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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Guidelines using Blogger

Welcome to our new home.
Moving to a new place is not always easy, sometimes it can be overwhelming. We have to find our way to adapt and manage the new environment.
Remember the Discussion Board in our Friendster Home? Don't we choose for topics and then reply in the discussion threads? It is the same way here in our new home. This time, our Discussion Board is our blog itself! Our replies are our comments. :) To create a new topic, we write a new post! Isn't that great? What makes it more exciting is that other readers can also leave comments in our posts. We are opening our home to guests and interested readers.
On the top menu of our blog, where you see Home.... Forum.... Categories.... If you click Categories, it will lead you to a page that groups the topics ( this time, we call them the posts) into themes. Or you can also directly go to any of the categories by clicking the categories ( Chic A La Mode, etc ) which are found in the side menu under the links. Our blog posts serve as our discussion topics. Please leave your comments in any of the posts that interest you, just like you are replying to our friendster's discussion thread.
Hopefully, this time, navigating through our posts is easier, since our posts are grouped into categories! It is easier for us to search for certain topics later.
All together, we can make this blog active by sharing posts and leaving comments. The more comments you can leave, the merrier is our house :) . Clicking Comments on the top menu will show you who has been talking and what they have been talking.
To help everyone feel at home, we put up these guidelines that is meant to help those who are new to Blogger feel comfortable to this new format. Yes, new home, new rooms! We hope you won't get overwhelmed in finding your way.
I. How can we leave a comment?
You can leave a comment by simply hitting post comment which you can find at the end or bottom of every posts. When you click post comment, it will open a pop-up window, showing the comments in that post and a comment box for you to leave your comment. Under the comment box you will be asked to choose identity with the following 4 options:
option 1: Google Account - this is the best way to leave comments to save time on rewriting your name again and again. All we have to do is log in to our blogger or google account. If you have not signed up at blogger yet, but has a gmail.com email addres, you can use that as your sign in. If you do not have a gmail.com account, you can join google in 2 ways. Either you create an email account at gmail.com or you create a blogging account at blogger.com . Either of these 2 accounts will let you leave comments in any posts in any blogger blogs without rewriting your name again and again. All you have to do is log in once, and you are off to comment!
option 2: Open ID. If you have account in wordpress and is logged in to your account, all you have to do is enter your url.
option 3: name/url. You can enter your name, and if you do not have a URL, you can just leave it blank, it is okay.
option 4: anonymous. This may be the easiest, but we want to know you.
II. How Can I Follow This Blog and Have My Picture Appear In the Followers and Comments?
Isn't it exciting to see who our followers are and also our images when we leave comments? It makes our conversation more inter-active and our new home more alive. If you already have a google or blogger account and has signed in with your account, all you need to do is click the FOLLOW button found in the right side of this site. If you do not have any of these accounts, you can create one. You click the same FOLLOW Button, a new window will appear, and then at the bottom says CREATE GOOGLE ACCOUNT. When you click on that it will lead you to the process of creating your account.
III. How Can We Write A Post?
If you feel comfortable enough in navigating our home, and would want to contribute posts to here, please leave us a comment here that you are ready and excited to write posts. The Salitype Society will send you an invitation to become an author in your email address. Once you open your invitation email, please click the link in your email that says "to contribute to this blog". If you click that link, it will lead you to blogger's page asking you to accept the invitation. If you have a gmail.com account, all you have to do is enter your email address and password and you are good to go. If you do not have a gmail.com account, you can crate a google account by clicking the "create google account now". The steps are easy, all you have to do is fill in the information and you are good to go. But if you needed help in creating your blogger account, please feel free to leave us a message here.
Hope this helps, I hope you will enjoy our new home. Make our home joyful with our lively chats, the way we used to or even more. If you have any suggestions regarding discussion categories, blog's design, and anything under the sun that you think does not fit in our recent posts, please feel free to leave your comments here, or anywhere.
We're filled with joy and excitement of finally having a home we can really call ours. I hope you share the joy and the dreams too of having a "Home Sweet Home".


  1. Welcome to our new home ! In Friendster we call our home - "The Mansion" how do you want to call this place now?

    Let's get the suggestions coming . I am beyond words, honestly I am so touched on how far we have come ! The journey continues .... together we can make a difference !

