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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Kwentuhan sa Bahay Kubo

Humble our new "bahay kubo" maybe, but we continue to carry the tradition of sharing thoughts at different rooms. Communication, after all, is a key to any relationships and to a good living. This page is in response to Chay's wonderful idea of providing a place for us to just casually share our thoughts and to freely chat without necessarily responding to a particular post. Just like in our old home, where we share our daily "anik-aniks".
To go to our different rooms here at bahay kubo, please click on the room title below:
I. OUR HOME GUIDE - If you are lost on how to get involved with the discussions and how to leave comments and write posts here in our Bahay Kubo, please click here to go to this page. 
II. VERANDA ( OUR DAILY CHATS) - This is our place for small and big talks about anything under the sun.  Please click Veranda or here to access this room.
III. PAGING AND ANNOUNCEMENT SYSTEM- here, we share all kinds of news, big or small, happy or sad, anything that we want to share.
IV. SCHEDULING OF POSTS - we publish posts on schedule except on weekends. MWF are for our different categories, and weekend is our Fun with Photos and Anything fun posts. Please check our scheduling of posts if which dates and categories you can contribute.  
V. MUSIC ROOM - yeah, we finally move our Music room to here. Here, we can sit back and relax, and sing-along with everyone.
VI. LAUGH ROOM - what's a house without laughter? Please share your laugh time, jokes, funny experiences here.

Scheduling of Posts

by now, most of us are quite familiar with posting schedule. those who are not, do not despair, we will guide you through.

an M-W-F schedule run parallel with our 8 categories for purpose of consistency and to give fair exposure to each theme. starting monday, 27th of july, post which are not previously scheduled will be taken off the salitype page and be saved in the draft instead to be re-post on the next slot available for the category chosen by the author.the reason being is to give a fair chance for those author/s who has booked a week or days in advance. OR alternatively, you can save your post in the draft and drop us a line - in the announcement board or preferrably here - and will publish your article in the next available slot.

saturday and sunday remains to be a free for all, TSS kodak moments and fun with photos. post as many as you want!

i hope no one will take offense if their post is being taken off the page and be saved on the draft for later posting. we want to make our page as organize, informative and fun...

Please don't forget to read our site's Terms of Use regarding posting. 

Sat- jan3 - monochrome weekly -Tes
W - jan6 - chic a la mode
F - jan8 -
fun Friday L - Tes

M - jan11 - travelogue
W - jan13 - varied themes
F - jan15 -
fun Friday M - Tes
Sat - jan17 - Monochrome Weekly - Tes

M - jan18 - cooking made easy

W - jan20 - craft bug
F - jan22 -
fun Friday N  - Tes

T - jan26 watery Wednesday -Tes

W- jan27 - poetic murmurings
F - jan 29 -
fun Friday O  - Tes

Once you have finalized your draft and you already know your date/category, you may post your blogs ahead and POST DATE it. On the post page, you may click post options (below the edit box on the left side) and change the date of your post to the date where you signed in (on the lower right side of edit box after clicking post options).


Copied from Chay, " sit back and relax, mag sing-along muna tayo."

"Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent."
Victor Hugo

Laugh Room

What's a house without laughter? Please share your laugh time, jokes, funny experiences here through comments.
"Mirth is God's medicine. Everybody ought to bathe in it."
~Henry Ward Beecher


Here, we share all kinds of news, big or small, happy or sad, anything that we want to share. If you got something to annouce, please leave a comment here.

PS.....Please click here  to check our scheduling of posts. It is our hope that our site will be consistent in releasing articles, please kindly check that page often to see which dates are still open and you may want to contribute on those dates. Saturdays and Sundays can be filled with Fun with Photos or something for Fun Posts to help keep our blog rolling and full of merriment. But please do check out our rules on posting under terms of use.

Sunday, May 24, 2009


This is the page where everyone can just freely chat without particularly responding to a particular post. Just a room in our bahay kubo where we can chat and roll :) . This is in response to Chay's question:
"How can we continue our daily-chat forum like we have in the TSS Group page ? Like the daily anik-anik sharing."
Here is our humble chatroom, when there's no one in the chatbox and we want to shout :)

Friday, May 22, 2009

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy for www.salitypesociety.com

At www.salitypesociety.com, the privacy of our visitors is of extreme importance to us. This privacy policy document outlines the types of personal information received and collected by www.salitypesociety.com and how it is used.

Log Files
Like many other Web sites, www.salitypesociety.com makes use of log files. The information inside the log files includes internet protocol ( IP ) addresses, type of browser, Internet Service Provider ( ISP ), date/time stamp, referring/exit pages, and number of clicks to analyze trends, administer the site, track user’s movement around the site, and gather demographic information. IP addresses, and other such information are not linked to any information that is personally identifiable.

Cookies and Web Beacons
www.salitypesociety.com does not use cookies.

DoubleClick DART Cookie
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.:: Google's use of the DART cookie enables it to serve ads to users based on their visit to www.salitypesociety.com and other sites on the Internet.
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Some of our advertising partners may use cookies and web beacons on our site. Our advertising partners include ....
Google Adsense

These third-party ad servers or ad networks use technology to the advertisements and links that appear on www.salitypesociety.com send directly to your browsers. They automatically receive your IP address when this occurs. Other technologies ( such as cookies, JavaScript, or Web Beacons ) may also be used by the third-party ad networks to measure the effectiveness of their advertisements and / or to personalize the advertising content that you see.

www.salitypesociety.com has no access to or control over these cookies that are used by third-party advertisers.

You should consult the respective privacy policies of these third-party ad servers for more detailed information on their practices as well as for instructions about how to opt-out of certain practices. www.salitypesociety.com's privacy policy does not apply to, and we cannot control the activities of, such other advertisers or web sites.

If you wish to disable cookies, you may do so through your individual browser options. More detailed information about cookie management with specific web browsers can be found at the browsers' respective websites.

If you require any more information or have any questions about our privacy policy, please feel free to contact us by email at salitype18@yahoo.com.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

About The Salitype Society

The Salitype Society was formed by four different, yet somehow similar, dynamic individuals: four women from different walks of life who are separated by thousands of miles and have never met personally but are connected by a common bond - blogging.
The idea of forming a haven for bloggers - amateur and professionals alike - was our desire. Days of brainstorming followed amongst us - taxing, yet very exciting!A few possible names were put forward by each one. After much deliberation, we agreed to carry the name "THE SALITYPE SOCIETY."
SALITA = Filipino word for "talk"
TYPE = the actual act we perform to communicate our thoughts
SOCIETY= a fellowship of social beings with social needs

We type because we have something to say!
We type because we are alive.
We type because we feel.

Salitype is what we have become.


THE SALITYPE SOCIETY: founded July 18, 2008

Secondly,as we moved on, we found another calling in the form of sponsoring a charity foundation. This blog meager earnings partly go to charity –we are sending two students to school aside from helping in our little ways other forms of charity that needed immediate help, all from the income generated by this site. 
The Salitype Society First Scholar
The Salitype Society Second Scholar
There is this group Tapulanga Foundation, they are an army of kindness: living among the very people they help. They don’t present the gifts and leave. They administer the gifts and linger as good neighbors should. Part social worker, part Sunday School teacher, helping body and soul. Check out the Tapulanga Foundation site for more details and if you also wanted to help a child. 
Tapulanga Foundation

We are NOT inhibited to accommodate other forms of charity --God willing we will generate more funds. For now, baby steps –slow but sure.

We thank you dear readers and supporters of this site. Your help in making this site grow in readership, allows The Salitype Society to live their dreams of giving a child a fair chance in life.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Chic A La Mode

How do I dress ME, let me count the ways.

Cooking Made Easy

Cooking is never this easy. Good food need not be complicated.

Craft Bug

Get crafty with do-it-yourself projects.

Flower Hunt

Blossoms for all seasons.

Fun With Photos

Themed Kodak Moment all for fun.

Inspirational Posts

Lessons and inspirations from life's experiences.

Poetic Murmurings

Mumblings and rumblings of frustrated poets.


View the world in different angles.

