! ;)

  91. ay! i forgot! sa FB ako nag send ng email Tesya, nag reply ako sa e mail mo ;) thanks again Tesya mwah!

  92. asus, dito pala ang mga messages, andun ako sa kabilang room nag popost ng entries.

    Anyway, tapos na yung part ko, and typed it in our draft blog.

    Sino na lang ang missing ?

  93. Car, are you posting your Clematis on the 30th? if not, i rushed my shrimp flower, pwede na siguro. or else i can take the next flower hunt sched.

  94. it's ok Cher it's not yet scheduled you can take the 30th :)

  95. thanks Car pero parang di yata maganda yung draft ko, too rush. kung tingin mo mas ok yung sa'yo yun na muna kaya lang andun nako sa sched pano ba?

  96. gosh i miss you all so much! i will commit to a sked as soon as i can po....mmmmwaaaahhhhh!

  97. Guys hope you see this announcement before Friday ! hehehehe - next week is letter "F" and I have a cool idea.

    I will email you after this- please check your email !

  98. hello, i'll take poetic murmurings-nov 23....miss you all! can we still post TSS kodak moments? tagal umabsent e he he he...love you all po!

  99. hi guys! i will try to draft for flower hunt this weekend. GODBLESS AND PEACE BE WITH US ALL.

    'miss and love you all! have a great weekend!

    big hugs,

    here's my active email adds:

    sorry have not been checking my yahoo accounts. kala ko magiging free nako ako after kyla's exams, hubby set a limited time for me to use the pc. luckily i can surf the net at work, when we are not busy kaya nakakapag-blog hop pa ako to leave comments.

  100. guys i just finished "windmill museum in ostfriesland" if no one is posting on the 26th maybe it's ok if i take it? excited mag post e tagal nabakante si kangcarrot ;) teehee, but if somebody will post on that date it's ok, ok dis appear muna at naiyak na si hubby hehe ;) istorbo to e, may few days holiday pa kasi hehe ;)

  101. hi guys, pang-last minute lagi ang beauty ko. kung walang magpo-post for flower hunt bukas, feel free to post my draft. Happy Monday everyone! 'miss and love you all! :)

  102. hallöchen! guys! ;)

    i just finished "the two towers" and my entry for fun for friday hope it's ok, ;)

    paki edit na lang mga girlash, thanks! mwah!




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