  2. Hehe, we have a beach house, a mansion, but we are leasing there. Here is really our own home. Even if we name it humbly, like "nipa house", but we know it is really our home. Honestly, I have no idea what to name our new home Chay :) But I am so glad, very glad, that we have finally our home, that we really can call our own!

  3. Oppss sorry guys, been out of touch since yesterday hehehe I was there at the mansion just fooling around. The website is looking so ready and I am proud of the three of you for working so hard to make this happen !

    Got all the emails just now and responded to one with my suggestions. I also got your voice message Beth - thanks for taking the time to call me - I was out running with Cottonball - I do it twice a day on weekends to make up with him hihihihi

    Anyway, everything is looking fabulous and the button on the front page that would guide the others sign up is very helpful. I actually click it and it showed me how to start posting blogs !

    Yeheyyyy we are almost there ! I can't wait to see the other TSS members to join us !

    Love you guys and I support whatever you guys want to do !

  4. chay,you remind of a song which says something like...."there'll be no sunshine when your gone"...and it is true.haven't heard from you in days, now the sunshine is back! yehey!!

    back to our home, to me it's "bahay kubo"(nipa hut).our roots, it is simple compare to mansion and beach house( hope i really have one of those in real life...ha!ha!ha!)but as beth says it's a rented accommodation..this is home, our very own bahay kubo.in my, eyes this is the grandest place to be.

    love you all guys! i can't wait to see the others to join as well!!!yipee!

  5. Welcome to Bahay Kubo ! They are selling bahay kubo here in the US for $5,000 - it's a small house where kids can play inside. I want to own one and put it in my backyard (hehehehe nag kwento pa eh)

    So sorry guys - just now got all the messages when I came to work this morning. I will respond to some and the rest I will leave to the experts ! I am so impressed on how our website looks now and I am sure everybody in TSS would be excited to see our new home !

  6. At work right now and tried if I can leave comment and navigate around our website, surprisingly, it is working except I cannot click the sponsors. At least I can take a look at our website while I am on break at work.

    Be back later ... I am thrilled !

  7. i know the feeling chay! this morning before leaving for work i was here, and the moment i came home the first thing i did was turn on the computer and see our "bahay kubo".

  8. I agree Eng ! My day is not complete if I don't take a peek at FS and now here at our Bahay Kubo. I was thinking, probably at some point I won't be able to go to FS anymore. I only go there to check Salitype forum on a daily basis and to see if friends leave me a message.

    Did Beth ask about the Fun with photos thread ? How are we gonna do that ? Can we move it here as well so we don't have to go back and forth. It would help us a lot if we concentrate on this site more.

  9. Wow guys ! every time I check our site there are improvements and changes. I love the COMMENTS tab where it shows all the comments that came in !

    I commend you Beth, Tesya and Eng for all your hard work. I am sure our friends would be so surprised and thrilled to see how much work you have spent on our site !

    I love it - I love the fresh look of it - I love the "homey" feeling. It is user friendly, easy to go around. Lots of information to get familiar with the place.

    I feel so home ...

  10. HI Chay, thanks so much for loving our site, :) hehehe, we have to love our site but we also are open for suggestions since we will grow as we go along.
    I agree with you it will help us a lot to concentrate here more. We ask everybody if they wanted to put another category for Fun with Photos here. That can help add more posts :)

  11. wow, the beauty of kalachuchay, dalawa yung picture nya sa followers :) go Chay :)

  12. I think I messed up ! nag dalawa yung profile ko. I am so used to signing up with my user name and then when I came in tonight, it asked for email address ! Good thing is.. now I know what email address I used when I signed up with Bethchai's website ! hahahahhaa

  13. Joanieeeeeeeeeee ! hahahaha I am so glad to see you !

    Remember when we used to chat at YM, you would always ask me to take off my shoes before coming in to your house ! hahhahaha

    Did you bring Leny with you ? I hope so then Cottonball won't be alone in the house !

  14. Chay, I was wondering where is Joanie, then, went to our friendster site and saw her there :) So smart of you to put your response here. Anyway, that is correct what Chay said, all we need to start rolling is just sign up with google first, just your user name and password. Actually you can even leave a comment right away without signing, but later you will find out you will need a google account. Later, when you are progressing, am sure you will find out what more you can add here :) . Let us go rock and roll friends :) yes Joanie, we are moving on up to the west side.