Varied Themes

Posts that show our diversity.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Guidelines using Blogger

Welcome to our new home.
Moving to a new place is not always easy, sometimes it can be overwhelming. We have to find our way to adapt and manage the new environment.
Remember the Discussion Board in our Friendster Home? Don't we choose for topics and then reply in the discussion threads? It is the same way here in our new home. This time, our Discussion Board is our blog itself! Our replies are our comments. :) To create a new topic, we write a new post! Isn't that great? What makes it more exciting is that other readers can also leave comments in our posts. We are opening our home to guests and interested readers.
On the top menu of our blog, where you see Home.... Forum.... Categories.... If you click Categories, it will lead you to a page that groups the topics ( this time, we call them the posts) into themes. Or you can also directly go to any of the categories by clicking the categories ( Chic A La Mode, etc ) which are found in the side menu under the links. Our blog posts serve as our discussion topics. Please leave your comments in any of the posts that interest you, just like you are replying to our friendster's discussion thread.
Hopefully, this time, navigating through our posts is easier, since our posts are grouped into categories! It is easier for us to search for certain topics later.
All together, we can make this blog active by sharing posts and leaving comments. The more comments you can leave, the merrier is our house :) . Clicking Comments on the top menu will show you who has been talking and what they have been talking.
To help everyone feel at home, we put up these guidelines that is meant to help those who are new to Blogger feel comfortable to this new format. Yes, new home, new rooms! We hope you won't get overwhelmed in finding your way.
I. How can we leave a comment?
You can leave a comment by simply hitting post comment which you can find at the end or bottom of every posts. When you click post comment, it will open a pop-up window, showing the comments in that post and a comment box for you to leave your comment. Under the comment box you will be asked to choose identity with the following 4 options:
option 1: Google Account - this is the best way to leave comments to save time on rewriting your name again and again. All we have to do is log in to our blogger or google account. If you have not signed up at blogger yet, but has a gmail.com email addres, you can use that as your sign in. If you do not have a gmail.com account, you can join google in 2 ways. Either you create an email account at gmail.com or you create a blogging account at blogger.com . Either of these 2 accounts will let you leave comments in any posts in any blogger blogs without rewriting your name again and again. All you have to do is log in once, and you are off to comment!
option 2: Open ID. If you have account in wordpress and is logged in to your account, all you have to do is enter your url.
option 3: name/url. You can enter your name, and if you do not have a URL, you can just leave it blank, it is okay.
option 4: anonymous. This may be the easiest, but we want to know you.
II. How Can I Follow This Blog and Have My Picture Appear In the Followers and Comments?
Isn't it exciting to see who our followers are and also our images when we leave comments? It makes our conversation more inter-active and our new home more alive. If you already have a google or blogger account and has signed in with your account, all you need to do is click the FOLLOW button found in the right side of this site. If you do not have any of these accounts, you can create one. You click the same FOLLOW Button, a new window will appear, and then at the bottom says CREATE GOOGLE ACCOUNT. When you click on that it will lead you to the process of creating your account.
III. How Can We Write A Post?
If you feel comfortable enough in navigating our home, and would want to contribute posts to here, please leave us a comment here that you are ready and excited to write posts. The Salitype Society will send you an invitation to become an author in your email address. Once you open your invitation email, please click the link in your email that says "to contribute to this blog". If you click that link, it will lead you to blogger's page asking you to accept the invitation. If you have a gmail.com account, all you have to do is enter your email address and password and you are good to go. If you do not have a gmail.com account, you can crate a google account by clicking the "create google account now". The steps are easy, all you have to do is fill in the information and you are good to go. But if you needed help in creating your blogger account, please feel free to leave us a message here.
Hope this helps, I hope you will enjoy our new home. Make our home joyful with our lively chats, the way we used to or even more. If you have any suggestions regarding discussion categories, blog's design, and anything under the sun that you think does not fit in our recent posts, please feel free to leave your comments here, or anywhere.
We're filled with joy and excitement of finally having a home we can really call ours. I hope you share the joy and the dreams too of having a "Home Sweet Home".

Friday, May 1, 2009


Whenever you simply wanted to say "hi" or drop us a simple line, you can leave your message here through leaving comments.

"Just drop a note when you stop by.. it means a lot to our dear TSS home to be remembered once in a while."

Previous comments can be found here. We deleted the previous comments here to give way for more comments since after the 200, the newer comments are not seen :) If anyone wanted to view the chat history of TSS in this page, again, you can access the page here.

Previous Comments

  1. heloooooooooooooooooooo!!! missin' y'all! keep safe everyone! we may not keep in touch as often as before but hey, nothing has changed! TSS sisters still rock, don't we? keepin' y'all in my thoughts and prayers inspite my busyness with family and career. :)
  2. TSS sisters !!!

    So glad to see you stop by Cher ! I can't visit the site either as often as I want to, been busy with preparing for my board exam ! Whew, I will be so glad when this is over and behind me !

    I will see you all around here or in FB. Just drop a note when you stop by.. it means a lot to our dear TSS home to be remembered once in a while.

    Take care... May you all have a wonderful week.

    You all are fabulous !! Mwahhh
  3. present din, like Che, we may not communicate as often as before, but the TSS spirit lives on.

    Chay, thank you so so much, dami-dami mong happine$$ na binigay sa TSS, thanks for checking our emails for opp$ and for writing the opp$ too.

    wishing you well on your upcoming NCLEX Chay, I will keep you in prayers. I have so much faith in you that you can make it.

    hugs to all, you're all in my thoughts and prayers.
  4. Hey TSS sisters !

    Thanks to you too Beth ! Am just returning the favor when I was so busy with school. Now that I have a little bit more time, I want to spend as much time here as I can before I get busy again with school or work hahaha

    Have a good weekend guys ! I am off work starting tomorrow, be back Monday.

    Love you guys !!! Take Care Everyone !!!
  5. Replies
    1. hi there Bechai!!!! present! hehe
    2. haha, thanks Zen, namamahay lang :) missing kasi the TSS home :) and missing everyone. praying all is well with everyone.
  6. hello all...., I did not delete the previous comments, I cut and pasted them to another post which you can find the links in the main post above since when we hit over 200, the 201st.... are not shown anymore. If anybody wanted to catch up and read those long or must I say extremely long thread, click the links in the main post above and you will see our talking history which is preserved :)


kulasa said...
hahahahaha, so happy to see you both here!!!!!! yup i miss the good old days of dropping messages in our own site....i went to the nearby province to ours yesterday...Pangasinan.. and as usual spent hours under the sun taking photos hahahahaha, i will share them in a post when i get the chance...i love yah sisters! hey where are the others? let's make this place noisy and happy again hehehehe, mwah!
SweetMemoirs said...
weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, feels like the good old days nga! hope to see the rest soon...
Betchai said...
Che, though in this thread it seems tatlo lang tayo, but in the posts, those who had long been absent showed presence here lately and commented. Daming comments ni Carmen, saya! MJ just left 2 comments too. Missing na lang si little Beth babalik at si Chay makalabas minsan sa FB at dadalaw dito :)

Yes, hopefully, the rest will be here soon and we will all become present here in this little BK of ours as TSS family.

Jumping for joy here :)hopefully they'll see here our little thread and this will be our "little site" ulit to talk when it's hard to leave comments in regular posts :)
Tes said...
Asows, I was looking for the exchanges that Betchik posted in the egroup! It's here pala! PRESENT! Hey gals, this page is fast sounding like the mansion -yipeee! Lunch break here, droppin' by to say "We're rolling!" *hugs*
kulasa said...
present again! gosh how i missed Tesya saying that line.."we're rolling"...weeeeeee
Betchai said...
present ako ulit dito, Tes, excited lang ako, napuno yung site natin sa bago mong comments, so excited to see you back and rolling, so happy for the blessings you are enjoying. let us roll indeed :)
Anonymous said...
whoa! narito pala kayo ha!

i loveeee the new look clean and very enticing..not too heavy on the eye to look at. nice, really really nice.

am late as always, pathological na talaga yata sa aken eh...lol! i'll be back later to see and read all the posts.got to go to work first. yeaqh! im working today, saturday, tsk!

see you later guys!

Tes said...
Have fun at work, Engtot! Hello sistahs! Betchik, I love the new look -bagong renovate ang ating bahay kubo! I agree with Eng, the clean lines are easy on the eyes and the tabs -awesome, Beth! However did you do that? The photos on the tabs are enticing. I found myself clicking to check our old posts! Again, thank you, Beth! Love it. I'll check back in a jiff, gurlfriends! :)
SweetMemoirs said...
yey! umiingay na ang ating munting BK! hello sistahs! papacheck lang din ulet ng attendance!
wow Beth!!! you did an awesome job! would love to try that too in my blog. thank you so much for the tips, appreciate all the emails you sent to me.
okiedokie,happy weekend to all of us! love y'all! :)
betchai said...
hello, exciting parati kung ma-ingay dito :)

Thanks Eng, Tes and Che for the compliments about our new lay-out, somehow, I felt guilty I played around with it last night without consulting you first, I thought I play around with it so that anyone of us who will like it can take a look at the design in our dashboard and apply it to your sites as well.

Tes and Che, madali lang talaga gawin, tingnan nyo ang code sa html/javascript gadget sa blogger natin. if ever you want to apply it in your sites, let me know.

nagtsismisan kami ni kurdapya sa FS TSS mansion. When I got out of FB I kind of became senti I went to FS and saw Chay's thread there asking where is everyone and how she missed it, I replied there, but Chay probably did not go back there anymore, and was surprised, Carmen replied there, and that lengthened the thread opened by Chay. Anyway, I asked Carmen kung may ma-share syang posts, kaya yung Ode to Happiness, kanya yun. Bumalik si kurdapya :)
SweetMemoirs said...
hellooooooo!!! anybody home? 11am here, my sweet pea and hubbylove are still sleeping. and it's holiday, hooray! preggy mommy is blogging frenzy! hehehe! they should be up in a while so I better make it fast. gotta go and learn Betchai's tutorial. thanks again Beth! love yah, mwah!
love y'all sistahs!
Bethchay said...
Glad to find my way back here, hey 1st day in May !!! yeyyyyy I haven't been here for more than a year.

I can't believe that two years ago, I told you I will drift away to go to nursing school, and today two more months and I will be done !

I can't thank you my TSS sisters enough for staying with me and very supportive of me for two long years. It has been a very tough road for me, but I managed to stay focus always thinking of all of you.

I am back... I am home ... I am so glad to see all of you here present.

