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Sunday, May 24, 2009


This is the page where everyone can just freely chat without particularly responding to a particular post. Just a room in our bahay kubo where we can chat and roll :) . This is in response to Chay's question:
"How can we continue our daily-chat forum like we have in the TSS Group page ? Like the daily anik-anik sharing."
Here is our humble chatroom, when there's no one in the chatbox and we want to shout :)


  1. When you feel like just simply chatting, but no one is in the chatbox, just leave a comment here and this can be our general chat room

  2. Please also consider that our main chatroom is our house itself, the different rooms are the different categories, though we would be glad to see and hear you in every room, but we do understand if we feel like just simply chatting. Chatting freely, here I am :)

  3. Betchai ! you are like a fairy-god-mother who can make things happen in a swing of your magical wand - just like that and my simple wish is granted ! Thank you !

    Come on guys .. the fun continues from the Salitype's mansion to our very own Bahay Kubo !

    It may take a while before we get used to this, but hey this is our hang out room - bring the food, the drinks, your camera, pillow, bring in the fun !!!

    Let me get comfy first.. where is my favorite pillow ? Did you take it again Katuray ? Choi where are you - we need to finish talking about you know who ? MJ - three more days yipeeee !!! get the video ready ! Kulasa will you stop for a minute playing that song Midnight Blue - it is getting old, we need to find a new blue song hehehehe. Kuracha let's make halo halo for the group, I have been craving halo-halo ever since I saw that pictures Joanie brought home from her trip to the Philippines ! Kurdapya ayyy girl never ever leave us again - without cleaning your room first hehehehe kala mo drama no ? ! Ayyy Kachupoy hahahahaha thanks for coming - di bawal magsalita dito hehehehe ! Hermie and Jonas -haven't heard from you guys ! Tesya bring me balut from the Philippines huh, one basket !!! Kangcarrotttttttt girl are you still having prob with our new place - hehehehe you and me are very much alike ! Betchai - are you also wondering what happen to Betchai the 3rd hehehehehe haven't seen her around. I hope she was not left out in the mansion!

    What do you think guys ? does this sound familiar ? hehehehehe

    Be back in an hour - I have to run the little pooch !

  4. Hello to the new followers of TSS ! Just so you know guys, we have been friends for almost a year now and this is what we do in our old webpage. We come in and play the "make believe" game of teasing around each other as we share stories of our lives. We found comfort from each other when we have issues and we found happiness coming in to one room and finding messages - thousands of messages !

    Please feel free to join our forum, please come in and be comfortable... We want to meet you, we want to know you and we want to have fun with you guys.

    Welcome .. please come inside and meet the whole Salitype family and have fun with us !

    You don't need to take your shoes off .. grab a drink and let's sit and talk in the living room .... yes ! this is our living room ...

  5. Chay, thanks a lot for explaining what we used to do when we were still renting or squatting a place at FS. yes, feel free everyone to join in our conversation, freestyle :)

  6. PS....got this announcement from blogger,

    " Blogger will be unavailable Monday (6/15) at 12:00AM PDT for about 10 minutes for maintenance."

    ====just in case you may not be able to access the blog sometime tomorrow for 10 minutes, the reason is because they are undergoing their maintenance

  7. 10 minutes...long time! anyways i can use a 10 minutes break away from here to make myself a breakfast...ha!ha!ha!

    i am waiting to see chay's new entry...in cooking made easy!

  8. ha ha ha ha ha Chay, i am actually listening to midnight Blue ha ha ha ha so i laughed out loud when i read your comment ha ha ha ha..it is the only song on my playlist now and all the time ha ha ha ha

  9. Yeah Eng 10 minutes is way too long not to have access, but 10 minutes you can use to make egg and toast for breakfast. Actually having coffee and toast with butter here at my hiding place hehehehe

    Oh Kulasa - gasgas na gasgas na yang CD hahahhaha research pa tayo ng mga bagong blue songs !

  10. Last night while I was getting ready to bed - I had this funny thought. I hope I remember it correctly, Karinyosa is expecting her baby on the 17th and Tesya is expecting her parole visa on the 17th as well ! If God permits, June 17th would be a glorious day for two of our dear friends !

    Let's keep praying the sooner the better for Karinyosa and Tesya !