  15. ow, sorry :) I did not see joanie in the followers :) Joanie, so nice to see you here :) sorry, I was thinking earlier Chay was referring to one of the comments here :) Welcome, welcome :)

  16. Hhahahah Joanie probably went back to our old mansion, she might have forgotten to bring her truckload of clothes and shoes to the new home ! hhahahahah

  17. hello sisters! i'm here..i'm here hehehehe wow...wow....wow....he he he he he he....weeeeeeeeee so happy with our new hoooommmmeeee....can i run around he he he he, i left my slippers outside and i'll be careful not to break anything he he he he...gosh, you guys are amazing, so proud to be a part of this family...teka, naubusan na ako ng english hehehe...

  18. Ay Kulasa !!! huminahon ka hahahahaha tawa ko ng tawa dito after I read your message, feel na feel ang excitement !

    Kimchai.. kindly do me a favor please, paki delete mo nga yung isa kong name dyan. Sorry guys result lang yan ng sobrang excitement ko, nadalawa tuloy name ko hahahahaha

    Yun na lang naka white and paki delete mo please. I tried it yesterday sabi daw "block the user" baka naman mapatalsik ako ng blogger pag yun ang ginawa ko. I will keep the one with the name Chay ! Thanks and sorry for the trouble !

  19. Kangcarrot ! girl san ang lakad mo ? kadadating mo lang aalis ka na agad hahahahaha !

  20. Hello naturelover aka Dimples ! Nice to see you here girlfriend and nice to see someone present in the chatroom ! hahahaha

    Off to work I go .. catch ya all later !

  21. hi Chay! ;) ang hirap sa chatroll dito na lang hehe ;) yeyey! may sarili na tong site wow! Congratulations again guys! ;) PROST! for our Bahay- Kubo! ;)

  22. hi Chay, naga-addict pa lang... hehehe! medyo naliligaw pa... helooooooooooooo everyone!!!

  23. hi Ica! ikaw ba yang anonymous? sabay pa tayo napunta dito. galing din ako sa chatroll ayaw pumasok ng tina-type ko! hehehe!

  24. HI Car and Cher, glad to see you here our new home

    bagal nang chatroll kanina, pero ngayun, seems okay

  25. gusto ko po mag-post ng flower hunts ko... will continue researching from now on... ready na yung pictures, name and background na lang ang kulang ;-)

    send me invitation plzzzzzzzzz!!! maybe we can categorise it under FLOWER HUNTS? any suggestions, salitypers? marami satin ang mahilig mag-picture ng mga flowers, anyway... and Beth's photos are amazing!!!

  26. ei! hi best! glad to see you, too!

  27. bakit di lumalabas yung picture ko? hehehe!

  28. Cher, very good idea, flower hunt :) i have a lot to contribute too :)

    yehey, yes, we will send you invitation :)

  29. Cher, checked your profile, wala ka namang picture sa profile mo kaya hindi lumabas

  30. betchai, ok na... posted it already at may lumalabas na... hihihi! newbie kase...

  31. Great idea Cher on the flower hunt ! Maybe that's where we can also post our fun with photos stuff ! What do you think guys ?

    Beth question, do we earn something by posting a lot of messages and comments and visiting our site? or just by the adsense ?

  32. heyey!!! kulasa, nice to see you around and like you i left my shoes outside...ha!ha!ha!feel free girl. open every door and find your room...ha!ha!ha!

    cher, girlash! wonderful ideas! i can feel how excited you are...same here, girl, same here very excited with our new home..."flower hunt"...blossoms for all season. is a good idea. it's informative topic, quite searchable in the net for homework purposes.

    car...ha!ha!ha! what do you think of our new home,the bahay kubo...kahit munti and halaman doon ay sari-sari..

  33. Zen, excited ako kanina pag-gising ko na nandito si Cher at Car, kaya hindi ko na nabasa na may comment ka sa ta-as :) Haha. Excited to see all of you here. Sa-an ka na ba? sana hindi ka naman nakabasag while running around here.