Can we have a graduation party here ??? I want to share my diploma with all of you !!!!

Love you all ... thank you for everything !
betchai said...
Hi Chay, yehey, so glad you are back home here :)

yes, definitely, let us have a graduation celebration here, share us your experience chay and post celebrating pictures for us to enjoy.

hello everyone, it's always a joy to be here. so i say,

"betchai, present and reporting" :) hugs to all.
Bethchay said...
Good idea Beth, I will put together something when I get a chance about nursing school and all those fun stuff.

Good morning guys ....
betchai said...
hey Chay, good morning :) stopping by here, am on my prep period, and relaxing here in our site a little bit :)
Kurdapya said...
Present!!!!...ayan, andito lang pala kayo mga inday!...akala ko anu yung BK (teka baka mali pa den, Bahay Kubo ba yun?)...Bethchai tenyu naman sa brainchild mo na toh! (eh bat ngayun mu lang po naisip?...hehehe)

ayan...dito maganda magkalat...ahahaha

mizzzz u guys! (kat inuubos na ko ng lamok dito sa labahan, dahil dito lang me signal ang lekat na broadband....ayun...nag-adik paden ako...gusto ko nga comment lahat ng post kaso baka zombie na labas ko weh di pa den ako nangalahati....love you all!

babalik-balik ako dito...Promise!
Bethchay said...
Kurdapya !!!!! weeeehhh andito ka na din ? hinay hinay sa comments baka mapunta yung name mo dun sa pinaka itaas huh !

Pabalik balik ako kc kala ko ngayon post yung poem ni MJ !

Balik ako tom ... me klase pa ko tonight.

Babay youuuu !
betchai said...
hahaha, actually, akala ko si kulasa sa ta-as, si tesya na pala ngayun :) ganda nga kung papalit palit tayo sino yung sa ta-as :)

though it doesn't really matter kasi masaya naman basta nandito lang tayo :)
kulasa said...
halush everyone! gosh dami ko nang reading assignment...hahahahaha, pssst at work...i will eat lunch first before i join back in the chikahan....dumidilim na paningin ko sa gutom hahahaha, be back mwah!
kulasa said...
done with lunch hahahaha, gosh i am so happy to see you all here!!! Kurdapya huwag ka nang mamumundok ha hehehehehe, so ano ang handa for Chay's unang subo celebration? i'll prepare halo-halo....naku sobrang init dito sa Pinas ngayon as in kahit umagang umaga tagaktak ang pawis ko weh hehehehe, lately di ako masyadong nakapag aadik sa net..sa lagay na to ha hehehe, kase mina master ko ang rubik's cube wahahahaha, kahibangan na naman eto ni kulasa weh...Betchai...kaka miss ka sa FB hehehehe, buti na lang may bahay kubo na uli:) Tesya- pasabi nga uli nung favorite line mo..."we're rolling guys" hehehehe, love yah sis, pa hug mmmwaahhhh! Eng!!! i miss your poetry...pero ang gaganda ng mga shots mo as in...like ko sila i frame lahat at isabit sa dingding namin...twinzy!!!! batukan mo nga ako yung malakas hahahaha....teka sino pa ba wala dito...si Kangcarrot wala pa...si Ruthi sistah! si little Beth...mahila nga dito...love you all po....thank you for making this life...beyond beautiful....now i will go to the main page to read the latest posts....mwah!!!!!
kulasa said...
power ranger pal!!!! pasok ka dito sa kubo wehehehe,
blue sunset said...
by the way, i am hanging out more often now at a new blog...co-authored with blue, ah you all are probably too tired hearing the word blue from me hehehehe, i got my friend addicted to photo-taking too..visit us please hahahaha at http://www.theitchtoclick.blogspot.com
betchai said...
hahaha, Zen and all, good to see you again, will visit your other blog as soon as I get a chance, cramming here right now to beat the deadline :) so excited always to hear from you and see what you have there for us in sunset blue and letters in november!
Bethchay said...
Happy Thursday !

Just got done reading MJ's poem, naiiyak pa ko.

Hold the graduation celebration yet, alam nyo kc ang actual graduation march is in October hahaha. We finished school in July, but we have to wait for other cohorts or otherwise 25 lang kaming mag graduate sa batch namin and it is not worth the cost of the graduation ball. So we might hold the celebration until then.

What we can do is save your "food photos" like we used to do and make a big entry out of it.

We can do two parties, one for me and one for Beth, o di ba, 2 entries na yun hahahaha

Kelan ang graduation march nyo Beth? let's prepare for your graduation party first, sa October na lang un sakin para meron akong picture in cap and gown.
SweetMemoirs said...
hi guys!!! papaalam lang po ang buntis, absent muna ako madalas kasi busy-busyhan na ang preggy mommy. still here at work, wala ng pasyente in fact we had the go signal na pwede na umuwi (bait si superman basta wala ng pasyente pwede na umuwi) kaya umuwi na kasama ko. here i am stuck here coz i have to wait for my antenatal class to start @ 6:30pm. yep, i enrolled coz it feels like it's my 1st time to give birth. *blush* 9 yrs ago is ages ago, hahaha! plus i want Mond to be prepared too with the labor day thingy,ect. truth be told, mas takot ako ngayon coz i am too pampered. last time kasi i only have myself to depend into so i had no choice but to be strong. now, i have all the support i needed so i have all the time to think about other things. i know you guys get what i mean. i even thought of opting for CS kasi takot na ako sa normal delivery. haaaaay, my superpower is just not working hahaha! but then, syempre iba pa din normal delivery so sabi ko kay Mond kailangan ko ng epidural. oh God help me. please,please pag-pray niyo ako sistahs, i can do it! ;)

like i mentioned in the email, exam ni Kyla this coming week. your prayers are very much appreciated. THANKS A LOT!

di na po ako magro-roll call. will catch up commenting in blog posts and replying emails pag nakahinga ng maluwag. my blog is running with scheduled posts. di pa ako makapag-bloghop.

di na rin ako mage-special mention, took note of everyone's chika here and in the email thread. superhappy for everyone's achievements! life is good, and yes... GOD is GREAT all the time!!!

love y'all! *group hug*
MJ said...
here i am finally, my dear TSS sisters!!:) cher, thanks for the gentle nudge:) how's everyone feeling today? hope all's well for everyone. haven't gotten the chance to really read the latest stream of TSS Talks; will try to do that when i get up later today. for now, let me just give everyone a big bear hug!! almost 7 a.m. na kasi and i still need to get some beauty sleep, hahaha. actually, been trying to sleep but am plagued by my spring allergies:( my eyes are doing the vampire thing again, unfortunately. they are red and itchy right now. and the sneezing is starting to intensify. kinda hard to sleep when you get up every couple minutes with itchy nose and sneezes:( please pray for me. may have to switch to yet another allergy med this year:( spring has just begun and i am already having a difficult time. anyone else suffering from these spring allergies? i hope not.

anyway, off i go to try and get some sleep. may the weekend be a blast for everyone! i love you all!
Bethchay said...
Cherrypie ! will be praying a lot for a safe delivery of baby bunso -can't wait to hear what his name will be !

Hang in there girlfriend, hope you are one those moms who they said isang push lang and the baby comes out !

It is exciting for me cause in 3 weeks, my next assignment is "labor and delivery". I been watching youtube videos on how to assist in the delivery and every time I see baby comes out, I get in tears - hahahahaha One of a kind emotion to witness such a magical moment.

Will keep praying for you girlfriend !!!
Bethchay said...
hello buddy MJ, so sorry to hear about the allergies, hope you find another meds to help you get relief from that nasty allergies. This would have been a perfect weather to get out. Oh wait, what is your weather like now ?

We have been experiencing high 90's here.. so hot ! Like in Tesya's place in TX, we have to water our plants and lawn longer now !

Enjoy your weekend buddy, any cookout again this weekend ?
Bethchay said...
Kulasa, whew, daming gig nitong doktorang to ! just saw your post about operations tuli hahahahaha I want to see one being done.

I will check your new site with blue next. Whooo hoooo I wish I can join one of those challenges, looks like a lot of fun !

Enjoy summer in PI - whew !!! halo-halo everyday !!! Ingat !!
Bethchay said...
Goodluck sa mga kids who will be taking exams, Kyla, Kate, Yam !!! They are awesome kids, for sure they can do it !!!

yeyyyyy I read the report cards of Tesya's kiddos and was really impressed at their achievements, ang galing galing ng mga bata !!!!

Goodluck to Beth too on her exams, I bet it will be a relief once it's done, and you can enjoy your next trip more without worrying about the test !!