  11. Thank you so much, chay, for your warm wishes:) yep, here i am on the eve of our baby's expected date of delivery ... my feet are swollen beyond belief, my hands are swollen, too, my hips and back are aching from the weight of my giant belly (i have gained 37 pounds through all these 9 months!).. i am tired, tired, tired and just SO READY to have this baby:) so yeah, i really hope she doesn't go over her due date. and more than anything, i hope she comes out just fine. thank you for your prayers, everyone!!

    and, tes, i hope and pray you get your parole visa, too!!

    love you all .. i'm off to bed ... zzzzzz

  12. Hey MJ - glad to see you !

    Hey na puzzle tuloy ako this morning when I got on line. Sino ang writer ng article ng Patch in the pants ? hehehehe hmmm merong six year old son - is that Che ?

  13. I love the email blast !!! It works out for me as I get to see all the new releases every time I open my email !

    I will add my family's email - they get all excited to see if I have new articles. They are new to blogs and they thought this is really a huge undertaking hahahaha

    Thanks - great idea Betchai !!!

  14. Update.. update. MJ just sent a text message, she is having contraction that started at 9 this morning. They are heading to the doctor now. Let's all keep her, Rog and Tiny in our prayers !

    More update later ...

  15. oh! i hope she will be able to give birth within 24 hours or less.

    the first baby of salitype is making her grand entrance...make way ladies and gents!!!

    can't wait to hear the next news from her or maybe rog!!! wow!

  16. False alarm hehehehe got off the phone with MJ few minutes ago and she is back home.

    Hay that happened to me on my first child - I went in the hospital in the morning and was sent back home. I labored through the night and went back to the hospital the following day. The doctor asked me to keep walking in the lobby, hoping it would help and half way my water bag broke - ewwww !

    Opsss sorry napa share tuloy ako hahahaha

  17. Chay, don’t apologize, I love listening and learning about every little thing concerning each one of us here.

    About MJ, I received the same text message about her contractions, and yes she was sent home again.

    Join me in praying that things work out well for her, Rog and the baby. Everyone is excited for the arrival of our first Salitype baby!

    Asan na ang ating mga Salitype friendship. Mga peeps, aga agahan nyo ang uwi dito sa ating bahay kubo –you are being missed! Samahan ko kayo Chay, Eng, Beth, MJ and Kulasa… saan na ang halo halo!

  18. hi everyone! droppin' by for a halo-halo session :)

    'will pray for MJ, kaka-excite ang mga updates niyo... appreciate it guys! ;-)

  19. thanks Cher for droppin by and for prayers for MJ.

    Update from MJ:
    " I am at epdural and they are keeping me at hospital this time, thank God. Getting an epidural in about 15 minutes. Thanks 4 ur prayers."
    ====let us all together keep them ( MJ,Rog and Tiny) in our prayers. So excited to see our first Salitype baby.

  20. Tes and Betchai, may na-draft na ako for flower hunt. di ko mahanap kung pano yung antedate kaya inform niyo na lang ako kung kelan ko ipa-publish...

    Thanks! Gotta go, nitey-nite! ;-)

  21. oh, teary eyed ako sa latest update mo betchai. pagbalik ko bukas, hopefully makikita ko na ang baby natin... let us all keep on prayin'... ;-)

  22. Cher, may schedule si Tes na inemail sa yahoo, June 24 ata yung next flower hunt.

  23. oh thank goodness and mj opted to have an epidural..after long hours of labour it is a well deserved break. contraction still thre but you wont feel a thing....she might be 6/8 cm dilated already.

    hopefully our tiny will be here very, very shortly.

  24. Update.. MJ is on epidural now and feeling no pain ! Gosh di ba uso nung araw ang epidural ??? why they didn't give me that in PI (mad) hheheheeh late reaction eh !

    She said thank you to everybody for praying and thinking about her !

    We will keep you all posted !

    Teka almusal muna kakadating ko lang sa work hehehehe

    Morning to all my Sunshine !!!

    Asan na ang iba ? Katuray (are you out of town ?) Choi (di pa din maka log in ?) Alf (busy?) Juana (are you seriously thinking about joining Matt in his career?) Car (tok-tok) Zen (ding-dong) hehehehe

    Miss namin kayo sa bahay kubo ! Wag ng bumalik sa mansion meron ng bagong renter yun !!!

  25. Guten Abend guys! ;)

    gabi na eto nag a adik pa din ;) Chay, eto ako mamatay mabuhay hehe ;) pag di nag ha hang computer ko ok lang... anyway let's all pray for Mj and her baby Tiny, hope everything will be fine, thanks Chay for telling us, ok guys bye muna naiyak na si hubby hehe ;) kain na daw kami ;) good night my Salitype buddies ;) mwah!

  26. Car, thanks always for being here :) you can find more announcement re:MJ on the top menu, you can find announcement there now. Hope you had a good night, Car!