    Eng, what a perfect description for Flower Hunt...blossoms for all seasons. Will add it girl :)

    Chay, we do not earn from our posts and our comments directly, but the more posts and comments we have, the more noise we create, and the more searchable posts we bring to google and other search engines, increasing our PR and at the same time our rate and other earning opportunities. it would help too if we promote our site to friends, etc, gaining more viewers and readers. google searches and other search engines brings income. people search because they have a purpose, so the ads that would appear in their search sometimes answer their purpose, so they click on it. the more quality posts we have, the more searches can we offer to the search engines.

    @ Chay again, I'll see if I can remove your other account in our followers, I think it has to be you who should unfollow our blog. You go to your profile using the one that you want removed and just click manage blogs I follow at the bottom and click us to unfollow. But don't worry, ganda nga dalwa sa yo, dumami followers natin :)

  34. beth, can i ask your permission to use one of the picture in your album.i think it was khai walking on a deserted footpath. i will use it as a image on one poem by carmen.


  35. Thanks for the response Beth ! If it helps with the traffic - I will just leave my other name in there - the one with Kalachuchay hehehehe

    Hey Eng ! am guessing kagigising mo lang huh !

    Right on family - let's start promoting our site ! One of the reasons I leave comments on your individual FS accounts. Your friends would wonder what was this "new home" little Chay is talking about "The Salitype.com" ! hahahaha kainis nga eh, meron palang Society yun - but they will find it !

  36. tesya, girlash! why can't i leave a comment on your new post in craftista.i click post comment and no comment box at all.i tried 3 times to no avail. i even tried re-starting my pc and log on again hoping it might work.

  37. Tesya - been to your craftista and Eng was right, can't leave a comment ! Meron ding ibang blogger carrying that craftista name.

    Weird - I can't access Joys of simple life site !

    Teka still looking for Eng's site ! Is it 'Simply Me' ? hmmm ayaw lumabas !

  38. Oo nga girls, my site is transitioning and will NOT be fully up for a day (pa yata). But thanks for accessing it. I hope it'll be up and running soon!

    Kaka excite ang activity dito sa ating bahay kubo!

  39. Tes, I can access your site now, but tried several times this morning before I left for out of the doors exploration just around SD, and it was not loading this morning, but now, it seems to be working well. However, like what Eng said, we can not leave a comment. I think each time we make changes in our template, we have to go back to comment moderation again, and see which one will work for comments, the embed post, the pop-up window, or the other page? forgot the choices. Love your post today, I can relate very well even if I am not exposed to kids but I know they are just so much joy to work with.

  40. ps...before going home, i stopped here at the library, heehee, am sure you can guess what i am doing, but don't mention your guess please :)

  41. Guys, if you want to put the SALITYPE BUTTON on your blog page, here is the link. Copy paste this in an HTML window and this will pull up our page up.

    Oops, the comment box won't accept the link. I'll leave the link in our MANSION just copy it from there under the Presentation thread

  42. Wow.. still sobbing after I read Sissy's blog !

    Welcome guys .. keep the blogs coming ! I have yet to check on CheR's blog, the pictures are not showing in my computer. Have to wait until I get home and enjoy it.

    Hope you are all enjoying our new home ... let's keep this flowing and save all your blogs. We will need lots of articles to post !

    I will work extra hard this weekend. Our kitchen is looking lonely.

  43. Am home right now ! Tesya craftista is not accepting followers and comments still. This is the comment that came out when I clicked it.

    We're sorry...

    This gadget is configured incorrectly. Webmaster hint: Please ensure that "Friend Connect Settings - Home URL" matches the URL of this site.

    I went around the site and lots of stuff to see and click hehehehe

    Off to walking with Cottonball.. be back later !!

  44. Oh my gosh Betchai ! been to your webpage - hehehehe na double din ang picture ko dun !

    Wow thanks so much for having a separate menu for The Salitype Website ! That's a big support to our home !

  45. Jeff is now a member. Know what guys, he has been a blogger since last year and didn't realize he was blogging for blogger too ! Nyeh

  46. Hey Chay, so excited to see Jeff here, wow, thanks a lot for bringing a recruit :) Welcome Jeff. Will visit his page later, actually, tomorrow, I am off to dreamland now :) Lakers won, teeehheeee!