Special prayers go to all the kids and Beth !!!
Kurdapya said...
Cher goodluck sa delivery...kaya mu yan...ako nga po 18 years ang gap ng two boys ko (at parehong praktis palang yun ha...ahahhaha)...akalain mu ako na nga ang not so young duon sa pack of laboring moms...aba nauna pa ang lola mo manganak...sabe ko lang sa self ko..."tsk!..bilisan ko na nga ito at ng makapag open na ng salitype website...(ngurk!)
we'll pray for you girl...be strong!...teka asan na ba si dok kulasa...ikoconsult ko kase parang me morning sickness na naman ako lately weh...hihihi

chay....mabuhay ka!...5 comments nalang lamang ni Tesya sa yo...2nd honor ka na po...hehehe...but i loved reading lahat ng sinusulat mo...and i second in motion nalang den para di ko na ulitin...

yes! Paquiao fever is coming in just a day...kinakabahan ako...baka matalo ang pusta ko...ke Mosley kase ko pumusta kase ala me gusto sa kanya...naawa naman ako.(ngek!)

love yah all sisters! muaahhh!
betchai said...
naku, andami, nalito ako kung sa-an ako mag-umpisa :)


@ Che, praying for your wellness, and your baby, hoping and praying you continue to stay healthy and strong. makethe most of your antenatal classes to help you prepare for normal delivery. i really understand what you mean, being showered by love makes us more expressive of our fears because we know they will listen to us :)

@ Chay, graduation ko is by June something, forgot the actual date :(

@MJ, sorry about your spring allergies, hope you feel better soon, will be praying for you. I have spring allergies, but I control them with medication and thankfully I respond so well with my medicine.

@ Chay, enjoy the Pacquiao fever, hope you will have a great and fun night. and more power to Manny.

di ko na kumpletuhin ang roll call, love you all.

ah, loving it right now here, it had cooled down, the past few days had been in the high 80s and it was terrible, but now is back to 70s, and starting tomorrow back to 60s. 60s and below is my kind of temps for hiking, so I am glad and looking forward to another lovely hiking weekend.
betchai said...
hello again tss sisters,

khai was too busy working today so we will just be taking a short 2-hour hike close to sunset later. as a result, i tweaked again our site, most links are not within our site, and outgoing links are in the posts that way we can keep our guests tuned in. let me know if you have some suggestions how to make our site look better.

hugs to all. happy mothers again to all the moms, and to tita-moms, hope you're all having a wonderful weekend. will soon hit the trails.
SweetMemoirs said...
droppin' by quick to SALUTE all TSS moms and tita-moms (Beth, Tes, Little Beth, sino pa ba?) here!

hubby is also working half day, no concrete plans yet. may just attend evening mass and dine out later. :)

Beth, can't thank you enough for constantly improving our site. i am so inspired to apply everything in my site, just don't have the time to do yet.

wait, napahaba na yung quick ko. hehehe! kwento ko na nga, super enjoyed the first session of antenatal class with Mond last Friday. yung lecturer komedyante kaya walang time para antukin. am now religiously doing all the exercise they taught us. THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONSTANT PRAYERS AND MORAL SUPPORT. i am now a little confident on normal delivery. :)

tulog pa yung tinu-tutor ko, am off to cook spaghetti now (Kyla's request as usual). ;)

once again, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all of us!
betchai said...
Happy Mother's Day again Che, glad to hear that you enjoyed your antenatal class! And keep it up, glad for you that you are following the exercises. Hahah, since I have lesser load now, my PACT is done, though I still have many assignments to do for our philosophy class, but somehow, my mind just feel lighter without the burden of PACT thus I can tweak our blog a lot :) I am enjoying it! That's the reason why despite I am done with PACT now, I still did not go back to FB, since I am afraid once I am back in FB, I will be lost again and will not be able to do anything productive.I am enjoying the fruits right now of my FB-free time, I also thought of adding technology in my new blog Breathe In..Breathe Out, since technology opps pay more money :) though I still do not know what to write about technology, haha! Anyway, am just here, or in my 2 blogs.
Bethchay said...
Good Monday morning sweet TSS ladies !

Una nalito ko, I thought Kurdapya is Kulasa - then I thought, there's no way Francis is 18 years older than Roel hahahahaa ! Oh well, para kang nanganay nyan Kurdapya ah ! Happy Mommy day pala ngek late na late na heheheh

Di ako nag bet sa Pacquiao game, medyo nerbyos ako at medyo nagkaka edad na si Manny hahaha buti na lang he won !

Thanks Beth for constantly doing something to make our site looks more and more attractive. I can't imagine this site without you. Thanks a million ....

Cherrypie, glad to hear you had a great time sa antenatal class mo. I haven't seen one and have no idea ano ang ginagawa dyan ehehehehe, clueless kc wala naman tayo nyan sa PI !

Have a wonderful week ahead you guys ! Me hangover pa ko ng mother's day celebration, inaantok ako !

Pa hug na lang sa lahat ... I miss you all so much ! mwahhh
Bethchay said...
Quick question... bakit di lumalabas yung picture ko kaya sa comments ko ? just wondering and also I changed my alias and it still shows as Bethchay ? hehhee

My new alias "aligaga" don't know if you guys heard that word before. hehehe

Later... thanks again !
betchai said...
Chay, quick answer lang, kasi am on the road and typing in my cell....

i checked before, your bethchay blogger profile is private, it says, you have to make it accessible to others for me to view your profile. i did not mind when i saw that since i thought it was your preference. i do not know you have another alias, will look into that :)
Tes said...
Whoa, everybody is here pala! I was there in our egroup -hahaha! Lunch time here in school. Like most of you guys -I still have a hangover of my very first Mother's Day Delight (sort-of) I was in cloud 9 the whole day yesterday. Am wearing the girls' gift today! Kakatuwa!

Nakakalibang mag read ng mga post, as usual, Kurdapya makes me laugh -laughing alone here -hahaha. 18 long years, wow! With my sister -i think- it's a 10-year-gap.

Beth, thanks for continuously tweaking our site. It's looking better than ever. I love our pictures on the side. So happy you're now enjoying Pact-free days! Am joining you in the (school days) countdown!

Chay, like you parang inaantok pa ako today! hahaha (what's with that?! i dunno!)

I shared a "quick-kwento" in our egroup, but I will leave it there since I do not want to go too public in that area (for security measures)

Enjoy your day, everyone! Mwa!
betchai said...
oh wow Tes, how I wish I can see the Mother's day gift you got from Cate and Yam that you wear. They are so sweet, I wish one day I will have a chance to have time with them again, it's always joyful to be with kids.

Si Christine naman, though she is already in college, but I also love her sweetness, Chay and her really are just like sisters. Wish to meet all the other TSS kids someday, maybe in our grand TSS reunion, whenever that is!
betchai said...
oy, kurdapya, morning sickness, ano yun? calling Zen nga :) anyway, hope all is well with you Carmen...18 years, and maybe a year? haha!
Bethchay said...
I emailed back sa egroup kanina, and yeah Tes I agree with you on confidential matter. I shared a private info there too. I can't send out email from work to yahoo egroup, it always bounce back to my work email.

For now dito na lang me mag email so I can help increase the flow of traffic sa site, and hope it helps in anyway.

Oki doki, lunch time here ! off to class in a couple hours.

See you all again tomorrow !
Bethchay said...
Thanks Beth for looking into my question. Sa totoo lang,I am so lost at what I am doing hehehehe sa tagal kong di nagpunta dito sa TSS nalimutan ko kung ano ang email ko and password, so am using another email actually.

I will look into going public when I get a chance, disorganized pa ang thoughts ko hahahaha

Thanks Beth !
Bethchay said...
hayyyy ang gaganda ng mga pictures natin sa front page ! I can't help but keep staring at each one of you. You guys are so beautiful and lovable !

TSS, you guys rock !
betchai said...
same here Chay, emo, keep on looking at all our pics grouped in one side of the blog, love to see it since it's like our group picture we still wish to have, well, someday, hopefully, all of us in one group picture!!!!

PS....when i get a chance, i will email you the email you used to log-in and post here before, nasa account natin, sadly, it does not have your password. parang si Alf ka din, haha, he inquired before how to access his password so he can go back contributing, I told him the only way is for him to ask for his password that will be emailed to his primary email, i guess, the problem was he does not also know what primary email he used when he opened the account, thus, somehow, we miss our only boy here na. still wishing someday he comes back here though and solve his password problem :)

PS....sino man nag-like sa mga posts natin dito, thank you, i see the numbers in some of our posts being FB liked, exciting.

betchai said...
just saying good morning to everyone. may we all have a happy Tuesday :)

love and miss you all.
Kurdapya said...
Present!! kat absent minded (hehe)...panu ba naman yung mahaba kong comment na lost...wanko pano...nilunok ng google account chenes..tsk!

Betchai tenkyu sa pictures naten...ang gaganda...kung alam ko lang..pinotoshop ko sana muna yung akin...ahahha (retokihin ba?)...yung morning sickness...jinojuks ko lang po si dok...titingnan ko kung matutulala ulet sya weh...hehehe

naki-chismiz ako sa usapan sa BK...aba...andami ko pala talagang backlog sa reading assignment...pambihira...kelangan ko ng popcorn at litro litrong kape para ma-dig ko mga naging wentuhan dun...geh one moonless night e bubusisiin ko yung sinulid na yun...

ok, he-hello lang sana ko eh...napadakdak na...niwey, kamusta nalang sa magagandang dilag ng barangay salitype...Eng, Tesya, Betchai, Chay, Kulasa, MJ, Cher, maricar...pati dun sa mga nawawala at di pa nagbabalik-loob (ngek!)