  27. Guys, so excited to see you here, KangCARrot and Cher! Ica, do not make your hubby cry - hahaha- your habibis can wait -we're just here, hanging out in our veranda. Cher, girl, I'll send the sched to you again... can't wait for more of your Flower Hunts.

    Hugs to everyone -Kimchai, PeChay, Kuracha, Dimples and kangCARrot... waiting for the others -Katurai, Kulasa, Kurdapya, Chepot, Juana, Beth, Hermz, Jon, Rose. . .

    PeChay, thanks for the update, MJ texted me around 8cm na daw sya, the doctor broke her bag already -our first Salitype Baby will soon be among us! :)

    Am off to bed early tonight. . . :) sumilip pa din (adik!)

    Still praying for my visa - basta our kitakits is still on! (I'll email you, Dimples) Am claiming it! Faith that moves mountain! *kindat* :)

  28. hi everyone, d2 lang stopover ko detained ako for using the net! waaaaaaah! hehehe! sana pagsilip ko bukas lumabas na 1st baby natin! GOD BLESS US ALL!

  29. oh Cher, sorry na detain ka, hopefully Eng won't :) and hopefully you will be given the net time back :) . Yes Cher, Salitype has a baby now, MJ gave birth to Tiny last night, yes Cher, God bless us all! God bless the new baby of Salitype.

  30. Yes Tesya - am still praying for that visa to come in this week! I have been thinking about it every morning - it is yours - it will come this week !!! Stay positive !!

    Cher hahahah na detain ka na din ? ohhhh di pa ba bakasyon si Kyla so you can get a little extra time on line hahahaha konting lambing pa ke Mond, you can do it !

    Hello Car - ikaw din sumimple ka at baka ma detain ka din ni Michael !

  31. Thanks for the news betchai!

    Cheers to MJ's safe delivery! I missed Rog's call last night, but got MJ's this morning. Both MJ and the baby are doing well. Thank God!

    Am not detained but would be out of circulation for a short while -helping Doods pack up -last minute stuff (paikot-ikot around the house) He will fly ahead of me. I am resolved to follow... hahaha

    Detention ka ba Cher -oops! We're just here, girl -any time you can sneak out...

    KangCARrot, be careful so you won't be next!

    Si Engtot, magaling na gumimik... I doubt if Dave can still detain her (ahihihi)

    Thanks, Chay and all my prayer partners! Very positive, Chay -appreciate it! Yes, it's mine *winks*

    Hugs to everyone!

  32. Tes, I really hope and pray you will get to follow Doods soon, that your visa will soon be in your hands. What a great surprise it would be if you have it a day before Doods flight, then you two can still fly together.

    Oh, so glad to know both MJ and Tiny are doing well Tes.

    Cher, hope one day lang yung detention mo, surely we would miss you. Thanks so much for stopping despite being detained.

    Car, lumiligaya talaga itong bahay natin tuwing may sigla nang boses galing sa yo. But like what Tes said, be careful na hindi ikaw ang susunod.

    Zen, pagaling ka na, do take care.

    Though I am missing the noise from others, but I am hoping in time we hear them shouting or leaving messages here too. Calling, knock...knock...

  33. congratulations mj and rog!
    hullo dear tiny! welcome to the world of wonders! you bring joy to us all. be a good girl.
    love, tita bachoi

  34. tesya dear, good luck! may your visa be granted so you can come along with doods.
    hey! hey! tnk u kimchai and tesya for the invites sisterettes! missssssss you all mga kapatid!! cant seem to log in yet but i cant wait... so i left a comment as anonymous wahahaha! cute name! i like it!
    choi here!

  35. i've been peeping thru our bahay kubo coz i havent made an account yet. i always get security error and internet connection failed warning. hubby said its because the battery needs to be changed and maybe the antenna needs realignment. until i set the time right, i will have trouble signing up. but cant wait til i fix those technoprob so i left my mark. so excited!!! kudos to the geniuseesesssss kimchai, tesya, kuracha, kalachuchay and everyone. we're rolling guys! hehehe. gayagaya kay tesya. will post my madness as soon as i get my web page ooooh sounds techie huh!? for now, am here to cheer and click the ads hehehe! mis ya all!
    love, choi!!

  36. Choi, so nice to hear from you! So glad, this house was not the same without your voice here :) kaka-miss yung mga anik-anik natin :) Teeheee.