  47. Hello Salitypers! Welcome, Jeff! Ang dami na natin sa followers nakaka kilig!

    I have just had my lunch and I by dropped here. I already post the button for World Vision but we will wait for the right time to sponsor a child. The button will also be our small way of helping World Vision.

    I will add the "linkwithin" window, so our guests will be enticed to stay by clicking other posts -yey!

    We're rolling girlfriends!

  48. Thanks for adding the links Tes, it looked great :)

    Yes, we do have to take it slow, we have to work first before we finally can sponsor. But we are on our way, just 3 days after we finally opened our blog, we already are closing in to four hundred pesos ( P 400! ), isn't that great? I used Pesos since it sounds huge when the dollar is converted, haha! But you see, we have been spending a lot of time in our other mansion but not getting anything, here we are only 3.5 days old and we already have something, teeehee. So, let us keep making noise guys! Go go Salitype!! Hehe, parang cheering squad ano?

  49. wow! P400 is not bad at all Betchai! satin nga may mga sumasahod ng P100/day diba? tama ka sa pag-convert to peso, sounds like a big amount but it really is if we are in Pinas. ;-)

  50. yehey! we earned P400.00 already...isn't that wonderful.oh! lets keep the posts rolling...and the comments coming!

  51. Goodness - I almost passed out when I read Eng's last message hahahaha I thought 400 dollars didn't see the peso sign until I read Bethchai's comment ! Wow - I get more encouraged to visit our site. We are getting closer and closer to sponsoring our first child and hopefully more !!!

    Our page is looking awesome everyday you guys! I love the email sign up ! Wow !

  52. Question ? How come I don't see all the followers? It says 15 followers but I can only see six pictures and that's it ? Hmmmm... do I need to adjust setting ? Sorry guys !

  53. Hmmm that one I do not know Chay, maybe it automatically adjusts in your computer's setting depending on your screen width? I do not know since I am seeing all our 14 followers (it says 14 lang ata). I'll try to look into that though.

    Hahaha, tawa ako Chay sa comment mo na you almost passed out, four hundred dollars in four days? ehehe, ako din, magpa-pass out nyan, heeeheeee.

    actually, sobra na limang da-an na pesos ngayun, hahahaha!!! We are growing each day!

  54. Hay Betchai ! I finally fixed it by undoing what I did the other day. Remember I was trying to delete one of my membership and what I did was right click the photo and blocked it. What I didnt know it blocked the images. Thanks to the search field and I typed in my problem and sure enough another person had the same problem and someone had advised to go to tools>options>content and clear all the block images ! Hay I can see all the members now. But still I need to fix my photo, my photo got deleted !

  55. Chay, so sorry to hear about your problems. I was actually wondering what happened to your photo? Now, I know. But hey, I am seeing your photo again in our followers, so you solved your problem Chay. Congrats :)

  56. chay, girlash! ha!ha!ha!ba kung kumikita sana ang blogging site ng $400.00 in 3 days...believed me girl. magreresign na ko at mag-fulltime blogger na lang...that way i am my own boss..ha!ha!ha! wishful thinking, but i love my job...

    chay, i haven't heard nor seen you around lately, missing you girl! must be busy what with work and other stuff.

    hope to cathc up with you sometime..me chat na dito sarap!!

  57. moin moin guys! ;)

    grabe a! daming comments dito kaaliw! ;) Eng yes dear korek ka dyan our new Bahay Kubo is wonderful! ;) pero may problema ako guys :( di pa rin ako sanay sa mga formats like sa chatroll and i tried to post one entry in our blog but i don't know if it's there already :( and favor guys paki edit na lang po ang pics hindi ata naisama when i copy paste it... Kimchai! thanks sa e mail and invitation ;) love yah girlash mwah! ;) isa pa guys di pa nag a appear ang picture ko sa mga comments :( help me please!!! :(

  58. kangcarrot! there's a window in chat roll that says anonymous...delete that and put your name instead amd then click go...

    a box will appear where you can type your message.

    there was a draft og your post titled anak pero title pa lang walang walang text or post yet.

    just type your post/story and click publish post.there's a menu for you to insert image in there as well..

    can't wait for your post, girl!! go for it girl!!