Take it easy everyone...and keep the sunny side up! Muahhh!
MJ said...
everyone, happy tuesday! just stopping by real quick to give each one a big warm hug. hope everyone's having a good tuesday! i was fine earlier, but shortly after i took teyla out to play in the trampoline, around 4 pm, my allergies started acting up. now, i am just miserable:( red, swollen, itchy eyes.. sneezing over and over, itchy nose, etc. etc. My meds are not working today and i am just hoping and praying for some relief soon. but anyway, beth, GREAT JOB on getting all our pictures together on the main wall of TSS site!! made me smile, seeing all our pretty faces smiling there on the side:) i know it must have taken you a while to get all our pix up there, so thank you for your effort and time! love the new look! thanks, beth!!

everyone, enjoy the rest of the day. i think i'm gonna go look for a snack. maybe if i eat something yummy, my allergies will quit:) trying to be funny here, but really, these allergies are not fun at all:( hugs everyone! love you all!
betchai said...
hi MJ, sorry about your allergies, just sent you a text message, hope you feel better soon, will be praying for you that you will be over with the allergies soon and be able to enjoy outside. oh, I am like you, when I am sick, I think of foods a lot more :)

hi kurdapya, no need to PS your photo, super smile ka dyan ano? ganda nga nang tawa mo, really represents your "ode to happiness". oy, kung may ma-i-contribute ka ulit ha?

PS guys.....friendster will be re-structuring, and as a result our blogs and pictures will be lost I believe according to their message. If there are posts in your blogs that you wanted to share here, pwede nyong i-copy and paste to our site. But we can only do until May 31st, and after that, we will lose all our blog posts there na :( Anyway, I am trying to download my blog and export to blogger, but I can not make it work. so, what I will do is copy and paste probably those posts which I don't want to lose. I know, dami nating materials dun na pwede nating ilipat dito.
Bethchay said...
Good Wednesday everyone !

Thanks for the info about FS Beth, am heading there right now. I wish and pray we don't lose the BK kwentuhan, hayyyyyy that is so sad ! I go there once in a while to read those kwentuhan and it brings back a lot of happy memories.

I have to save my photos too. Kainis naman hehehehe
Bethchay said...
MJ, buddy, hope you are feeling better now ! I wish you are, you said weather is so nice and it is a shame to stay indoors with that weather !

Ingat !
Kurdapya said...
Betchai thanks sa info...bad trp naman yun...kahit parang gubat na blog ko...labs ko pa den yun...well time na para isalvage ang mga kuningkuning ko dun...at eh panu yung mansion natin?...haays...bat naman ganun ang Frenstew...parang sunog tuloy...empake mga kapatid!

MJ pagaling ka po...chiken soup ata is good (well it works for me kase)...take care sis...

Chay...tara save na natin mga pictures natin bago pa lumaki ang sunog...waaaaa!
betchai said...
hello all, am not sure about our TSS mansion kung mawala din yun, I am not sure if groups would still be part of new friendster. oo nga, kakalungkot, kasi kami ni Carmen, pasinghot-singhot dun at pa-amoy-amoy palagi, dun sa thread na inopen mo Chay nung last suminghot ka dun :). Also, sometimes, if I feel a little bit down, I still go back to FS blogs kasi dun nag-umpisa chikahan nang lahat. Anyway, I cannot open friendster at school, so I can only copy and paste when am at home, so I do not know if I will be able to salvage all my posts there :(
betchai said...
hello again, everyone :)

having a blast right now copying and pasting some of my posts from my friendster blog that I think I can share to our blog here or to my blog.

if you see many drafts from me in our editor's page, please do not worry, they are not in a hurry to be published, they are just our fillers when we kind of slow down from writing, we can always publish whatever is saved. they are from my friendster, and i am surviving them before may 31st.
betchai said...
PS....anyone who has materials ready to be published, that would be most welcome. Miss Car na, maybe she is still enjoying her Turkey trip, am sure she'll be back with lots of trip report from Turkey.
Bethchay said...
Good Thursday Morning TSS loves !

Yeah, I went to FS yesterday and copy and saved all my blog files.

I have not work on the pictures, mauubos oras ko, I have all those in my backup files at home, so am not gonna worry about them.

Am just wishing that the TSS group won't get affected by the FS change. Sayang yung mga kwentuhan natin dun ehehehe

How's everybody ?
betchai said...
something is so wrong with blogger....

yesterday, i could not long on nor make any comments, it was in read-only mode.....

today, i am able to log in and comment, but i do not see eng's new post, nor chay's new comments, nor all my drafts that i copied and pasted from friendster...please...don't let all those work go to naught....bring back eng's post and the new saved posts in the drafts and the comments...
kulasa said...
helllloooooo reporting back! hehehehe, been busy touring the kids around our neighboring provinces the past days....they will be back to school in a few days so we grabbed all the chance to make them enjoy their vacation...i miss you alllllll!!!!
betchai said...
hello Zen, glad to see you back :) that's what I figured, glad you had wonderful time exploring our provinces. many thanks Zen that after your exploring, you bombarded my sights with your thoughts, really appreciate it. miss you. will wait for your posts :)

happy Monday everyone.
Bethchay said...
Good Morning !

They fixed it already, thank goodness ! I just left comments there.

Hope you all have a great week !

Hugs from sunny California !
betchai said...
hey Chay, yes, some of your comments were lost :( but thankfully all posts survived :)

thanks for checking our site Chay, miss you! Khai told me about the dimsum, let's have siomai and chicken feet and more when we meet Chay :)
SweetMemoirs said...
papa-check lang po ng attendance, been absent for a while.

quick update: holiday here so here i am blogging frenzy again. Kyla's last day of exams yesterday, eto nagyayaya mag-wild wild wet (swimming). we are waiting for Mond to come back fr working half day (my poor hubby works on holidays and sundays, they are really busy and thank God he's very inspired to work).

weeeeeeeeee, 2 and 1/2 months na lang at lalabas na si bunso. i love how time flies by so fast! ganun yata talaga pag smooth ang pregnancy days, bilis bilis ng panahon. i am pretty sure mamimiss ko lahat ng preggy privileges na meron ako ngayon. LOL!

okidoki, di na po ako magro-roll call. love y'all! mmmmmmmmmmwah!
betchai said...
hello Che :) am here watching Dancing With The Stars, just relaxing this Monday night and trying not to do any work, just surfing in the net and doing some blog hopping since I am lazy to write anything for blog posts too :)

hope you get to enjoy your holidays, hope Kyla gets her wish of having a wild swim :) yes, thanks God Mond is very inspired to work.

weeeeeeee, shouting with you Che, 2 1/2 months and bunso is here, hahaha, you may miss the preggy privileges but am sure it will be replaced by priceless joy.
Bethchay said...
Morning TSS Family !

We are getting rain here today and I will not complain about it hahahaa. It feels good to get some rain after a few months of dry weather. We need it. As expected, traffic and accidents were everywhere this morning, got to work almost late.

Super busy ang mga TSS sisters with travel and photo shooting. I can't express in words how happy I am viewing your pictures. It makes me so much a part of your lives.

Ysa and Kyla are growing fast, they look like "dalagita" already. What a delight to watch them grow.

Teyla and Zooey are the same thing, they are not babies anymore. I can't believe we watch them from the day they were born and now both of them are on their feet, Teyla running and Zooey is doing her few steps.

Looking forward to our baby bunso here in 2 1/2 months.

I have to visit Kurdapya's boy too, haven't seen him lately. the last photo was him scratching his butt hahahaha that's a cutey !

Kulasa's boys too are getting bigger, binata na nga si Francis, and I know Zen would wish Roel will have more years before he turns teenager. We all know that those two boys would want to hang out with girls !

Tesya "whoot whoot" if you haven't seen her latest photo, hey stopped by and take a look. She has lost a lot of weight and she is just looking stunning !

Si Eng, nag juicy coutour party heheheh Eng, uso dito yan lalo sa teenagers, their bags are so cute and yeah they are pricey !

Beth, yeah nakita ni Khai yung dimsum date ko with Jeff hahahaha and oh we will go there soon !

Si KC is back and OMG her photos of her travel just made my day everyday. It is always fun to see what is out there in another part of this world. This is big to see those places, cause I know I wont have the chance to travel much until probably much later in life and my target is to go around US first before I go to another country. Wellll... that is my dream !

Okidoki, mahaba na to and for sure meron akong nakalimutan heheheh pardon me ladies, pag naalaala ko balik na lang me !

Have a good day !!!
betchai said...
hello Chay, thanks for the report, and also thanks for the updates. wish I can see all those pics you mentioned, but hoping and hoping some would be inspired to share them here in our site as well :)

thanks always Chay for remembering to stop by our BK.

i'll email you after june 13 if when you would be okay for a lunch date :)
Bethchay said...
Late greetings TSS family !

I am on my way out to go to school, when I realized I haven't said hello to our site hehehe

Awwwww that JC photos of Eng makes me drool here hehehehe I love JC purses and they are the ones popular here in the US. They seem to go with the younger ones kasi medyo loud ang designs ng mga items nila and sometimes too much for our age. I am pretty sure they have something for my age group, but the prices are over my range. I will check out their store and see what else they have.

Thanks Beth, in as much as I want to commit to June and July meeting, my weekends are booked for clinicals the whole month of June. July is wrapping up time for our class, everybody is planning on get-aways. I am assigned in a hospital 45 miles away from home, and we get off at 3:30pm kung mag meet tayo ng gabi, it will be a rush, sayang naman kung magmamadali tayo. I want at least a day for us to eat and probably drive you around some place around here Irvine para sulet ang travel time mo.

Oki doki, TSS sister, see you all tomorrow.