  37. hahahaha, cute nga anonymous ano Choi? glad na kahit di ka pa nakapag-log-in, tawa pa rin, so glad this house is now touched with your gift of humor and laughter :)

  38. Grüß Gott! Guys! :)

    eto kakauwi ko lang, pahinga lang muna ako dito sa Veranda at kakapagod mag bike and i helped also Mutti today sa garden nya ;)

    Tesya dear oo nga sige i will try my best para di ko na paiyakin si hubby (teehee) at baka ma detain din ako :( naku hirap ata na isang araw lang di ako makasilip sa bahay-kubo e, di na ko makatulog ;)

    Bethchai, thanks girlash ;) basta happy na ko to know when everyone is here ;) Kimchai, ipagdasal mo na wag akong ma detain :(

    Cher, sorry about your detention girlash :( di bale lambingin mo lang si hubby ok na yan *winks* ;)

    Chay, dear oo nga ipag pray mo grilash a na sana di ako maselda ni hubby :(

    Choi! salamat at nagparamdam ka girlash ikaw pala sinasabi nilang anonymous na cute totoo naman ;) love you all my Salitype buddies! ;) lunch lang ako babalik si Kangcarrot ;)

  39. hahaha! i'm back!!! 1 night lang po na-detain. sabi nga ninyo, lambingin di nilambing! hehehe!

    CONGRATULATIONS MJ!!! will check your profile in a while, baka sakaling may pics na si baby tiny.

    thanks Betchai, Car and Chay :)

    hi Tesya, will continue to pray na makahabol ka kay lovey Doods mo ;-)

    zentot, may sakit ka pala doc. pagaling ka ha?

    hi choi! sa wakas nakapag-comment ka rin dito. tambay ka lagi ha! ;-)

    kisses everyone! mwah!

  40. PS.

    Betchai, galing mo! pwede ka na maging architect! hehehe! thanks for making our stay in BK comfortable always... ;-)

    Chay, pagbutihan ang pag-aaral. huwag pabayaan ang health, baka mawala ang fountain of youth mo. :)

    Ica, effective ang paglalambing! hehehe! huwag ka magpa-detain ha? hala, larga na ako baka ma-detain pa ulit! hehehe!

    hi Eng, pahiram ng magic mo para di na ako ma-detain ulit!

    hi ulit sa lahat, nangungulit lang at nakalaya! hehehe!

  41. ha!ha!ha!...cher girlash,use your charm to its maximum potential.sayang lang yung natutunan ko sa kamasutra pag di ginamit...ha!ha!ha!..sus!lumabaas na naman pagka -SPO ko!!!

  42. guys, hindi ako detained, pero mawawala lang ako for a week, we'll escape civilization here in san diego and go to several national parks. i'll be missing our bahay kubo, but if i can get a chance to be on line, i'll stop here and say hi once a while :)
    have a good weekend everyone :) ma-mi-miss ko talaga ingay dito, saka baka huli na ako sa balita sa pagsilip sa picture ni Tiny :(

  43. haalllluuuuu ang ganda ganda talaga ng new house natin he he he he...i'm feeling better na uli, thank you everyone...tama bang nagiging sakitin ako lately he he he...wow, may baby na tayo yahoooo....ano kaya name ni Tiny? MJ pasilip na ng pictures ni Tiny!!!!Beth...wag ka magtatagal ha, we will miss you...pasalubong na blue pictures ha he he he...

    Tes, naku ma mi miss mo si Doods nyan he he he he di bale marami ka namang cute pictures nya he he he....and i am praying with the rest na makasunod ka agad sa kanya mwah!

    Chay, musta ang pagsusuot ng scrubs sis?..nag umpisa na ba pag me memorize mo ng body parts? he he he...

    Eng, thank you for encouraging me to finally post my entry nahiya kase ako ipost yun he he he...ano kaya may category dito na kamasutra ano lagot tayo sa blogger ha ha ha

    Choi, sige na nga cute ang name na anonymous he he he...ano na lang kaya P-t..... he he he he love yah sis...

    Asan na si Kurdapya uli? ang luwang ng house saan ba nagtatago? he he he

    KangCarrot, oo nga hinay hinay at baka ma detain ka he he he he

    Kiray, ala ba Sampaguita sa Singapore he he he...hanap ka naman jan o he he he....kisses to Kyla..

    Joanie, miss you girlash!

    Bro Alfon....pa post na po our dear forefather...ay bakit ako nag po he he he

    Rose, where are you na Rose? miss you sis...

    Hermie, study well...

    Beth number 3, asan ka na sis?

    Sissy....musta na sis? still on tour?

    Hala, eto na...walang kodigo dito sino nakalimutan ko lagot he he he

    basta, love you all po and sabi nga ni Ma'am Tesya, we are rolling guys he he he...