  59. Eng dear, thank you so much for telling me, i am having difficulties everytime i view our site, i can just post a comment then my computer will hang and then i will have to start all over again! hay... ewan ko girlash :( i will try to figure out tomorrow my entry, sorry about the mess guys :( ok, just bye now... we have to prepare dinner tonight my in laws will come soon.. bye guys, till tomorrow, Eng thanks again, your the best mwah!

  60. You are not alone Car.. for some reason I felt like I was lost in limbo here. I was ready with my blog entry, but it is taking me to another blog page which it came out to be my own blog page (??). If I click sign in I am in another page. I have no problem posting comments - that is one good thing and my photo is showing up which is another good thing hhehehehw

    Please bear with me guys, my mind is scattered in so many different areas - work, school, chores, dog, friends hehehehe multi-tasking is not working out this time for me !!

    I will give it one more try before I head to church !

    Happy Sunday everyone !

  61. Sorry about your difficulties in viewing our site Car. I hope you get the chance to view it later and post without problem. Like what Eng said, for the chatbox, you just type your name, then, enter it. after that, you type your message.

    Chay, my dear, by all means you can not post or write posts here using your kalachuchay or chay or ano pa ba? kasi you have not accepted the invitation to be author yet. Car, Zen, Elsie and Cher did already, and they got the invite after you. Remember I kept on asking you to accept the invite, which you said you forwarded to home. Anyway, when you accept the invite, try to remember which of your many accounts you are using, para hindi ka malito :) . Maybe you write it in pen and paper always and each time you log on, you just use that account. Hope this helps Chay. Give me a call if it is still complicated.

  62. Hey Betchai ! I made a pretty good progress today. I went inside using the user name Tesya provided when we first started. I was able to post two blogs and scheduled the release at a later date. I was very careful not to touch anything and mess up. I am fine now, I was just overwhelmed with the changes in our home.

    Betchai.. I might have accidentally deleted that invite :( .. sorry hehehehe

  63. Hey friends .. I got a question !

    How can we continue our daily-chat forum like we have in the TSS Group page ? Like the daily anik-anik sharing.

    How can we bring back the "Fun with Photos" corner here?

    I am missing it ... :)

    No rush.. just a thought running through my head from lack of sleep

  64. I am planning to add "Fun with Photos" as category Chay, I think it will be fun, and anybody who would want to post her photos, will just make a post. anyone who would want to see all the fun with photos submission, can just go to that category. we can not attach any photo in comments, so each fun with photo will be a post.

    we can create a general anik-anik page, where everyone can just leave a comment. when we think it is filled up, we can make another page again :) , but we put them all in one category, i'll try to do that and check if it is good enough. since this is a different setting, we can not bring the same exact at the other side over here. but at least here, we don't have to pull the old stuff from the ba-ol, we just have to use the search on top, or look for them in their categories. everything would be easier to find.

  65. Chay, there is a Fun With Photos Category already, but no post yet. when anyone will make a post, in the edit box, there is a lable, just type "fun..." and the fun with photos will appear. that's how the post will be labeled under fun with photos and will be grouped in that category. go Chay, you can start it with your "on my way to work", that was such a nice post :)

  66. Bethchai i'm here! haaayy, whew! i'm still alive heehe ;) Bethchai thanks again girlash for your tips and advices, this problem of internet connection is giving me a hard time :( but i hope it will be ok then, Chay dear so i am not the only one having problems, oh well, i know everything will turn out right soon.. hope so..:( keep us rolling guys! ;)

  67. guys please correct me if i'm wrong, i posted an entry today "abe simbel" but i dont know how to postdate or antedate or whatever, so please tell me if i have to change the date or if it's not necessary anymore? thanks guys... ;)

  68. car.girl! at the bottom page of the create/edit post is a button that says post option just above the publish/save for draft label.click it and there you will see the post date and time. you can post date your post by changing the date and hit publish post...whola! it will automatically published your post on that date!

    enjoy your holiday with the hubby!

  69. eng dear, thanks so much... ok i will try to do it, i am watching the news right now about Michael Jackson's death.... it's really strange these days eng... sorry guys... :( my neigbor died yesterday and then this...




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