SweetMemoirs said...
elooooow guys!!! what's up? lunch break here, kain tayo. :D
eto nagpapakasipag sa work at malapit na ang maternity leave ko.

sarap naman ng usapan ng dalawang Elizabeth, Zen and I are planning a date too sometime in October pag bininyagan si bunso. Zen will be TSS rep sa pagnininang. sana matuloy. how i wish you all will be present. riot pag nagkataon. lol! ;)
maricar said...
KangCarrot late but present!!! :)

Merhaba! everyone! :) sorry been busy with laundry, "late spring cleaning" planting and etc...

we arrived last week, thursday evening and just rested for a while, i had coughs and colds before we fly back here in DE and i am taking some medicines now but i am more or less ok :) muah! and kisses and tight hugs to everyone! na miss ko kayo my tss sisters, i am preparing now for my first entry, Cappadocia the first place we visited in Turkey, i will post it here in TSS of course ;) then next is Pamukkale where this snowy white water falls of lime stones and the water is from a natural hot spring, so watch out for that! :) ok, haba na, lunch muna ko ;) muah! love you all my TSS sisters! goodbye for a while... in Turkey they say it... " GÜLE GÜLE!" sounds cute di ba? ;)

*group hugs*
Bethchay said...
Welcome back KC ! I like that place a lot and the foods you showed looks really delicious.

CC (Cher) heheeh my new code. anong estimated date ng Singapore date nyo ni doki ? just asking hehehe bk kayanin ng budget ko eh maisipan kong maki sabit sa binyagan bago ko bumalik ng US.

Good Morning TSS family !
betchai said...
hello everyone, am on my prep period and lunch break :) hope everyone is having a wonderful Friday :)

Friday, yehey :)

Car, nice to see you back!! miss you!! can't wait for your new travelogue, am excited to see your pics.

oh wow, Chay, that is great if you can join Zen and Cher, wowowow!!!!!
Bethchay said...
Just a quick note before I take off for the weekend. It was a good week for me, busy but manageable. Weather was great. School was easy and relaxing (this week only) hehehe. My first clinical day in labor and delivery tomorrow, wishing I get to see a natural birth and be able to assist. I haven't held an infant in my arms for more than 10 years. I refused to hold an infant, for some reason natatakot ako that something might happen to them while they were in my arms. I am better with toddlers like Teyla. Soo hopefully, I get over that fear of holding an infant when I see one tomorrow.

Teka one more thing, I have another high school reunion to go to tomorrow. A couple of my HS batch living in CA is holding a small gathering, so there goes my weekend. I am excited.

Oki doki, Happy Birthday pala to Cate ni Tesya !

Thanks everyone, hope you all have a fun weekend !

Hugs to all of you !!
beth said...
Happy 22nd of May to everyone!!!Missing you all...
blue sunset said...
hi there little Beth! so happy to see you here again! dalasan mo ang dalaw ha hehe, nalito na naman ako sa 3 Beths natin hehehe..Betchai, Bethchay and Beth hehehe...i am here at home and the broadband seems to be working faster here in the woods now yahoooo!!! KC, post your awesome trip shots here please...Tesya hugs mmmwwaahhhhh...lovin your flowers in your garden..Ruthilicious where yah! running still hehehe, Kurdapya!!!!! tama na muna ang labada hehehe, ako na maglalaba nyan mamaya hehehe, Chay...goodluck in holding those precious babies...it really is quite frightening the first time..you will get used to it and love it...just let that mother instinct keep flowing:) power ranger pal, i was busy taking photos along the beach on the 21st of May hehehe, i love yah all so much!!! you will here more from me now that the net connection is better at home hehehe, mwah!! it is zen by the way hehehe,
blue sunset said...
you will "hear" not here weh hehehe,
betchai said...
hello Chay, little Beth, Zen, Cher, Car, and everyone.

Beth, so nice to see you back here.

Chay, hope you had a wonderful reunion.

guys, made a new account in FB since I can not create TJOSL FB page without an account. Cher, I wanted to add the Find Us on Facebook ( please check my blogs to see what I mean) here, but I can not do it since I do have the permission to get the code for our TSS FB page. Zen, Cher, Ruthi, Tes, and anyone who blogs, add this box in your blogs too, exciting, kahit ako pa lang nag-like sa site ko, hahaha! I just learned about PR and somehow it helps daw to promote through these mediums, kaya balik FB ako :)

hugs to all
Bethchay said...
happy Monday ! medyo maingay sa room ah ! Hi Lil' Beth.. good to see you here ! thank goodness Doki for a fast internet connection in your place, that means a lot of online time - cheering with you ! Welcome back to FB Beth !

I will come back later, have to do some stuff here real quick.

Bisi bisihan kami this week due to the long holiday weekend coming up 5/30 Memorial day holiday. That is a big clean up day for me at home. My HS reunion last Saturday went very well, glad I went. About the clinicals, I saw lots of babies and it was fun. Pretty sure in the next week or so, I might get assigned at the nursery, am excited to feed them, change their diapers and hear their heart beat.

Have a good day, lovely TSS family. Aligaga here signing off for now.
Aligaga said...
Trial message. I went in and changed my profile info hoping my photo will show together with my new alias.

we'll see.... hehehehe
Aligaga said...
Yessss !!! it did !!! whoot-whoot the techy part of my brain is still working !
beth said...
present again...hehehe...thank you all for welcoming me back my lovely big sisters...missed everyone!!! Happy Monday!!!
betchai said...
hello dalawang Beths, the 3rd Beth is here :) anyway, Chay, so good to see you again with your pictures. Why "aligaga"? love your scrubs attire Chay, soon really a nurse, congrats to you in advance :)

yep, back in FB, finally, no more night classes for me. but i will be wiser this time, i will only go to FB after blogger :) by the way, i cannot add you as friend in FB Chay, when i tried, it told me, "you are restricted in this profile" :( and there is no "add" button option at all.

little beth, glad to see you again. scheduled your draft for wednesday, it's always exciting to read everyone's thoughts and experiences too, and pictures as well. anyway, thanks for the contribution again Beth, it will be published on wednesday.

okay, di na ako mag-roll call, hello to everyone. missing you all. hugs from San Diego.
SweetMemoirs said...
helloooooooo! dami ko na-miss na chika!

@ Aligaga, tentative date of bunso's Christening, end of October. i shall ask Mond if we can move it to December since malabo yata na makauwi kami.you will be in Pinas fe Nov to Dec right?yay!na-excite naman ako. ;)

@ Betchai, nalagay ko na sa page ko yung FB fan page sa wakas but still haven't sorted out about the like button like what we have here.you are such a great influence and take that as positive compliment coz i'm really enjoying blogging these days. :)

@ Tesya, belated happy birthday to Cate.i enjoyed viewing the party pics so much!i can tell you guys had a blast before,during and after the party! :D

@ Ruthi,waiiiiiiit for me!!!will run, er... *walk might be possible* with you after giving birth.hehehe!

@ Lil' Beth!yey!welcome back home!

@ Kulasa,psssssst!!!kelan ulit ang photowalk niyo ni blue?whehehehe!

@ KC,whew!kakainggit ka ever.certified wanderwoman like Betchai!yes,post your Turkey trip here soon.we missed you!

@ MJ,how are you PRP?lucky us the world didn't really end.LOL @ xhub.

@ Eng,geeeeez!i am learning a lot fr you girlash.continue writing your thoughts.photography-wise,always an idol.btw,Ysa is so adorable!give her our kisses and hi to Dave too. ;)

sino pa ba? hala, walang tampururot at ang buntis daw 40% lang ang naaalala most of the time.great excuse huh!?LOL!

love y'all!mmmmmmmwahuhgs......
Aligaga said...
TSS sisters, Aligaga here as is super aligaga. Car broke down last night on the freeway on my way home. Thank God, I was able to get on the shoulder before the car came to a complete stop. In short, I am stucked at home with no car, but they can fix it today and I can go to work tomorrow. We have extra car to use, but the problem is I don't know how to drive Christine's truck. Hayyy kaka aligaga pag me problema sa sasakyan, I am completely paralyzed without it.

CC, oh NO, don't change any of the baptismal schedule. Just let me know the date and I will see if I can work my schedule to match with yours, since pauwi naman ako PI. Ako ang mag aadjust ng schedule ko so I can come. Besides, di naman ako sigurado if I can really come. Mine is all drawing at this time hehehehe but we never know.

Beth, I added you already sa FB, just accept me. I think it is my privacy setting that no one can search me and no one can even add me as a friend.

Hope everybody is doing well ! I will get busy here and do some cleaning since I am stucked at home all day today!