  44. Che, miss you sis....hope you will be hundred percent fine soon..kisses to Matt and AJ

  45. moin moin guys!

    sorry guys absent ako kahapon, we are so busy working in mutti's garden and after we had a nice grill together with my brother in law and his wife ;) whew! wala na naman ang diet! hehe ;)

    Kulasa pagaling ka girlash, don't worry i just make "lambing- lambing" to hubby and ok na hehehe *winks* ;)

    MJ dear, Congratulations! to you and Rog for having a very wonderful and so cute Teyla ;) just take it easy girl, relax.

    to all my salitype buddies have a nice day everyone! we'll go biking and enjoy the last season of strawberries here ;) love yah guys! mwah!

  46. Hi Family .. saya naman madami ng sumusulpot sa bahay kubo ! sige lang dalasan nyo ang hang out - we have a lot to catch up.

    I am just dropping this short note to let you know na medyo busy lang. Kulasa hehehehe wala pa kami sa body parts, fundamentals of nursing pa lang di na ako nakakatulog sa dami ng reading materials hehehehe. Last week was tough, had to read total of 8 chapters in 3 different books and practice test this weekend! My eyes were already playing tricks on me !

    The whole time I was in class naalala ko kayong mga nurse and doctor friends ko - naiimagine ko when you were in school. I understand now the seriousness of this career !

    One thing for sure - I LOVE IT ! I wish I did it sooner - I belong here and this is where I need to be !

    Will post some pictures next time of me in my scrubs - I had to have my uniforms altered !

    I won't be around much but know that you are always in my thoughts ... love you all and keep me in your prayers !

  47. Eng - I missed you when I signed in earlier ! I was gonna tell you that I thought about you when I was answering 50 items of math questions- fractions, decimals, conversions, problem solving heheheheh bakit ang daming math sa intro to nursing ? hahahahahaha wala pang chemistry or I will be calling Betchai patuturo ako assignment ! ahahahhahaah

  48. ha-ha-ha-ha-ha Chay, natawa ako sa "my eyes were already playing tricks on me" and sa Math and Chemistry he-he-he-he.....kayang kaya mo yan sis mwah!

    KangCarrot....sarap naman mag bike and kumain ng berries....

    Karinyosa, pa kiss ke baby mmmmwwwaahhhh! happy lullaby singing, diaper changing and milk feeding...gosh nakaka miss ang ganyang stage ng motherhood, enjoy each second power ranger pal!

  49. ha!ha1ha1 chay! numbers yan alam mo naman mahina ako dyan...kayang-kaya mo yan sunshine!oo nga e, pati nga yung farenheit to centigrade to kelvin ...sabi ko nga noong time ko dapat centigrade na lang lahat ng di na kailangan ng conversion na yan eh!....ha!ha1ha!

    pag dating mo na lang sa anatomy at physiology ah dyan pwede kitang gawan ng assignment!!!paborit ko yan kase kabisahan...lam mo naman me kabisote!...ha!ha!ha!

  50. ahaha! my! sarap-sarap naman i kiss ni teyla...
    congrats to both you and rog girlash! enjoy her every minute. sarap buhay ni baby...kain, tulog, popo pa lang ang gawain...ha!ha!ha!

  51. moin moin guys!

    Kulasa- eto sakit ng tyan ko kakakain ng strawberries hehehe ;) ammm, Zen maysakit din ba si Che? get well soon Che..

    Chay- sipag talaga ng ating muse ;) Chay tabi mo lahat ng test paper mo a, para sayo ako mangongopya ha!ha! ;)

    Eng- cute talaga ni Teyla no? ;) teka asan na ang ibang taga Salitype? yuhuu! ;)

  52. hi everyone! present po. gotta go, doin' maths revision with kyla coz hubby is having OT. kisses to Teyla! napadaan lang po. :)

  53. Waaaaa, sad ako for the mansion. nobody's there anymore. it's not cleaned anymore... may cobwebs na. sad *hikbi*

    Hi zenfriend, yes, still out. we'll report to you guys soon. But what happened to tes??? Di ba tuloy grand EB girlfriend??? TELL MEEEEEEE....

  54. moin moin guys! Kangcarrot present po! ;)

    hello guys ;9 Sissy nice to hear from you girlash, talaga sis may cobweb na? ano yun? hehhe ;) sensya na di ko alam kung ano yun :)

    breakfast lang ako guys.. babalik ako, mwah!