Hugs !
kulasa said...
hi there everyone! kulasa reporting!:) Chay, di ko agad naisip na ikaw yung aligaga when i read your message sa post ni KC hehehehe, hope your car gets fixed the soonest..went for operation tuli yesterday again...now i am home and free to swim here hehehehe, will photowalk for sunset shots in the city later if i do not get lazy..little Beth, looking forward to reading a post from you soon...twinzy hehehehehe :-)...Betchai, i am so addicted to taking photos already help help hahahaha, will go run to FB later to join the party Tesya:) KC sama mo ko next time please hehehe, Ruthi sistah! have you found the suitable belt na? i have not had the need for one for quite a long time now hahahaha, Eng...i just can not get enough of your 'eng"credible shots, grabe sobrang gaganda, power ranger pal, has the rain stopped already? wish it would so little PRP can play outside, Kurdapya yohooooo, love yah all! mwah!
betchai said...
hello all,

i feel so bad, just because I went back to FB I almost forgot to visit this site again :( old habits never die i guess. help me girlashes, i feel like deleting my account again since I feel like I still have no self discipline. Though I must say I thoroughly enjoyed watching all your pics, but am so poor on self discipline :(

haaaaaaay, sigure tawanan nyo ako ulit kung mawala ako ulit sa FB :(

hugs to all, love you all
Aligaga said...
Am back to work !!! whew, what a day it was yesterday and the night before. I am just thankful that when my car broke down that I was in a safe place. Car fixed and am back to work today.

I had a dentist appointment yesterday morning and thankfully Christine was there to take me. Ouchhhyyy she made me wear my lower partial bridge which I kept refusing to wear cause I can't talk and can't eat well. A couple of my upper teeth is starting to go down and will eventually fall off according to her, which scared the heck of me hahaha So heto utal utal me magsalita hahahaha

Uyyy ganda nung entry ni lil'Beth, you are awesome sis. I can feel so much love in your writings. Hubby is very lucky to have you. You guys are perfect for each other. Goodluck on your wishes, it will come, in God's time. Am excited !
Aligaga said...
Sorry guys if I do my update in episodes hehehehe I was trying to avoid losing a long story when blogger acts up. It happened couple times in the past, I learned my lesson.

Bethchai hahahaha make up your mind. Please don't be hard on your self, if you get carried away in FB, just let it be, as long as you are having fun, that's what matters.

TSS can wait, it is very patient, lovingly accepts what little time we have for it, it is here and will not go away if we don't come visit. I frequent FB more than TSS cause I have so many friends there to catch up with. I get lonely being away from my friends and family in PI. Living in a foreign country and being so busy with life, the little news about my friends and family gives me so much joy. It keeps me connected, it keeps me from feeling isolated and forgotten. There is joy and life when I am in FB hahahaha. Sorry, I am a big fan of FB and I will live there if I could cause my family and friends are there.

Tama ba tong pinagsasabi ko hahaha " My name is aligaga and I am a FB addict "
kulasa said...
hi there Betchai! understand you fully...i do stay in FB too because i have most of my former classmates and relatives there..i have two accounts because the other one is a public account where almost everyone i know and do not know much are around...and i can not be my crazy self there...i was reprimanded by my mom once about posting my funny pictures..and i too cried about it...at work there are too many intrigues too about FB so sometimes i stay more in my Amihan account where i have you my super trusted friends who could understand my love and addiction for words and images...life will never be the same without your sweet friendship sisters...FB or no FB you will all never lose me....group hug!!!i just love you all so much!
kulasa said...
and yah i remember a wife of a cousin told me too once that i'm posting too many things hahaha, i deleted her from my list hehehe, love yah!
beth said...
Happy Wednesday everyone...just got carried away from reading all your thoughts...Congratz sis Cher...hope someday I too can experience the wonderful feeling of being a blessed mom...Congratz to my 2 big sis Beths...I do hope that I too could have my dream of going for further studies come true...I love Tesya's wonderful pictures on her Justin Bieber party theme...I really enjoyed all the wonderful pictures on FB...sis Eng I fell in love with your juicy couture kikay shots! Galling talaga...ako'y napanganga ng todo at napaWow! Really love all your wonderful post on FB MJ...I too am glad that we're able to see the sun again after the 21st...sis Ruthi thank you so much for the wonderful comments that you left me on my blogs...ngayon ko Lang nabasa after a very very long time...thank you so much ate Zen for all the messages and comments that you're leaving me every time...you never failed to make me smile....

Been working on my friendster account lately...been saving all my past blogs and old photos...they are changing The look of the FS and they are trying to make it more like myspace and so they might be deleting our photos and blog post...trying to save all memories...hehehe...been busy too looking for a job...sometimes it's frustrating that some employers are not considering my past working experiences...sigh! While waiting for a job I'm into trainings and getting CEU's...but still I'mnot into the giving up mode yet...keep on thinking and believing that this is my year...c",

I too am an FB addict...there were times that it made me cry...but there are times too that my FB friends made me laugh a little and smile a lot...like sis Zen I too have 2 accounts...one for my emo mode...and one for my getting in touch mode...I tend to be so emotional sometimes that I'd bombard my Maribeth account...unfortunately like sis Betchai and sis Zen I too got a few uninvited comments which led me to making my Abeth account...it made FBing better..now I only get to bombard wonderful friends who can accept all my kadramahan, kakulitan, kakikayan and kakrungkrungan mode...hehehe...

Thanks for making me all smile today...I really enjoyed reading your thoughts....
MJ said...
happy thursday, dear TSS sisters, from yet another FB addict!:) much has been said about FB, so i am gonna try to keep my FB testimony short and sweet:) i just wanna say - for those who do not know yet - that FB is very close to my heart and i expect to be active in FB until the day i die. if the day comes that you all don't see any activity on my FB wall (unless i go on vacation, which i will announce beforehand), be alarmed because that most likely means something terrible happened to me and i am on the brink of death, or perhaps i am already dead. other than that, expect to see MUCH activity from my FB - every single day. i do believe there is a way to block other FB users' updates. i do not want to be a burden to any of you by flooding your FB home page with my recent activities, so i suggest you take advantage of that feature so you won't have to see my multiple entries. that will not insult me at all. and honestly, if the day comes that any of you find my posts or comments or hundreds of updates burdensome, please do not feel obliged to keep me on your FB friends list. you all know where to reach me anyway, if you want to, and i know how to reach you all outside FB. i am just saying that for the record. we are all adults here and i do understand how it could become annoying when someone opens their FB home page and all you see are updates from me.

this is all i really want to say about FB coz chay already said it all, in my opinion. i share her sentiments. chay, i think my favorite part of what you said about FB is this: "There is joy and life when I am in FB." Amen to that, chay. i could not agree more.

i hope this day brings each of us many good things. take care, everyone!
Aligaga said...
Good Morning ! Had to drop Jeff off to the airport, he is heading to Texas to attend his son's HS graduation. I got to my work at 5:30am and slept for an hour in my car. So here I am now, enjoying a cup of tea and reading your updates.

My status in FB is private for reason that I don't want my employer to see my activities here. Not one in my co-workers are in my FB. I see them everyday and get updates from them face-to-face so there is no need for me to add them to my FB account and besides I heard it over and over how employers and future employers snoof on people's FB account.

When I have a friend who posts too many things and it crowds my wall, I just simply make the settings that I don't want those on my wall or I don't want to get an update from that person.

Thanks for the tips and the thoughts sisters.
Aligaga said...
Hey Lil' Beth, goodluck on your job hunting. Where ever you go and who ever hires you will be very lucky. You seems to be a very passionate person and hey Filipino nurses are one of the best !

Goodluck sis, keep us posted !
betchai said...
Hello guys,

I do understand your happiness in FB, that is why I am there :) I am so glad to hear all your thoughts, really telling we all are different still can be one.

I was a FB addict before but try not to be anymore :) because I realized that the happiness I get in FB is more temporary for me and does not relieve me stress, sometimes adds more to stress :( Hope you understand. But I keep it there since that temporary happiness sometimes in that perfect moment can also lift mountains, and I know that.

Guys, my account has extreme privacy settings since I started,a nd I started with colleages. When I started at FB, mostly everyone was still in Friendster. I have my colleages and mostly in SD circle before other friends from outside my SD circle.

Also, this was some of the problems pointed out to me by one of my colleagues that we need to be extra careful since there is no 100% privacy settings in FB, we can control ours but not others.

1. I can make all my posts private. But it does not mean where I commented is private. Thus, my comments can be accessed by someone I may know that I may even have blocked through another friend. It happens all the time. And I verified and checked it when I was using Khai's or my friend's account. Some of you have high privacy, but I see some of your comments in others who have open profiles. In short, we have only control to our walls and profiles but not to others. I think you all know that whenever we leave comments, FB gives news update saying,
"Liz Weathering left a comment in Angels Photo" and even if you are not friend of Liz Weathering but friend of Angels, you will see Liz Weathering in angels. That's just an example of course, Khai's account also has extreme privacy in FB.

2. I can hide some, yes, I do hide some when it gets too crowded and I am not able to see updates from my colleagues before since my account before was more for work. But when I rejoined FB, I am smarter, I did not add any of my colleagues here, had been thinking about friends in SD whether should I add or not because they may know this who may know that and would eventually link me to. But then, in the end, I realized, I can never protect myself 100% from prying eyes in FB if we have FB account because of what I mentioned in number 1, thus as long as not a collague, I am okay :) but I know I will be more cautious with what I post and comment in others too.

anyway, no pun intented guys, but so glad that finally this site had been active again because of FB talk :) this corner used to be quiet :) love you all.
betchai said...
PS....congrats to Jeff's son Chay, for gaduating in high school. It's both a joy and some apprehensions when I graduated from HS, excited and at the same time nervous what is next. But it is a great feat. I am planning to write cards for my students too before we all go after school year ends.

also, thanks always Chay for always being here, you know, knowing that FB means so much to you yet you still find time to get out of FB and made ingay here made me really appreciate how much of you that you give and extend. always love learning thoughts from others, though we may be different, but it is always great to learn.