  55. haloooooooooooo! anybody home? hi sissy! nice to hear you adding with the noise we all create. tambay ka lagi pag di ka na busy... :)

    hi betchai! enjoy hiking! can't wait for your pasalubong! ingatz!

    chaypot, miss you!!!

    rose, asan ka na???

    che, got hold of Matt's letter! glad you are all coping... kyla promised to write her reply before the school re-opens this coming Monday. she's busy with her chinese enrichment class, lapit na matapos. aliw na aliw siya sa cursive writing ni Matt. i suspect gagayahin niya kasi atat din siya magsulat ng kabit-kabit! hahaha!

    hi everyone, cher kulitz here! 'miss you all!

  56. car, cobweb is agiw in tagalog. tama ba ako guys? hehehe!

  57. Present ayyyyy ang daming tao !!! Choi and Sissy - mga sisters ke tagal namin kayong hinintay !! but glad you are here. Ako din sumilip nung isang araw sa foreclosed home natin at yeah daming agiw ! hahahahaha

    Napasok ng intruder ang chatrol natin, ingat kayo sa pag click at baka mapasok tayo ng virus hehehehe

  58. Car - tinirahan mo ba kami ng strawberries ? hehehehe kaya nasakit tyan mo eh inubos mo kc !

    Cher pinapa straight mo pa ba hair mo or talagang straight na sya - I love it ! ang hair ko kasi kung di plantsahin kulot kulot heheheeh

    Choiiiiii ginulat mo kami, akala ko pa naman merong bagong nag iiwan ng message !

    Asan si Tesya ?? baka nakalipad na ang ating sister at gulatin kayo sa grand EB Sissy !

  59. Musta MJ !!! musta baby Teyla natin !

  60. Heheheheh sinamantala kong mag iwan ng message while I have access at work - minsan naka block ang website but this morning naka open sya !! stariray !

  61. he he he he ako din Chay, on duty, eto silip dito sa house he he he

  62. Grüß Gott! Guys! ;)

    Cher thanks for translating girlash hehe ;) waaah! puro alien kasi kausap ko dito araw-araw kaya nakakalimutan ko na english ko :(

    Chay dear our super sipag and beauty Kalachuchay ;) eto kauuwi ko lang from our doctor kinuhaan nila ko ng dugo ewan ko kung bakit hehe ;) then i had breakfast with mutti and talked about everything and she brought me home ;)

    Kulasa sis, duty ka muna hehehe ;) ewan ko guys dun na lang sa fs yung pics ko with new hair cut hehe ;) nakakatawa itsura ko dun hehe ;) wait ko muna kayong lahat magpagupit nyek! ;)

  63. halu halu sisterettes and bros! detention pa beauty ni anonymous. nigawan na ako ni hubs ng website so kelangan behave na huhuhu. pero agree naman xa sa mga walang wentang wento ko. so normal pa rin ako sa pagka--- timang.

    kaya lang bat wala namang lumalabas nung nigoogle ko parang ako lang may alam sa lungga ko? ni di ko man mahanap kung di ko i-log in? pano ba maghello world? tsaka pano ba maglink nung parang sa home na pagniclick naoopen ang heading? ay si tanga! pano nga ba?

    hello baby tiny teyla!

    kangkarot, ano almusal mo sa trip to jerusalem? juntis ka ano? bat ka kinunan ng dugo? aminin!

    kulasa, bilis!! ipassword protect mo ang rain&u,d ff never hapend,rage, insanity @ tnk u 4 d frndshp blu... baka matora tora bang bang ka. nababasa dito sa link ng bahay kubo ang page mo...

    kiray, bat ka nadetain? lagot!! bigo ito bigo nagpagupit hehehe

    naku! ang mader lilya at kiray nagpapraktis na maging magbalae! nagmamatch na ng mga anak! hahaha! nagsusulatan na sila matt@kyla! love team! wahaha!

    karinyosa, halika chika tayo sa sala hayaan mong maging andres de saya yang si pooh.

    kurdapyayayayayaya! itutulak ko sa bangin ang tarzan na yan!

    lolo ponsoy sunduin mo na kc sa bundok ang nagbaging sa saging. now nah!

    kalachuchay, yeyyy! nightingale kana wow rich! lapit mo na ako ampunin hehehe

    kuracha spo ka na naman? pwede ba isulat yan? magpapaturo sana ako har har har!

    tesya may visa kana? andun na si seksitaring katurai nag-aantay sa moa hahaha!

    kimchai, sowi napagod ka sa habulan natin sa bahay kubo hahaha! dami kong nabasag kaya eskapo ako agad.

    disney princess, may shooting ka na naman?

    juana, rosing, kulasisa, niknok, yuhuuhuuhuu! wer u???

    may nakalimutan ba ko? sensya na po excited na umikot sa kubo dami kong kakatukin hehehe

    .....choi over and out


  64. hala! bat ko ba sinabing may website na ako? dapat sa mail natin ko itatanong to hahaha! nakakahiyang magkalat dito hehehe. wala pang post dun under istruction pa este contradiction tama ba? yung gumagawa ng bahay bah?