PS....little Beth, thanks. wish you very well on your job search, hang in there, you will soon realize all your dreams. we'll keep you in prayers.

anyway, di na ako mag-roll-call, hugs to all na lang.
maricar said...
waaahhh!!!! super haba na ng chikahan dito a! :) moin moin mga beauty kong tss sisters! :) KC po nag uulat! ;) maysakit po ang Kangcarrot, sabi ng Doctor she's from Russia, barado daw tenga ko, puno ng tutuli! kayapala kahit anong tawag saken ni hubby -bi di ko marinig! ahahhaah!!!! :) pati ilong barado,pango na nga barado pa! ;) pero sige pa rin ang blog hehe ;) Betchai mission accomplished! :) ikaw ng bahala sa sched ng pag post, thank you Betchai! :) and thank you everyone for all your commnets sa fb :)

medyo busy kami ni Michael preparing for our road trip to Alsace ( France) after ng wedding ng friend namen sa Karlsruhe ( near to the border to France) magliliwaliw na naman kami sa France :) ok, bukas na lang ulit or Sunday muah! love you all po!

and have a wonderful weekend to all! :)

*hugs and muchlove*
Aligaga said...
Morning Guys !

Thanks Beth, yeah it is Logan's HS graduation. Jeff is just so happy that Logan got a basketball scholarship in Oklahoma. Well... standing 6'6" tall, somehow it has to get him out there. Father and son are having a great time in TX.

KC, take care of that ear problem right awar, might lead to ear infection. Happened to anak couple weeks ago. She said it was painful and uncomfortable, but after the doctor flushed it with some meds, she got an instant relief.

Hope you feel better KC and big whoaw another trip for the travelling couple ! You are living the life I would wanna have someday when Jeff and I retires. The good thing with yours is you are still very young and can do a lot of walking. Men, I don't wanna travel if I am old and weak heheehe
betchai said...
hello everyone,

Car, please feel better soon! that's tough feeling sick! especially ear problems, I had one very minor before, and I was so scared to death because I could not hear anything. thankfully, after seeing the doctor, after a single drop to my ears and I think some medication, I felt so much better. I hope you too feel better Car.

also, thanks for sharing the new post Car, love the pictures tremendously. like what I mentioned in my comment there, I added that place to my list of places to see. I just organized all places I wanted to see from high priority.......

Hey, that's great you and Michael always hit the road. We do that as much as possible too, since we both want to explore all these beautiful backroads when our legs are still strong to really explore. Khai lets me decide all places since he does not care which to prioritize since for him, he has like explored most of the popular lists in the world, when he was younger. My goal is to finish all of US 50 National Parks first before exploring outside. However, our major travels (long exploration) is limited only to 2-3 times a year, my spring break, thanksviging break, and summer break. whenever possible, we always want to stay home for Christmas and New Year.

wow, congratulations to Logan Chay for getting a basketball scholarship! That's awesome considering how expensive the colleges are here.

won't roll call, hugs to everyone na lang.

happy 3 day Memorial weekend everybody.
Tes said...
Hello TSS sisters, please pray for my mom. She missed a step while going down the stairs and fell. She fractured a hip bone and had to undergo surgery this morning. They had to install a metal plate in her hip bone. While saying the rosary last night I can’t stop sobbing (sniff) Geez, mom is not getting any younger, she is turning 73 already (this June) Older people have brittle bones! Guys, it’s so difficult when we are far away from our loved ones! Mom has never been hospitalized (other than to give birth). She’s fairly fit, but lately she has been slowing down a bit. Our prayer is for her to agree to come here with us! All of us want her to make up her mind to move here for good –but she wouldn’t hear of it (sob). My brother says mommy will stay in the hospital for 7 -10 more days to be observed. *sigh*

Buti na lang when my brother broke the news about mom, we were all together since my sister and her family already arrived to join us here in Houston from Arizona last Tuesday –blessed support group!

Thank you, guys! Hope all is well with everyone! Happy Weekend! Mwa!

*Tight hugs*
betchai said...
Oh Tes, so sorry to hear about your mom, will include her in prayer. I share your feelings Tes, it is very hard if our loved ones especially parents are too far from us to take care of them. Aside from your mom's recovery, I will also include in prayers your concern for your mom to join you here in US.

hugs, and prayers....Betchai

everyone, have beautiful weekend
Aligaga said...
Sorry to hear about your mom Tes. I am with you guys in praying for her. Hope the surgery went well and praying for the smooth, painfree recovery !

Tight hug for you Tesya !
Aligaga said...
Good Afternoon ! Guess where am at ? hehehehe I am at work now finishing up some work. I missed one day this week due to the car breakdown and I needed to finish up something for next week.

Airport is not far from my work and I am picking up Jeff anyway, so I thought I might as well hang out at work and finish up what I needed to finish. So here I am and will be busy here in a minute. I just thought to drop by here at TSS and see how everybody is doing.

Have a good day and good weekend dear TSS family. I will see you around and catch up when am not busy !

Hugs to everyone !
betchai said...
hello Chay, surprised to hear from you that you are at work, thought you were home. when you were exchanging comments with khai earlier in FB, I was busy cooking lunch, then, after lunch, a friend came over. now, i feel so full sitting here, FBing and blogging at the same time. hope you have a wonderful weekend too, and with Jeff back am sure you'll have more fun.

hello everyone.
SweetMemoirs said...
praying with everyone for your mom's smooth surgery and fast recovery, Tesya dear. thanks for droppin' by my blog and for your well wishes. know that you and your family are always in our thoughts and prayers too. :)

droppin' by in a flash, love y'all TSS sistahs!
Aligaga said...
Happy Sunday everyone !

Just got back from church and will take a nap here in a few minutes. I didn't realize I havent left a comment on KC's post, I thought I did. I think I left comment on FB the first time she posted it.

Yeah Beth, I was at work yesterday for a couple hours until I pick up Jeff from the airport. John Wayne is only 5 minutes away from work.

Have a beautiful day ladies ! See you around. I will be busy today and tomorrow, have another long test on Pediatrics emergency and will do a head start for our finals. Whew, now that it is getting closer and closer, the more I am getting lazier and lazier to study hahahaha. A little push and I think I can get back on track.

Love you all... have a good day !
Tes said...
Thank you sisters, for the prayers and kind words! Mom is recovering well. She has no restriction with her diet -she can eat anything- this is a good sign (yay). She will be confined to a wheelchair for a while, but the doctors assured us that she can walk normally again! Praise God! The pain is on and off because she can't take pain-killers with her ulcer (sad) BUT my brother says, the pain is becoming less every day. We bought her a hospital bed for the house, it reclines so she can be propped up whenever she needs to eat or watch TV. Instead of her usual room upstairs, we are converting the den downstairs as her bedroom -nobody uses it anyway. We told my brother, after this incident, they shouldn't let her climb those stairs ever!

Am here in school with only half of the class present (all of which are in Music right now). Summer break is catching up on everyone. Yesterday, I only had 3 students! Hahaha. I too feel the break already especially since my sister and her family are home with us! *sigh*

PeChay, hope you get back on track with those tests! Good luck with your exams!

Beth, can't wait for summer break! Hahaha!

Hugs and Kisses everyone!

Enjoy your day!
Aligaga said...
Back to work guys ! Whew, this long holiday weekend is very much appreciated. We were off school and off work. It threw me off a little bit, all those napping and laying around makes me wish I don't have to go back to work and school hehehehe

Surprised me Tesya that you have school yesterday ? Glad that there's only 3 students, but those three students need to be taught how to chill like the rest of them hehheeheh it would have been a lot easier on you hahahaha

Glad to hear about your mom, and so nice to hear that you guys got her a hospital bed. That will be a lot of help for her in moving and turning. Hope she recovers quickly.

My mom too is the reason why I am itching to go home. She was diagnosed with diabetes and doctor put her on diet. With all the changes in her diet, family reported she hasn't been moving around and feeling a little depress about her health. Mom is very much like me, we just don't sit and rest, we like to move around and do stuff. Hearing about her not wanting to move around surprised me cause that's not how she is. I can't wait to be home.

Hayyy group prayers for all our concerns. Take care guys and see you around !

betchai said...
Hello everyone,

I am here on my prep period and lunch break. It is a very good today, all my classes had been very motivated to complete all the in class assignments and they made me busy checking their work and helping them instead of nagging them. I always call this kind of day a very beautiful day :) Hope my next period will be as great :)

Tes, good to know your mom is recovering well, without diet restrictions. It is very hard to have diet restrictions, my late mom went into depression and rebellion stage when she had some diet restriction because of her 1. gout 2. diabetes It was very hard to see nanay really getting depressed, and of course, the doctor said some of her medications also triggers those depressive hormones to kick out. Glad it is not the case for your mom.

Chay, like what I mentioned above, my late mom also had depression because of diabetes and gout, mostly because of diet restrictions. Hope your mom will manage her diabetes well.

Tes, yes, I am counting the days, 9 more work days :) I am feeling the summer break too since I see a lot of tourist vacationing here already in San Diego whenever we go to the beach. It seems there are more tourists than locals now in some beaches.

Everyone, just saying hi, hope you all have a beautiful week,

hugs and God bless.
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