  65. Bachoi! ha!ha! hindi ako buntis! ;) ikaw talaga, the doctor found something in my last check up, parang rheumatism ata, yung bang parang tinutusok ng karayom yung dulo ng mga daliri sa kamay at paa, and she said wag daw akong kakain ng mushrooms na puti, ewan ko hehe ;) sige guys... bye muna at maglilinis pa ang beauty ko hehe then have to start packing our things...

  66. hello everyone! hindi ako sumama sa bundok ngayon he he he sabi ko maglilinis ako ng room namin pero nandito ako sa bahay kubo he he he...mahirap mag enumerate kaya happy weekend everyone na lang, special mention na lang sa matagal ng nagwawala este nawawala...kurdapya!!!!!!! asan ka na? and kapatid na kulasisa hala, naiwan ka na ata sa lumang mansyon...

    Anonymous, tinatamad ako mag password protect ng mga post bahala na si batman ha ha ha ha kung ma deads ako then it will be told- "ayan ang tigas kase ng ulo ng kulasang yan" he he he he...

    ay Kuracha pala, wag ka na malungkot for me sis, ako naman e sanay nang malungkot he he he, masaya sa kalungkutan at busog sa kangkungan ano ba yun? he he he di pa ko nakakapag on my way to work na photo...on my way to bed na lang kaya? he he he he....di ako matino today, bakit may time bang matino ako he he he....miss you all po!

  67. Guys, got my visa last Thursday! Thanks so much for your prayers, dear friends. I am now beathing Pinas-air! Yahoo! Our Saltype kitakits is defntely ON! July 2nd -mark your calendar: BaChoi, Katurai, Kulasa, Fonz, Hrmz, Betchy and Jon!

    Friends, my apologies. Incidentally, I can't always go online from here, otherwise I would be here in our bahay kubo -tambay (nag-aadk). Doods and I got here a bit late (due to my delayed visa) and are up to our necks with backlog (to-do list) house repair, among other things, take up so much of our time.

    I will be back on track as soon as we get back to Houston by mid of August. I miss our BK, esp our exchanges here.

    Group hug and lots of kisses! Mwa!

  68. yehey! tes is home...sarap naman...ikain mo kami ng halo-halo at buko pandan hane, paborit ko yan!!

    the grand eyeball...wow! ang pictures dali!

  69. kulasa, nadinig ko din boses mo....i like that, masaya sa kalungkutan...ha!ha!ha! keep smiling!

  70. yehey! mabuhay si tesya nasa pinas na! buzz nyo lang po ako what time, lapit lang naman, andito lang ako sa tabi. cguro may jetlag kapa anoh? cge beauty rest ka muna.

    huy kulaswa! cge ka baka di ka payagan lumuwas ng maynila. nakikita talaga dito sa kubo pati pix mo sis lagot ka. ikandado mo yan baka mahayden oath ka dyan at .. matora tora bang bang di na lang si muning.

  71. di ako makaleave ng coment sa friendster.. dito na lang.. i saw tiny in mj's blog super pretty ni teyla chanterelle.
    i wanted to name my child chantelle. lumipas na ang isang dekada hehehe wala pa ring chantelle.
    at least meron nang baby teyla chanterelle ma super ganda.

    and yah, michael jackson is part of our youth so it is indeed sad to bid goodbye to an icon of our times. sayang di ko natawagan close kami nun eh hahahaha! joke!

  72. Hey Tesya !! I am so happy that you got your visa ! asus enjoy enjoy at wag intindihin ang BK, dito lang kami nagpapalamig at sobrang inet na. Dyan naman ata eh umuuulan ! Enjoy your mom's birthday party !

    Musta family ! Salamat at me taong bahay kahit pa isa isa. Wait lang tayo sa pictures ng ating mga TSS beauties sa kanilang reunion ! Whohooo exciting !

  73. moin moin guys! ;)

    tambay muna sa veranda, so excited about sa get together ng Salitypers sa Pinas ;) guys damihan ang pictures! ikain nyo na lang kami ;)

    love yah all Salitypers! mwah! ;)

  74. waaaaaaa mali , mali, nawala sa isip ko.....naunahan ako ni asawa....pumunta na siya Manila today...waaaa dapat pala sumama ako...kaso duty ako....waaaaaa

  75. kulasa!!! ha!ha!ha! daliii!!! baka mahuli ka sa grand EB iwanan mo muna yan kung sino man yang pasyente mo ngayon ha!ha!ha! nauna pa sayo si hubby! bukas na di ba? wow! exciting!! ;)

  76. ladies and gents of pinas salitype chapter...we are awaiting for news, any news about the grand eyeball...

    napuyat siguro kayo ano?

  77. hmmmn, heard from zen sina katurai at tesya lang ang nag-EB. 12mn daw, hahaha! parang college days, kaka-miss makipag-bonding sa mga girlfriends! how i wish we can all meet someday and chat the whole night away. :)

  78. Choi, galing ako sa site mo, maki-tsika sana, pero nawala lahat yung posts, sana babalik lahat sila, masasaya kasi mga posts mo dun, especially yung poem mo na magpalit nang pangalan.

    Excited ako nakakita nang pink, kaso lang, wala na ang posts? Di rin ako makatsika dun sa yo, kaya dito na lang.

    Miss you all, everyone.

    si Chay, busy lang sa studies, mag-i-ingay din yun after her tests. good luck sa tests Chay.

    si Eng naman, naku, Eng, miss you girlfriend. Sana naman, makabalik ka na online, and be a good girl :)

    Car, musta yung laundry mo? hopefully, malinis na lahat.

    hello sa lahat.

  79. Thanks Betchai !! Naku ang tahimik naman sa BK !

    Hello mga ka salitype dalas dalasan nyo naman ang dalaw at baka magkaroon ng spider's web ang ating bahay-bahayan hahahahahaha

    Tapos na exam ko 2nd of 8th exams until the end of the 1st term. I got so addicted to reading, kahit walang test nag advance reading na ko. Hayyyy gusto ko na lang sa skul at ayoko ng mag work hahahhha spoiled!

    Kisses to all of you - I miss you all, naku naka bartolina pa siguro si Eng wawa naman hahahahahh

    Wala pa ang mga pictures ng reunion huh ?

  80. Chay, so nice to hear from you, glad you're done with the 2nd of the 8th exams, gosh, dami mong exams Chay. But cheering kami, we know you will do well.

    OO nga, si Eng, nakabartolina pa ata ang computer, yung posts nya sa blog nya am sure scheduled posts yun tulad nang ginawa ko when I was on vacation. Otherwise, we would hear from her here for sure.

    Yung pictures sa EB Chay, si Tes na daw mag-post sabi ni Elsie. Tes will be back by mid-August pa, meanwhile, enjoy muna sya bakasyon sa pinas with her family.

    Hello all again :) Sabi nga ni Chay, halika, salita naman tayo :) para di magkaro-on nang spider's web, haha!

  81. hi ladies!...i am back. sorry if i'm not around these past few days...ha!ha!ha! few glitch here and there.

    but i am back..and boy what a feeling!

    miss you all! hirap talaga malayo dito sa bahay kubo..

  82. ahh! yes, chay....bartolina ulit ako.since, i cannot use the pc, i opted to do my other passion..reading.

    i'm halfway through christian jacq's the tutankhamun affair. not bad, keeps my mind occupied as i am terribly longing to be here with you guys.

    now, let me water my pot garden before the plants withered. want to show hubby some reedeming points...ha!ha!ha!

  83. oh no! na-detain ka ulit Eng?! naku, magbe-behave na ako at baka ako rin. hehehe!

    hi everyone! di na ako magro-roll call at baka may ma-miss ako, dyahe...

    hi chay, kolehiyala! hehehe! keep on studying hard. hala! parang mga pamangkin ko ang kausap ko. hehehe!

    let's keep on salityping guys! we're rollin' sabi nga ni Tesya... 'miss you girl! enjoy your grand vacation. :)

  84. hey eng, glad to see you again :) welcome back, hope you won't get blocked again from BK

    Cher, yes, please behave, hahaha, mahirap na kung mawala ka rin :) yes Cher, let us all keep on Salityping :)

  85. minsan, ino open ko tong page para makita lang mga pictures natin sa gilid ha ha ha, nakaka refresh tignan mga smile natin he he he, kahit di ka na mag basa ng post ok na yung mga smile ng friends sa gilid to brighten the day he he he love you all po!

    MJ, miss you sis...di ako maka leave ng comment sa blog mo...di ko ma open comment box...kisses to Teyla!mmmwah!




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